WWE RAW Results for 7/5/21 New Day vs Bobby Lashley & MVP

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for tonight's edition of WWE RAW!

- We open tonight's show with Miz TV before they're interrupted by Drew McIntyre, Ricochet, and Riddle before AJ and Omos come out and knock Riddle off of the top of the ladder he decided to sit on before Ricochet and Drew clear after AJ and Omos leave the ring as we go to commercial.

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Ricochet vs John Morrison (w/ The Miz)

Ricochet goes right after John and clotheslines him before stomping him in the corner and hitting a scoop slam into an elbow drop for two before John sends Ricochet throat first into the bottom rope before locking in a rear chin lock and kicking Ricochet in the ribs. John hits a neckbreaker and plays to the camera before covering Ricochet for two before locking in a rear chin lock and Ricochet gets back to his feet and comes back briefly, only for them to end up outside and Miz gets between the two. John then capitalizes off of the distraction and powerbombs Ricochet into the apron as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to John now in control in the ring before Ricochet comes back with a roll up for two and strikes before hitting a knee lift and John hits a standing Spanish fly out of nowhere for a deep two before stretching Ricochet until Ricochet knees his way free. John drives Ricochet into the corner before hitting a tornado DDT and a lariat before he's distracted by Miz and John gets a near fall off of a crucifix before hitting a snap mare into a PK and a running knee that sends Ricochet through the ropes. John misses a slingshot elbow drop onto the apron before they crash through the ropes and down onto the floor at ringside. MIz then prevents Ricochet from getting back into the ring as John gets back in and Ricochet is counted out for the win.

Winner: John Morrison defeats Ricochet via count out.

- Earlier today Jinder Mahal was interviewed ahead of his match against Drew later tonight where he talked about how Drew acts like he's better for him and wouldn't even go riding motorcycles with him before saying that he's always been better than Drew, and tonight he's going to prove it.

- Backstage Reginald, Shayna, and Nia are discussing their tag match where they'll team up with Eva Marie and Doudrop as Reggie mentions that Alexa is behind them before they turn around and see that she's not there before they leave and we see that she's right behind them in the shadows.

Asuka, Naomi, Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss vs Shayna Baszler, Nia Jax, Eva Marie & Doudrop

Naomi and Eva start the match off before Naomi gets the upper-hand and tags out before the baby faces clear the ring off of several topes and Alexa literally scares Eva out of the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Nikki tagging in Asuka who gets dropped by Doudrop before Doudrop tags in Nia and they squish Asuka for two before Nia hits a running splash in the corner for two before she's isolated by Shayna and company until she gets the hot tag to Naomi. Naomi and Asuka hit a springboard roundhouse into a German for a near fall that Doudrop breaks up before everyone hits a move until Nia hits Nikki with a Samoan drop for the pin and the win.

Winner: Nia Jax, Shayna Baszler, Doudrop, and Eva Marie defeat Nikki Cross, Asuka, Naomi, and Alexa Bliss via pinfall.

- Backstage MVP and WWE champion Bobby Lashley are interviewed ahead of their tag match against New Day in our main event as we go to commercial.

Mansoor vs Mustafa Ali

The two exchange wrist locks and arm drags before backing each other into the corner and Mustafa sweeps Mansoor before locking in a rear chin lock and transitioning to a side headlock once Mansoor gets to his feet before dropping Mustafa with a back elbow and chops. Mansoor hits an inverted atomic drop into a spine buster for two before hitting an enzuigiri and Mustafa's foot gets trapped in the ropes before Mansoor helps free him and Mustafa pins Mansoor with a clutch for the win.

Winner: Mustafa Ali defeats Mansoor via pinfall.

- Backstage Drew is interviewed ahead of his match against Jinder up next as we go to commercial.

Drew McIntyre vs Jinder Mahal

The two lock up before Drew backs Jinder into the ropes for a clean break before dropping him with a shoulder block and Jinder kicks him in the midsection before beating him down in the corner and whipping Drew into the corner. Drew comes out of the corner with a clothesline and chops Jinder before Jinder rocks him with elbows and forearms before Drew lays into him with winging right hands in the corner and Jinder counters a suplex into one of his own before Drew hits an overhead belly to belly that sends Jinder out of the ring. Jinder then suplexes Drew onto the announce table and gets back inside as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Jinder in control of Drew in the ring as the two exchange strikes before Jinder drops Drew with a knee for two before choking him in the corner and whipping him into the opposite corner before hitting him with elbows and clubbing blows. Drew headbutts Jinder before clotheslining him and hitting an overhead belly to belly into a jumping neckbreaker before Jinder counters the Future Shock DDT and Drew the Khalas before hitting the Future Shock DDT. Drew then calls for the Claymore he's attacked by Veer and Shanky for the disqualification.

Winner: Drew McIntyre defeats Jinder Mahal via disqualification.

- After the match Jinder and company attack Drew and send him into the post before Jinder hits the Khalas and runs to the ramp where he takes Drew's sword for his own and the trio leave.

- We then get a backstage interview with New Day ahead of their tag match against Bobby and MVP as we go to commercial.

Lucha House Party vs T-Bar & Mace

T-Bar and Lince start the match off with Lince using his speed to be one step ahead of T-Bar until he catches him coming off of the top and throws him out of the ring before Mace comes in and slams his head into the mat before T-Bar drops him with a boot for two. Mace hits a springboard elbow drop for two before Lince hits an up-kick and a dropkick before Mace throws him in the air and knocks Gran off of the apron before dropping Lince with a kick and Gran saves Lince from their finisher before sending Mace out of the ring. Lince then pins T-Bar with a head scissors take over for the win.

Winner: Lucha House Party defeat Mace and T-Bar via pinfall.

- Backstage Riddle is checking on his foot before Damian Priest walks up and Riddle tells Damian a story about jumping off of a roof into a pool and plans to defeat AJ in their singles match up next.

Riddle vs AJ Styles (w/ Omos)

AJ goes right after Riddle's ankle before he rolls out of the way and locks in an armbar before AJ gets to the ropes for the break before AJ kicks his leg and stomps his knee before dropping Riddle's leg across his knee and Riddle comes back with shotei before AJ kicks his leg out. AJ sweeps Riddle and focuses on his leg before Riddle punches his way free and AJ tries to send him into the ropes, but he collapses before Riddle sends him over the top rope and down onto the floor before kneeing AJ in the ropes. AJ hits a dragon screw in the ropes as Riddle rolls around in the ring in agony before AJ takes his time getting back inside and Riddle teases a crane style from the Karate Kid before rocking AJ with a crane kick and laying into him with strikes in the corner. Riddle then hits an exploder suplex for two before AJ rocks him with a flurry and a dragon screw before stomping Riddle in the corner and Omos sweeps him from ringside when AJ distracts the referee as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Riddle making his comeback as he counters the Calf Crusher with a Final Flash knee before hitting a senton for two before countering the Phenomenal Forearm and hitting Randy's signature draping DDT before AJ hits a burning hammer for a near fall. Omos and AJ are then distracted by the Viking Raiders who appear on opposite sides of the ThunderDome before Riddle rolls AJ up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Riddle defeats AJ Styles via pinfall.

- We go to the ring as Charlotte Flair comes out to the ring on a crutch before she's interrupted by RAW Women's champion Rhea Ripley who mockingly comes out to the ring with a crutch of her own before the two duel with crutches and Charlotte escapes.

Elias & Cedric Alexander vs R-Truth & Jaxson Ryker

Before the match Akira Tozawa comes out and R-Truth rolls him up for two before he runs off with the parade who go after Tozawa and the match becomes a handicap match before Jaxson starts things off with Cedric and hits a uranage before tossing him to the direction of Elias and demanding he come into the match. Elias then backs off and leaves, denying Cedric the tag before Jaxson finishes Cedric with a black hole slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jaxson Ryker defeats Elias & Cedric Alexander via pinfall.

- A United States title match between Humberto Carrillo and Sheamus is announced for next week as well as a tag title match between AJ and Omos and the Viking Raiders for two weeks from tonight.

New Day vs Bobby Lashley & MVP

Xavier and MVP kick things off for their respective teams before Xavier takes out MVP's knee and beats on him before New Day double team MVP and he drops Kofi before tagging in Bobby who man handles Kofi and beats him down in the corner. Bobby hits a neckbreaker for two before Kofi drops him with a boot and Bobby pancakes him when he tries to lock in a standing side headlock before he and MVP double team Kofi and New Day hit the Unicorn Stampede on MVP. MVP then rolls out of the ring to regroup before Xavier takes out Bobby at ringside and Kofi hits a tope before New Day parade around the ring as we go to commercial.

We come back from the break to Bobby running Xavier over and beating on him before dragging him across the ring by his hair and tagging in MVP who chokes Xavier in the ropes and hits his signature elbow drop for two before Xavier comes back with a jawbreaker and gets the hot tag to Kofi.Kofi drops MVP and knocks Bobby off of the apron before hitting a bulldog for two before hitting a Boom Drop and superkicking Bobby off of the apron before MVP turns him inside out for a near fall before MVP hits a running boot and Bobby a uranage for a near fall that Xavier breaks up. Kofi then pins MVP with Trouble in Paradise after Xavier takes out Bobby at ringside

Winner: New Day defeat MVP and Bobby Lashley via pinfall.

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