NWA's Top 20 Youtube Videos Of 2020: Nick Aldis, Legends, Do Big Numbers

The following is an excerpt from our upcoming Pro Wrestling Youtube roundup for 2020 that takes a look at top videos from each company's 2020 year. Only original content that came from the year 2020, typically on first-run programming is considered.


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As NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion, Nick Aldis was by far the biggest draw to NWA programming according to their own Youtube numbers. All but one of the top 8 videos on the channel featured Aldis, with his interactions with Ricky Morton and Scott Steiner doing exceptionally well. Further down the list, it shows that his feud with Marty Scurll also seemed to provide consistent numbers for NWA ahead of the pandemic.

While NWA has taken time off since the pandemic, they've produced some new content that landed in their top 20 videos in the form of Carnyland and Shockwave. In addition, the Circle Squared also found two entries land. Multiple episodes of the newly released Shockwave product is a positive sign for the brand after that aforementioned time off.

Outside of Aldis, specific videos for Scott Steiner, Kamille and Marty Scurll all landed at their top 10.

  1. NWA Powerrr 14: Aldis & Steiner (358k)
  2. NWA Powerrr 15: Aldis & Ricky Morton (302k)
  3. NWA Powerrr 13: Aldis & Latimer face to face with Morton (262k)
  4. NWA Powerrr 12: Aldis, Kamille & Tim Storm
  5. NWA Powerrr 17: Thunder Rosa vs. Allysin Kay (228k)
  6. NWA Powerrr 16: Aldis & Scurll interview (225k)
  7. NWA Powerrr 18: Aldis & Scurll promo (200k)
  8. NWA Powerrr 20: Aldis, Starks, Storm & Drake (197k)
  9. Scott Steiner's NWA Powerrr promo (182k)
  10. NWA Powerrr 21: Aldis, Scurll explode (181k)
  11. NWA Powerrr 19: Marty Scurll (169k)
  12. NWA Shockwave 1: Nick Aldis (161k)
  13. Kamille's first match & Interview (121k)
  14. NWA Shockwave episode 2: Thunder Rosa (100k)
  15. NWA The Circle Squared: PJ & Luke Hawx vs. Dean & Neal (85k)
  16. NWA's The Circle Squared George South vs. Colby Corino (73k)

  17. Carnyland 1 (66k)

  18. Redemption: Nick Aldis vs. Mike Bennett (60k)

  19. Marty Scurll interview with Stu Bennett (41k)

  20. Rock N Roll Express vs. Wild Card vs. James Storm & Eli Drake (37k)

NWA's full event for the Crockett Cup 2019 also landed high on the last. During the pandemic it was posted as a full event, and drew about 270k views.

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