Chelsea Green Talks Working With Kevin Dunn, Paul Heyman, Bruce Prichard In WWE

Chelsea Green was able to develop relationships with most, but not all higher ups in WWE.

Throughout her time in NXT, she worked with Triple H, but her couple of cups of coffee on the WWE main roster, she managed to speak with most of the head honchos around.

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One exception is Kevin Dunn, a WWE VP, who Chelsea Green told Fightful was "like God" in that you only hear him, you don't see him. However, she'd noted that an extended meeting with Vince McMahon actually got her on WWE TV before Survivor Series. She also let us know that She would often reach out to Bruce Prichard, who she knew prior to WWE.

"So, I like Bruce," Green said. "He always answered my e-mails. Like, what I judge it off is, ‘Do you answer my e-mails? Do you answer my pitch ideas?’ Yeah. He answered my e-mails. Not all the time. But, he answered my e-mails when it matters. He answered my pitch ideas. When I’ve asked for sit downs with him, he has given those to me. So, I appreciate that. Besides that, we did cross paths a little bit in IMPACT. Briefly. Like, for a hot second. But, other than that we really don’t have a relationship. I have tried to make a relationship with every person I could under the sun who has authority. Whether it be Triple H, Matt Bloom, the writers of NXT, Johnny Ace, Bruce. People like that. But, man, Paul Heyman has just been the fire under my butt to be like, ‘Let’s go. Let’s do this.’ He loves a good character and he loves a good promo and that’s me."

However, despite those positive relationships, it was Paul Heyman that she thanked the most for helping her out within WWE. Unfortunately for her, Heyman was ousted from heading up WWE Raw around the time of her 2020 call up. Green recounted her experiences with Heyman:

"There are a few people in my career, as a pro wrestler, that I like to thank. One is Lance Storm for starting my career. Two is Billy Gunn for believing in me after Tough Enough. Three is Gail Kim for truly believing in me at IMPACT and really pushing me to be the best version of myself. Now the fourth person I would add to that list, from WWE, is Paul Heyman and I don’t know what I did to get so lucky, but I will never forget cutting a promo in front of Paul Heyman at the Performance Center and he said to me, in front of everyone, ‘Wow. You live up to all of the hype. To every single positive thing that I’ve heard about you. You lived up to that and you blew me out of the water,’ and I could have cried. I don’t cry. But, I could have cried. That was really the start of my relationship with Paul Heyman and it just got better and better throughout those two years."

You can see our full-hour long interview with Chelsea Green at the top of the page. She's available for pro wrestling bookings and signings now, and you can see her Pro Wrestling Tees page at this link.

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