Zack Ryder Shoots On Fightful's Jimmy Van For Figure Purchase!

Zack Ryder is all smiles, even though he lost out to Fightful's founder.

On a 2018 episode of Figure it Out, Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins went to The Toy Department near Cincinnati, Ohio. Among the figures there was a rare, painted LJN prototype of Sgt. Slaughter. The owner of the figure was insistent he wouldn't sell it. A few months later, however, Fightful founder Jimmy Van was able to procure it for what Ryder accuses to be an irresponsible amount of money.

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"Well, here’s the thing. Did you watch the episode at all? Curt Hawkins threw out this insane number that I was not going to spend anyway. So, I was denied. But I wasn’t going to buy it for that price. So, he bought it for way more than that. So, congrats, I guess? I have it unpainted. The painted one’s obviously cooler, but way more money, so I’m actually glad that I don’t have it.I’m sorry. You have it, but you spent way too much money. You got ripped off. Way too much money. And I’m the thousand dollar broski, I’ll overpay for a figure I want. But that was a ridiculous price that he paid. Over ten thousand he paid for that. That’s insane. Nuts," Ryder said. 

Ryder reiterated he wouldn't spend that much on a figure, but when speaking with Fightful he revealed his personal holy grail. 

"I’ve never spent that much on one figure. That’s insane. If, and that’s a big if, are you familiar with the Hasbro figures from the early 90s at all? Diesel was in the last set that never came out. I have his head. And I have the drawing. But there’s no prototype out there, that I know of. If the actual hand painted prototype did come out, I might spend that kind of money on it. If it’s out there," said Ryder.

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