NXT TakeOver 31 - NXT North American Championship: Damian Priest vs. Johnny Gargano Result

North American Championship Match

Damian Priest (c) vs Johnny Gargano

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Johnny goes right after Damian before Damian drops him with a spinning heel kick before hitting Johnny with punches to the midsection in the corner. Damian whips Johnny across the ring before Priest counters a Gargano Escape and Johnny The Reckoning. Priest grounds Johnny with a Greco-Roman knuckle lock before slipping up on an old school and Johnny traps him in the ropes. Johnny sends Damian over top rope and crashing down onto the floor before sending him into the barricade with s suicide dive. Johnny sends Priest into the barricade before hanging him between the second and bottom rope and hitting a diving knee for two. Priest counters a tornado DDT and stomps Johnny down before kicking Johnny and hitting a jumping flat liner. Priest hits several jumping back elbows in the corner before hitting the Broken Arrow for two. Johnny counters a Razor's Edge into a sunset flip for two before focusing on the leg of Priest before they exchange strikes. Johnny ducks a whirlwind kick and sends Priest into the post before sending him out of the ring. Johnny counters South of Heaven before Priest kicks his legs out and he crashes off of the apron and down onto the floor. Priest hits a Razor's Edge onto the edge of the apron for two before Johnny ducks another kick and chop blocks him. Priest clotheslines Johnny and calls for The Reckoning before Johnny goes for the Gargano Escape. Johnny hits a shiranui into a sliding forearm to the back before mocking Priest and countering South of Heaven into a pin attempt for a near fall. Priest counters One Final Beat into South of Heaven for a near fall before Johnny rolls across the ring and out of it to avoid a dive by Priest. Priest hits a flipping senton over the post, Johnny grabbing security and using them to avoid the dive. Johnny low blows Priest and rolls him back inside for a near fall before Johnny locks in the Gargano Escape. Priest nearly taps before crawling to the bottom rope for the break before Johnny repeatedly knees him in the shoulder. Johnny and Damian try to send each other out of the ring and on top of the steps at ringside until Johnny repeatedly superkicks Priest. Priest then counters One Final Beat into The Reckoning for the pin and the win.

Winner: Damian Priest retains his North American Championship by defeating Johnny Gargano via pinfall.

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