IMPACT Wrestling Results for 2/15/19 IMPACT Championship Fatal Four Way

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Knockouts Championship Street Fight Match

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs Tessa Blanchard

Tessa rushes Taya and gets rocked with a right hand before rolling her into the ring and wedges a chair into the corner. Taya hits a release German suplex for a quick two count and tosses Tessa out of the ring before Tessa catches her with a baking sheet when she goes for a suicide dive. Tessa sends Taya into the railing and throws a chair at her before hitting a running dropkick. Taya hits Tessa with a baking sheet before Tessa sends her over the railing and into the crowd, Taya hitting Tessa with a cup of beer before she goes for a move off of the top of the railing, but Tessa kicks her in midair. Tessa puts a chair around the neck of Taya and sends her into the ring post before she grabs a cable and chokes Taya with it.

Tessa rips the shirt off of Taya and goes shoulder first into the corner with the chair wedged in it before Taya comes back and drops her with several clotheslines. Taya hits a running back elbow and a running knee in the corner before she drives the baking sheet in between the legs of Tessa for a quick two count. Tessa comes back and stomps on the head of Taya with a chair on top of her before Taya catches Tessa up top and throws a chair at her before hitting a Samoan drop onto a pile of chairs as we go to commercial.

They sit on chairs and chop each other until Taya hands Tessa a chair and kicks it into her face for a near fall. Tessa spears Taya into a table that won't break even after several attempts for a near fall before getting another table out from under the ring and setting it up in the ring. Tessa sets Taya on the table before Taya knocks her from the top rope and down to the floor, Taya hitting a diving cross body and rolls her back into the ring for a near fall. Taya rocks Tessa and sends her onto the table before Taya hits a diving stomp through the table for the pin and the win.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie defeats Tessa Blanchard via pinfall with a diving stomp through a table to retain her Knockouts Championship.