Big Pitch For Changes In Ring Of Honor Made

Ring of Honor could be looking to evolve.

After a down year for almost every wrestling company, some in ROH are looking to freshen things up. As reported on Fightful Select recently, that could mean a completely different approach.

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More changes could be in the cards for Ring of Honor. We'd mentioned in recent weeks that the company was planning a revamp of their company and content, which has been displayed by some of the production upgrades. However, we're told that there could be a change to some of the divisions in Ring of Honor. One pitched idea that seems to have gained traction is that before matches, there will be a determination if they're going towards Pure, Television or the World title. One of the main differentials will be the Pure rule set, as well as a time limit placed if a wrestler is competing in the Television title division. There is no time limit set for world title division matches.

The differentiating factor in these situations will be that pure matches have a different set of rules, TV title matches psychologically would be paced different because of the time limit, and the world title division matches would be more standard. From what we understand there would be rankings implemented accordingly for each division.

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