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- Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch makes her way to the ring to start the show, Lynch says she is back in the UK as the Raw Women’s Champion and she is about to challenge for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles. Lynch says the challengers are becoming hungrier and there are more people than ever who want to take her out, Lynch tells everybody gunning for her to bring it on. Lynch says that she won’t stop fighting and that’s what makes her The Man, Lynch says she is never going to stop and her only fear is not being the greatest. Lynch says she wants to be “Becky Two Belts” again by winning the women’s tag team championships.

WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships
The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) (c) vs. Charlotte Flair & Becky Lynch

The match begins with Lynch getting Asuka in a headlock, Asuka gets free after dropping Lynch with a hair pull. Asuka and Lynch go after each others arms until Asuka lands a few strikes, Lynch gets up and she drops Asuka with a shoulder tackle. Asuka then kicks a leaping Lynch with a kick to the midsection, Sane tags in and she throws Lynch into Asuka’s behind. Sane drags Lynch around the ring while smashing her face into the top turnbuckle, Lynch fights back and she drops Sane with arm drags before wrenching away on her arm. Sane fights back and she drops Lynch in the corner, Lynch avoids a sliding Sane to land a suplex. Flair tags in and she attacks Sane with some chops, Sane tries fighting back and Flair drops her with a chop. Flair picks Sane up and Sane gets free to get Flair in a sleeper hold, Flair gets free and she drops Sane with a shoulder tackle. Flair traps the head of Sane while smashing it on the mat below, Asuka tags in and she attacks Flair with leg kicks followed by a headlock.

Flair goes for a head scissors and Asuka escapes to apply a headlock, Flair gets free and she drops Asuka with a back elbow strike. Shayna Baszler makes her way to ringside as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Asuka working over Flair with some strikes. Flair fights back and she rolls up Asuka for a near fall, Flair then nails Asuka with an exploder suplex. Sane distracts Flair and she gets knocked to the arena floor, Asuka then sends a distracted Flair into the corner before landing a head kick. Flair fights back and Asuka eventually sends her to the arena floor, Sane attacks a downed Flair before getting her back in the ring. Sane tags in and she double teams Flair with Asuka, Sane keeps Flair down while holding her in a chin lock. Flair gets free and Sane nails her with a basement drop kick for a near fall, Asuka tags in and she works with Sane to hit Flair with a double suplex for a near fall. Asuka then gets Flair in the octopus stretch, Flair battles to get free and Asuka nails her with a crucifix bomb for a near fall.

Asuka keeps Flair down while attacking her with a series of kicks, Asuka goes for the Asuka Lock and she transitions to an arm bar a few moments later. Flair fights back and Asuka gets her in a triangle choke, Flair gets free after nailing Asuka with a power bomb. Sane hits the ring and attacks Flair, Sane tags in and she goes right back to attacking the downed Flair. Sane corners Flair while attacking her with more strikes, Sane goes to the top rope and Flair causes her to leap off. Flair then sends Sane face first into the middle turnbuckle, Lynch and Asuka are tagged in by their respective partners. Lynch quickly starts cleaning house against the opposing team, Lynch then nails Sane with an exploder suplex. Lynch also nails Asuka with a series of head kicks, Lynch then hits both opponents with a double missile drop kick. Baszler distracts Lynch before Bayley comes out to brawl with her, Asuka rolls up a distracted Lynch for a three count.

Winners: The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane), still the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

After the match, Bayley attacks Becky Lynch as Shayna Baszler exits the ringside area.

- Ricochet is shown talking to Randy Orton backstage while The OC mock Humberto Carillo, Ricochet comes to his defense. The OC tell Ricochet and Carillo to find a partner for tonight and Orton volunteers to fill that role.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sin Cara

The match begins with McIntyre backing Cara into the corner while landing some strikes, McIntyre picks up a downed Cara before landing a release suplex. Cara recovers to send a charging McIntyre out of the ring, Cara then hits McIntyre with a suicide dive. Cara follows that up by nailing McIntyre with a top rope moonsault, Cara gets McIntyre back in the ring before getting a near fall. Cara goes for a springboard move and McIntyre counters with a Glasgow Kiss, McIntyre corners Cara again while landing a plethora of kicks followed by a short arm clothesline. McIntyre keeps Cara down while locking him in a kravat, Cara gets free and he nails McIntyre with a drop kick. Cara uses a head scissor takedown to knock McIntyre out of the ring, Cara goes for another dive and McIntyre catches him before nailing him with a power bomb on the arena floor. McIntyre gets Cara back in the ring to land a Claymore Kick for a three count.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

- Erick Rowan is making baby noises into the camera while saying that daddy is going to have a good day.

WWE 24/7 Championship
The Singh Brothers (Samir & Sunil) (c) vs. R-Truth

The match begins with R-Truth attacking both of the Singh Brothers, Sunil trips up R-Truth so Samir can attack him. Samir and Sunil double team the cornered R-Truth, R-Truth sends a charging Samir into the ring post. R-Truth then hits Sunil with a pump kick and hip toss, R-Truth then nails Sunil with an avalanche and flying forearm. Samir drags Sunil out of the ring and R-Truth chases them around the ring, R-Truth eventually chases them backstage. R-Truth chases the Singh Brothers into the women’s locker room, the Singh Brothers escape and go into a different room. Erick Rowan appears in the room and he attacks the Singh Brothers, Rowan picks up a couch and hits the Singh Brothers with it. R-Truth appears and he leaves upon seeing Rowan.

Match Result: No Contest

- Seth Rollins is shown backstage.

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