Taylor Wilde Discusses Becoming A Mother In Wrestling

Taylor Wilde talks being a mother in wrestling.

Having a child in the world of wrestling used to spell the end of many female performer's careers, but that is seemingly no longer the case. Current stars such as Becky Lynch, Lacey Evans, and Candice LeRae have all recently successfully returned to the ring after giving birth to a child. Taylor Wilde, who had a child in 2018, made her own successful return to the ring in 2021 after being away from the ring for ten years.

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In a new interview with Fightful, Wilde talked in depth about being a mother in wrestling.

"It gives me chills with you saying that because that literally—not to be entirely sexist in it—but what really changes for a man who wants to have children? Not a lot. Physically speaking, not only aesthetically, but hormonally nothing changes for you. For women, we go through this entire gauntlet of hormones building the child, releasing the child and then being like, ‘Who am I as a mother? Who am I as a person?’ But the fact that we’re able to keep it together and, actually I would arguably say that women remaining in their thirties / forties, after having children in professional wrestling are actually in their prime. Women, like Mickie, she looks more incredible now, more glowy now, as a mom than—not that she didn’t look the business before—but it’s so different. Botox and facials are wonderful things, but a lot of [women]—myself included—I would say I feel the most sexy version of myself than I ever did in my twenties and I think it’s life experience. It’s about knowing who you are and not giving as many shits because you’re like, ‘I grew a human, what did you do?’"

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