WWE Smackdown Live Coverage & Discussion 3/21 The Fate Of AJ Styles, WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match & More!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for tonight's episode of WWE Smackdown! Live! After having viciously attacked Shane McMahon last week and subsequently being fired, the status of AJ's career is in limbo after Shane declared at the end of last week's show that he wants to face AJ at Mania. Will AJ be at Mania or is he going to stay fired? We also have The WWE Smackdown! Tag Team titles on the line when American Alpha defend against The Usos! Be sure to come back here at 8PM EST to find out who walks away with the gold one week before Wrestlemania!

-We open with a video package showing what AJ did to Shane last week, how he was fired and how Shane came out at the end of the show to say that he will face AJ at Wrestlemania.

-We open backstage with AJ and Daniel talking, Daniel saying that the rest of the McMahon's would have made it a personal vendetta against him for what he did before saying that Shane isn't there tonight.

-We then open in the arena with AJ coming out to the ring to discuss why he did what he did last week. AJ mocks the idea of facing Shane at Mania and that he accepts his challenge, AJ saying that he's untouchable and that he's going to Wrestlemania. AJ then says that if he sees Shane show up tonight he'll hurt him far worse than he did last week as we go to commercial.

-We come back to Daniel talking to Shane on the phone, then Baron comes and asks him where Dean is before we see the New England Patriots in the crowd.

American Alpha vs The Usos WWE Smackdown! Tag Team Championship Match

Chad and Jey start it off with Gable in control, then Jey backs him into his corner, Jimmy tagging himself in, but Gable takes him down immediately. Gable drags Jimmy over to his corner and tags in Jordan who does a few moves, then tags Gable back in. Jordan gets a blind tag, then American Alpha clear the ring as we go to commercial.

The Usos took control during the commercial, Jey whipping Gable into the turnbuckle sternum first, then after the Usos try to keep Gable away he almost tags in Jordan, but Jimmy pulls him off of the apron at the last second. Jey runs around the side and clotheslines Gable to the floor, Chad getting back in the ring at the count of nine, The Usos tagging as soon as he does, both stomping on him before Jimmy puts him in the tree of woe, missing a spear, hitting the ring post. Gable tags in Jordan who takes out both Usos, then the Usos take out Jordan before Jimmy hits a splash on Chad for a near fall. AA then hit Jey with a electric chair facebuster for a near fall, but Jimmy pulls Jordan out of the ring at the last second. Jimmy sends Gable into the crowd, then Jordan spears him before rolling him back into the ring. Jey then hits Jordan with a superkick for the pin and the win.

Winner: The Usos via pinfall

-We get a Luke Harper promo where he says that Randy opened Pandora's Box and that he will destroy Bray next week.

-We then have The Miz, Maryse and someone else acting out their own episode of Total Bellas with Maryse playing both Bellas and The Miz playing Cena. Miz portrays a robotic Cena and reprimands her before he pops a balloon that has a question mark on it before it says to be continued.

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