WWE Raw Results For 8/13/2018: A Tag Team Title Match, A Contract Signing & A Lunatic Returns

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- Ronda Rousey makes her way to the ring to start the show and she has a microphone in hand, who starts off by talking about the passing of Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart. Rousey talks about how she’ll beat Alexa Bliss at WWE Summerslam to become the Raw Women’s Champion, Rousey then introduces Ember Moon for her match against Bliss. Bliss also comes out with a microphone before the match starts, Bliss says Rousey’s good times will come to an end at WWE Summerslam. Bliss says Rousey will get humiliated at WWE Summerslam, Bliss says she is sick and tired of hearing about Rousey.

Bliss also talks about how Raw GM Kurt Angle protects all the champions other than her, Bliss says that Constable Corbin gave her hired security for the night to protect her from Rousey. Bliss shoves Moon into Rousey before the match begins, Rousey charges the ring and the security keeps them separated. Rousey destroys the security team before taking out Alicia Fox.

Ember Moon w/Ronda Rousey vs. Alexa Bliss w/Alicia Fox

The match is joined in progress and we see Bliss attacking Moon after a referee distraction, Moon recovers to drop Bliss and work over her arm. Bliss gets free and she traps Moon in a head scissors, Moon gets free and she wrenches away on the arm of Bliss. Bliss gets free again and applies a headlock to Moon, Moon gets free and she drops Bliss with a shoulder block. Bliss trips up Moon before nailing her with a right, Moon recovers to hit Bliss with a hurricarana followed by a leg sweep. Bliss rolls outside the ring and Moon nails her with a baseball slide drop kick after a Rousey distraction, Moon gets Bliss back in the ring before applying a chin lock. Bliss gets free and she works over the arm of Moon, Bliss then nails Moon with a drop kick to the injured arm.

Moon fights back and she knocks Bliss out of the ring with an enzaguri as we go to a commercial break, we return from the break to see Bliss kicking the injured arm of Moon. Bliss trips up Moon before landing a double knee strike for a near fall, Bliss slows things down by holding Moon in a chin lock. Moon gets free by nailing Bliss with a jaw breaker, Bliss recovers and drops Moon with a clothesline before reapplying a chin lock. Moon gets free again before eating a drop kick for a near fall, Moon fights back and Bliss nails her with another right. Moon gets angry and she drops Bliss with an enzaguri, Moon then hits Bliss with an avalanche followed by a tornado suplex for a near fall. Rousey goes after Fox and throws her into the barricade, Bliss gets behind Rousey and throws her into the barricade.

Bliss returns to the ring and Moon nails her with a gut buster, Moon hits Bliss with an Eclipse and Fox attacks her to cause a DQ.

Winner: Ember Moon w/Ronda Rousey, by DQ

After the match, Alicia Fox continues attacking Ember Moon until Ronda Rousey makes the save.

- Highlights are shown of Brock Lesnar’s appearance on Raw from two weeks ago air, where he attacked Raw GM Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman. This is followed by highlights from last weeks interview with Renee Young and Heyman.

- Raw GM Kurt Angle is arguing with Constable Corbin tonight, Corbin says he has to go to the ring for his upcoming match. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre arrive wondering where Seth Rollins is, Angle promises that he’ll be here tonight.

Constable Corbin vs. Tyler Breeze

The match begins with Corbin backing Breeze into the corner before working over his arm, Corbin drops Breeze before applying the modified chin lock. Breeze fights back and he knocks Corbin out of the ring with a drop kick, Corbin catches a charging Breeze and he throws him into the barricade. Corbin gets Breeze in the ring before stomping away on him, Corbin reapplies the modified chin lock to Breeze. Breeze gets free and he again knocks Corbin out of the ring, Breeze misses a dive before nailing Corbin with an enzaguri. Corbin gets back in the ring and he nails Breeze with a Deep Six for the three count.

Winner: Constable Corbin

After the match, Constable Corbin talks about his victory over Tyler Breeze before talking about his upcoming match with Finn Balor at WWE Summerslam. Corbin then announces that Finn Balor will face Jinder Mahal next, Corbin also says he’ll face Kevin Owens as well in a handicapped match. Corbin then introduces Finn Balor, Raw GM Kurt Angle comes out before the match begins and he says that Braun Strowman will team with Balor tonight.