Zicky Dice SHOOTS SOFTLY On Nick Aldis, Billy Corgan, Mansoor, Danhausen, Royce Isaacs

From rocking hard to shooting soft, That's Zicky Dice.

The new free agent was asked to say nice things about some people he's worked with in the past, and didn't disappooint. Zicky Dice is shooting softly with Fightful.

Thunder Rosa Wants To Get Better At Promos When She Returns So She Can Be On TV More

Thunder Rosa:

"Thunder Rosa is quite the hustler. Thunder Rosa pulled me aside as Carnyland was going down and she goes, ‘Listen, Zicky. You need a platform. You need either Youtube or you gotta stick to your Twitter. You gotta do this on Instagram.’ I guess, essentially because of her, she got this whole Twitch thing started in a way. So, shout out to Thunder Rosa for taking the time to motivate me to produce my own content a little bit more. She’s a hard worker. I admire that, very much. She’s killing it."


Royce Isaacs:

"We’ve grown closer over the years. I’ve known him before NWA and Royce has got a killer revenge body going on right now. Royce is ready for what’s next. You haven’t seen yet, but when he takes that shirt off, woo. That tan. Royce is looking good. He’s tagging with his old tag partner Jorel. I expect to see big things from Royce and that tag team in 2021."



"I use Danhausen as a reference to my buddies at times. I knew when he was just Donovan Danhausen and he did this whole make over. Danhausen has shirts in Hot Topic. He’s taking over. He’s like the new age Beetlejuice. You gotta love it. Let it be a lesson in marketing 101 and rebranding, baby. Danhausen is the poster child for that."



"We’re known together as Two in the Pink. I love my brother Effy. We met, he was like, ‘Oh, I’m training to be a wrestler.’ I met him on tour with the band, I was like, ‘Oh, me too,’ and here we are five years later handling the top of the indy game right now. Effy’s taking over Twitch and you can expect to see a lot from Zicky and Effy in the coming months."



"Yes. I wrestled Manny Faberino at Best of the West Wrestling. I think I went to spit fire in his face and he blocked it with a cookie tin. I was very proud to see him in WWE making some big waves right off the bat, right? Pretty cool stuff to see. Let that be a lesson to you that anything can happen at any given moment."


Ricky Starks:

"Ricky won’t tell you this, but that’s one of my best dudes right there. I talk to Ricky daily. I mentioned before, if the NWA gave me one thing, it’s amazing friendships with Marti Belle and Ricky Starks. We’ve spent a lot of time on the house party app over quarantine, hanging out daily. Ricky’s a megastar, dude. I knew that right off the bat. I was thinking the other day, someone had posted a picture where the Crockett Cup was supposed to be. Fun fact, myself and Ricky were supposed to win that battle royal to tag together at the Crockett Cup. Yeah, I would have been curious to see what would have happened from that. We were both supposed to win the battle royal, the last two standing. We were supposed to tag at the Crockett Cup and that was supposed to be myself and Ricky Starks"


Allysin Kay

"AK is the best. I was lucky enough to hangout with her this weekend. She came through and, you know what? That’s one person whose bad side I don’t want to be on. She’s a beast. I’ll tell you this. She’s also gonna be a big, powerful woman in professional wrestling. There’s no doubt about it. Just watching her perform the other night, her antics and the way she handles the microphone. She’s damn good and her new blue gear looks sick too, okay?"


Billy Corgan

"I saw the Smashing Pumpkins live right before I signed to NWA and it was a great performance. They had these big ol’ dolls on the stage and they turned and they lit up colors. I love the Smashing Pumpkins. So, I loved it. Greatful that we had the opportunity to meet and hang out. So, thank you, Billy Corgan for everything. He did call me his blue chip superstar. That’s right, baby. I didn’t even know what that meant. Royce had to tell me. I was like, ‘What the hell does that mean?’ He’s like, ‘You’re his baby.’ So, that was cool."


Nick Aldis

"Nick Aldis, congratulations on your 900 days of title holding. He’s got a nice tan, too."


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