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Tonight is the first night for the second round of the Cueto Cup. As the tournament progresses, the contestants show their thirst for the cup. Tonight we will see Marty the Moth, who has been insanely jealous and desperately wants Melissa Santos to give him the time of day. We will also see fights from Taya, Jeremiah Crane, and more to see who will make it to the next round of the Cueto Cup, making them that much closer to the title shot for the Lucha Underground Championship! The action starts tonight at 8 EST on the El Rey Network!

Here we go! The second round matches begin!

Jeremiah Crane vs. Taya

Crane runs at her she stops him and slams him in the face, then taunts him. He retorts with a kick to the face sending her out the ring. Jeremiah with a sliding forearm out of the ring! Crane instructs the crowd to move from their chairs. He positions her in the chair, Crane runs around the ring, and does a flip into her sending her through chairs. Taya struggling to get up. He grabs hjer, goes for a powerbomb but she grabs the railing above her, he follows and she hits him with a punch sending him back down. She does a cross body splash into him on the floor. She gets him back in the ring and gives him a ton of punches. He goes to the turnbuckle and he catches her. They go back and forth into the turnbuckle, she comes at him with knees, running double knees, cover and he kicks out.He gets back up and they exchange slaps, Taya falls to the floor and he goes for a cover, she kicks out. He runs at her in the turnbuckle, catches a boot, he gives her a right hand, Taya reverses a move landing Crane on his head. Cover and kick out again by Crane. She heads up to the second rope, Sexy Star comes out and distracts her as payback for last week. Crane with a powerbomb into the turnbuckle after a kick. She comes back and tries to get a quick cover, no luck, Crane gets of Cranial Contusion, cover and picks up the win.

Winner: Jeremiah Crane via pinfall after Cranial Contusion

Sexy Star gets in the ring after Crane leaves, pulls out her brass knuckles that Taya threw into the ring last week to cost Sexy Star her match, and hits her in the face with them! Sexy Star gets her payback!

Backstage Aerostar and Fenix talk about Drago and feel like he will leave the Reptile Tribe. Fenix asks Aerostar if he will win his match since he can see the future. Aerostar doesn't give him a straight answer, but it doesn't look good.

Mil Muertes vs. Paul London

The crowd chants "Mill is gonna kill you" to Paul. Paul moves around the ring in a taunting manner. he moves out of the way when Mil lunges at him, twice. He is going to try and use speed as an advantage. He tries to create distance but Mil gets him by the neck. Paul takes him out by knees, does a double stomp and lands on Mil with his back. Mil is back up and Paul leaves the ring, runs around it, comes back in and gets caught by Mil. Mil finally can keep his hands on him and hits him hard. Paul goes to the turnbuckle and Mil shakes his head, throws him hard into the other corner sending him down. Mil gets him back up but Paul is able to get him down with a spinwheel kick. Mil gets Paul in the corner with a series of hits and then a kick to the face. Paul is out of it. Paul is up and manages to give him a boot. Paul then gets caught by the neck while he is on the apron and Paul drops down off the apron hurting Mil's arm. Both move outside the ring and Mil throws Paul into the announcer's table, then back in the ring. Paul leaves the ring on the other side. Mil gets caught by a series of kicks outside the ring. The Rabbit Tribe run in the ring, give the ref a high five, break the count, and then leave again. Mil gives Paul a huge clothesline sending him down. Mil picks him up and places him back in the ring. Paul gets back up and continues with more kicks. Paul goes to top rope, double stomp to Mil's back, Paul gets caught by the throat again and huge chokeslam, cover by Mil and Paul counts out! Mil lifts him back up, positions him on top turnbuckle, Paul leans back, Mil grabs him, punches him in the face. The Rabbit Tribe try to make a diversion, long enough for Mil to be distracted, Paul with a shooting star, cover and kick out. Paul with another Shooting Star and Mil kicks out again after the cover! Paul runs into a five finger death punch, then another hit, Mil lifts him, DDT and cover. Mil takes the win. Catrina comes in and delivers the Lick of Death.

Winner: Mil Muertes

Texano is at the bar and the Beautiful Brenda sits next to him and makes him buy her a shot of whiskey. She calls him boring and dull. He squeezes a beer bottle until it breaks in his hand. He says he is not dull. She tells him not to worry, all he needs is a woman's touch. Famous B watches from the back of the bar, knowing that she is reeling him in.

Marty the Moth vs. Fenix

As Melissa is introducing Fenix, Marty stuffs a sandwich in her face which obviously does not make her happy. Should be an interesting match seeing that Meliss and Fenix may be an item. Fenix goes for a kick but Marty catches it. Fenix goes for high flying moves but hasn't landed anything significant. Marty throws Fenix towards the outside but Fenix sends him out. Fenix goes to run but gets Caught by Mariposa who is ringside. Marty comes back in and throws him outside the ring. Marty pursues and gives a rihgt hand, tries to throw him back in the ring but gets hit by Fenix. Fenix jumps aback in the ring, gets momentum and flies out of the ring at Marty. Fenix positions Marty against the apron and a huge chop. Fenix throws him back in the ring. Maripos gets Fenix off his feet while Marty has ref distracted. Marty kicks Fenix off the apron and follows him outside. Marty goes for Fenix's mask, Melissa yells at him to stop. Mariposa goes after his mask now and punches him on the ground. Marty comes back and positions him on the apron and it is his turn to give a chop. The two go back in the ring, Marty with a headlock and goes after the mask again. Marty with elbows to the shoulder, grabs Fenix by the top jaw and teeth. Marty throws him in the corner, suplex, cover and kick out by Fenix. Marty works on tearing the mask some more. Headlock by Marty, Fenix gets back up but is thrown in the corner. Fenix is able to come back with a boot, then a kick, Fenix wgrabs him from behind, then gives him a twisting kick in the corner. Fenix positions Marty on the top rope, gives him double stomp to the back of the neck, cover but Marty kicks out. Fenix makes his way to top rope, Marty moves out of the way, Fenix lands and gets a big kick, cover and Fenix kicks out. Marty with a huge move, cover and fenix kicks out. Marty with a neck breaker, cover and kick out. Marty waiting for Fenix to get up. Fenix going for back elbow but gets caught, Fenix is still able to get off a kick to the face. Mariposa tries to hit Fenix with the lunchbox but Melissa Santos steps in and stops Mariposa! Fenix is able to regain composure, body scissors, pin and Fenix takes the win!

Winner: Fenix

Marty is not done! He hits Fenix with the lunchbox, opens it, and finishes his sandwich, then he grabs a fork, holds it high in the air. Melissa yells at him to stop, Marty starts stabbing him with a fork! Mariposa grabs Melissa and makes her watch Marty. Marty yells at Melissa "This is for you! I love you!" He crazily tears his mask, stabs him more, and licks his head. Marty leaves Fenix bloodied in the ring.

The Cueto Cup continues next week with more round 2 matches! Stick with us here at for all of your Lucha Underground coverage!

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