TAELER: A Tale of Tears, Triumphs, and Turnbuckles: The Story Of Former WWF Tag Champ Princess Victoria

Last week a brand new book added itself to the Wrestling Community's shelves. On top of Stone Cold Steve Austin's new book released on March 16th, another highly anticipated book soon after made its own debut. Eat Sleep Wrestle, LLC., recently brought to you a book worthy of turning its' pages in their newest endeavor. "Princess Victoria: A Tale of Tears, Triumphs, and Turnbuckles," available now on Amazon, is a heart-wrenching personal story of the woman behind the legendary Pro Wrestling icon Princess Victoria - Vicki Otis.

"A Tale of Tears, Triumphs, and Turnbuckles," in my opinion, is less a casual book as opposed to a biography/memoir/tell-all Pro Wrestling account/survival guide. As you read you will feel her career highs and life lows grabbing you as tangible as words can possibly get as they jump off the page at you. The adrenaline pumping highest of highs and the living nightmare all Pro's fear in the lowest of rock-bottom lows that comes without warning. As I've often said, no story worth reading would be complete if it was all ups. Life just doesn't seem to work that way for most and Princess Victoria was no exception. The unimaginable realities she found herself in and her fortitude to not only survive but also thrive are inspirational and speak to the woman she is.

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Princess Victoria's book is indicative of a main character in a novella known as a protagonist, and one who deals with their own fight or flight moments where everything changes in one way or another. With or without their permission. No how to manuals and no guidance. Their own trials and tribulations. Life's tests. Testing them left and right and up and down. Until they've lost all sense of direction and purpose. Learning who they are and whom they want to become someday. It's this very essence that comes through in her voice as you read on. You get a sense of the struggle to be better and do better and ask for better and want for better in order to learn better and achieve better. And the unlikely place in which she found better...

Former WWF Women's Tag Team Champion, Princess Victoria also known as Vicki Otis, put pen to paper with the help of John Cosper and Mary Peret in order to share her incredible harrowing story in becoming who she is today. In her own words, she's able to convey how she learned to hold her head high with conviction, pride, and a crass sense of humor from then to now. Her truth echoes in her words. The journey that made her and the unfair circumstances of a less than ideal beginning to breaking into a male dominated industry that ultimately that saved her, and how it all got taken away in one swift erasing motion.

From NWA to Japan, and the WWF as the first WWF Tag Team Champions with Velvet McIntyre. A legend in every sense of the word. In my opinion, underappreciated and most assuredly doesn't receive her due. Princess Victoria is a veteran that truly loves the business and is a credit to what a veteran should be and want for the future of the industry. I can say this wholeheartedly as I myself have been a recipient of her kindness, knowledge, tutelage, and praise. I'm reminded of my prior Fightful.com words when I originally shared how I came to know and continuously motivated by Princess Victoria...

"Writing this article makes me immensely proud as I'm able to gush over how much I've directly and indirectly learned from this woman. As a nobody about to be released from TNA IMPACT Wrestling, I happened to have been booked at a convention and I met Princess Victoria. As I've retold over and over, I was elated and introduced myself. She proceeded to forgo making money and instead invited me to sit down and watch some of my work. Instead of focusing on herself and dismissing me, she spent an hour critiquing and elevating me and my work. Work that years later she'd tell me she was proud of. This is indicative of the woman Princess Victoria is. A gem from an underrated generation that rarely receives their due. Veterans that we desperately need today..."

I cannot begin to tell you how much hearing her say she was proud of me meant to me in the sea of negative noise within the Pro Wrestling Industry. Being able to give back to her in some small way as she herself gave to me is priceless. Reading her book, you will see what I see when I speak to this incredibly tenacious, intelligent, and vibrant woman. How in awe I am of her and my luck in being able to call her a friend and mentor. Her talent and innate abilities as well as her gumption with how she is apologetically herself. I'm inspired by her fortitude and her resilience as a human being. All that she's overcome and the way she can still laugh in earnestness.Not to mention the fact that she can still be vulnerable enough to share candidly both her life's experiences and her knowledge of the industry. All of which are found in her book, Princess Victoria: A Tale of Triumphs, Tears, and Turnbuckles.

In my opinion, Eat Sleep Wrestle, LLC., really outdid themselves with the creative freedom they gave to Vicki Otis as she wrote down the raw details of her life both in and outside the Pro Wrestling Industry for this book. It's raw. Full of honest emotion. Vivid in its detail. The subject matter while uncomfortable, is not nearly as uncomfortable as living it, making you the reader almost as vulnerable as you feel as though you are glimpsing her experiences first-hand. You'll be left with an indelible sense of the strength of character possessed by Vicki Otis, the woman who built Princess Victoria. Now, while you decide whether or not to buy this book, here is where I will leave you the Fightful.com readers, with the very description from Eat Sleep Wrestle, LLC., on Amazon...

"Princess Victoria feared no one: man, woman, or beast. The Native American warrior from the Pacific Northwest carved a path all across the world wrestling the best fighters the business had to offer. She became a three time Tag Team Champion and a rising star until a tragic accident ended her career without warning. Long before she laced up her boots, Vicki Otis was a fighter. In this new memoir, she details for the first time the horrific sexual abuse she endured as a child. She shares the story of her escape to freedom, her mentor Sandy Barr, and her unlikely entry into the Professional Wrestling business. She spins tales about everyone from Velvet McIntyre and Wendi Richter to Roddy Piper and Buddy Rose. She chronicles her disappearance from the spotlight, the rejection of the Fabulous Moolah, and the warm welcome she received when she returned to the Pro Wrestling Community. The life story of Princess Victoria is a gut-wrenching horror story, a thrilling sports biography, and the testament to a woman's determination to not only survive but thrive. The road to recovery is not an easy one, and her story is not an easy read. But as Vicki discovered over a lifetime, you can overcome any obstacle with family, and that family does not have to be blood."

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