Smackdown on Fox Results for 12/18/20 Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode vs. The Street Profits

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The show begins with a recap from last week's show, and they are going over the Kevin Owens and Roman Reigns feud.

Michael Cole welcomes the viewer to the critically acclaimed and award-winning WWE ThunderDome! They are coming to us live from Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Kevin Owens is now on his way out and begins cutting a promo on Roman. He says he's been waiting for this all week and tells him to get out there. Owens says he told his family he doesn't want them to watch TLC this weekend, not because of Roman but because he doesn't want his family to see what he does to Roman. He says Roman is pathetic for using his family as pawns, and he is a coward. Paul Heyman now appears on the Titan Tron. Heyman tells Owens that he must be a masochist but later says he's not a masochist but a marauder. Owens says he is going to find Roman and leaves the ring. They now go to a commercial break.

We are now back, and Adam Pearce is walking down a hallway with Kevin Owens and tells him to think before he does anything. Owens starts pushing on a door, but Roman Reigns' music begins playing, and he is headed to the ring with Heyman. They continue to go back and forth by showing Owens in the back and Reigns in the ring. Reigns began by saying KO, I don't want to hurt you, and I don't want to hurt your family. I am not a bad guy; I am just doing what I have to do to be the guy. He tells Owens that he is above his pay grade. He says he will give the same deal and tells Owens that if he acknowledges Owens as his tribal chief and doesn't, he won't make it out of Smackdown or TLC. Then he calls out Owens, and Owens is heading to the ring. Uso comes up from behind and attacks Owens. Now, Reigns and Uso are beating down on Owens. They continue the beating until the referees and other WWE producers come out to stop it. They go to another commercial break.

- We are back, and they go to Roman and Jey; Jey says, "if he doesn't know, he knows now." Reigns then say's " no, he doesn't, I know his kind." and then he orders Uso to "End him."

- They show a clip of actor Clark Duke, and he is announcing the winner of the tag-team of the year for The Slammy's. He announces that "he wants the smoke, and the winner is The Street Profits."

Tag-Team Championship
Bobby Roode & Dolph Ziggler vs. The Street Profits

The match begins with Angelo Dawkins and Bobby Roode in the ring, but Dolph Ziggler gets a shot in on Dawkins, and now both tag-teams are in the ring. The Street Profits are in control, and now Montez Ford and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler is down after a big punch from Ford; the ref goes to check on Ziggler. Ford is now up the top turnbuckle, but Roode pushes Ford off, and he hits the ground on the outside of the ring hard. They now go to another commercial break.

We are now back from break with Ziggler in control of the match; he now tags in Roode. Roode and Ziggler tag-in back and forth. Ziggler is getting some heavy shots in on Ford; they now again begin tagging in back and forth and talking trash while punishing Ford. They get a few close pinfalls, but Ford kicks out each time at two. They are still trying to double-team on Ford, but he gets to Dawkins for the hot-tag. Dawkins clears the ring, and both Ziggler and Roode get taken out. Dawkins hits Ziggler with a nasty neck breaker. Ziggler is tagged in and hits the Famouser, but Dawkins kicked out. Dawkins recovers and tags in and tags Ford; Ford hits the frog splash. Ford is hurting from the frog splash, Ziggler tagged in Roode. Roode grabs the tights and tries to pin Ford, but Ford kicks out of it and quickly pins Roode by holding the tights, and The Street Profits win.

Winner: The Street Profits

- They go backstage Kevin Owens is walking down the hallway, and Adam Pearce is telling Owens to take easy and not do anything stupid, and then he suddenly gets attacked by Jey Uso.

- We are back with Kayla Braxton backstage, interviewing Bianca Belair and asks about her opponent Bayley. Kayla asks Bianca what she will need to do to be able to beat Bayley.

The Riott Squad vs. Billie Kay & Mystery Partner

The mystery opponent that Billie Kay names Tamina as her teammate. Tamina and Liv Morgan start the match, and Tamina gets the upper hand quickly and throws around Liv. Liv tags in Ruby Riott, and now Tamina is beating down on Ruby Riott. Tamina is belittling Ruby, and she beats her down; Billie Kay tags herself in when Tamina was attempting to pin Riott. Kay is in, and it doesn't work out for Kay as Ruby gets away, and both she and Liv dropkick Tamina, and she's out of the ring. Riott is all alone with Kay, and she ends things quickly by sending Billie down quickly. Ruby pins Kay, and The Riott Squad gets the victory.

Winner: The Riott Squad

They come back from commercials with the Progressive Match Flo, and it's a recap of last week's match between Sasha Banks and Carmella.

Carmella is now headed to the ring. She begins her promo talking about the champagne she plans on drinking. She starts talking about she is better than everyone and says Sasha Banks is not a good champion and says that Sasha is weak when it counts. She continues saying that Banks is in troubled waters, and she is drowning from the pressure of her own expectations. Carmella says Banks knows she was losing her title and that why Banks got disqualified last week.

She says that when she beats Sasha on Sunday at TLC that Sasha could break. She said it makes her sad, and she needs to lift her spirits and says a glass of champagne will help. Sasha Banks's music starts, and Sasha is in the ring and throws a glass of champagne on Carmella, and they start fighting. Carmella's assistant breaks it up, and Carmella cracks Sasha with a bottle of champagne in the back.

- Kevin Owens is shown back on the medical table, and Jey Uso attacks Owens again. Jey has the advantage because of Owens's injuries, and Uso puts Owens through a table.

Otis w/Chad Gable vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

The match begins with both locking up. Otis has Shinsuke in a wristlock, but Shinsuke reverses it. Otis can get out of it by using his strength and slamming Shinsuke. Shinsuke takes over control with some kicks, but it gets Otis motivated because he is mad because of the kicks. Otis with a big clothesline, and Otis is in control. Otis was doing the worm, but Gable gets on the ring and tells him to stop, confusing Otis. Otis is still able to control the match, and he goes to the top of the turnbuckle and lands onto Shinsuke belly first. That is enough for Otis to pin Shinsuke. Otis wins.

Winner: Otis

- After the match, they go backstage to Sami Zayn, talking to an extra, asking him if everything was ready for the Sammy Awards. Sami walks away, and Big E walks up while laughing. They go to another commercial break.

- They return to Otis and Chad Gable backstage, and Gable asks Otis why he did not go for the caterpillar? It confuses Otis, and the segment ends.

- They now go back to Michael Cole and Corey Graves and introduce Sami Zayn for the Sami Awards, and Sami says to show a montage of everything that went down in 2020. When the montage ends, Sami announces the winner, and he won. He now gives a speech and going on about his win. He now does another award for the match of the year. He said the winner for the match of the year was him beating AJ Styles and Jeff Hardy, and then he moves on to another award, and he is announcing the Superstar of the Year, and he is shocked when he reads out a different name, and it's Big E. Big E is now out and giving his acceptance speech. Sami then tries to go after Big E, but it did not work. Big E was able to keep Zayn away easily.

- They go to another backstage segment with Kayla Braxton interviewing Bayley. Bayley says it's refreshing that someone praises her, but she then starts naming the sports that she use to play and says she doesn't go around bragging about it. She then leaves to get ready to head to the ring.

Bianca Belair vs. Bayley

The match begins with both locking up. Bayley gets the upper hand, but quickly, Bianca is now in control of the match, and Bianca is getting some kicks in. Bianca throws Bayley to the ropes, and Bianca does an impressive leapfrog to avoid Bayley. Bianca gets more strikes in, and Bayley is outside of the ring now. Bayley recovers and grabs Belair's foot, and knocks her down. This allows Bayley to drag Belair out of the ring. Bayley grabs at Belair again, and she throws her into the barricade. They now go to a commercial.

They are now back from commercial, and Bayley is still in charge. Bayley goes to grab Belair while talking to Michael Cole, and it costs her as Belair pushes Bayley into the steel steps. Belair is in control and takes over the match and just doing combination moves. Belair does a Springboard and goes for a pin and only gets a two count. Belair now does a backbreaker and goes for the pin, but Bayley kicks out at two. Belair heads to the top rope and is taking too long, allowing Bayley time to get up and knock Belair down. Bayley is showboating, and Bianca can use her strength and suplex's her. She goes for the pin, but she kicks out. Bayley knocks down Belair, and Bayley puts her foot on the ropes, but the ref sees it. Bianca is up, and she rakes Bianca's eyes and then hits the Rose plant and pins Belair.

Winner: Bayley

Roman Reigns is now coming out with Jey Uso and Paul Heyman, and he will address his final message to Kevin Owens before their match on Sunday at TLC. Reigns began by saying he cannot understand why if you have a chance to match Roman Reigns, why would you do something to get out of it. Owens music starts, and Reigns sends Uso to go after him. Owens hits Uso with a chair and continues to head to the ring. Reigns spears Owens and then starts hitting him with chair shots. Uso and Reigns continue the beating; they put Owens through another table with a Samoan drop.

Roman is destroying Owens and burying Owens by throwing parts of the broken tables on him, and he continues, and now he is throwing ladders on top of it. They completely bury him under multiple tables and two ladders. The beating stops, and they leave the ring. They walk backstage, and Kayla is there to interview Roman, and Roman says, you get one question. They go back to the ring, and Owens is up, and he has the microphone and says nothing you or your family do will stop him. He is going to win the title or die trying, and the show end credits appear.

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