will keep a list of current WWE rumors circulating within the world of wrestling. Fightful has made an effort to verify these wrestling rumors but were either unable to do so, or received a conflicting report on the matter. Whenever the rumors come to fruition or lack thereof, the status of the report will be updated. It's worth noting that anyone who spends any real amount of time in wrestling media will get a share of bad info, but it's our job to decipher it and disseminate accordingly.

Fightful's WWE Rumor & Pro Wrestling Speculation List

It's worth noting that Fightful often won't report planned storyline news on our own, due to the changing nature of an entertainment program. However, we don't want this news to go uncovered.

Check out the next two pages for proven true and false rumors. Note that once a source has been proven consistently terrible, they're outright removed from the list.

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