Sami Zayn: I Love A Good Pop, Love To Pop The Boys, If I See A Pop, I Want To Be In It

Sami Zayn loves a good pop, but does he love a pop because he was nurtured to love the pop or was it the nature of how he grew up.

Zayn spoke to Renee Paquette on Oral Sessions and discussed when he started to love wrestling and how he lives for the pop.

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"At what point in your development does something stick and shape your personality? Some things happen later in life and you're old enough to remember, but some happen so young that you'll never be able to identify that. Some of my earliest memories are watching WWF and watching Hulk Hogan with my dad," he recalled. "I don't know if naturally gravitated towards it because of the nature of my there nature to my personality? Maybe not. Maybe, at a very young age, I started getting positive reinforcement for behaving a certain way and I have no recollection of it, but it maybe skewed my personality into an entertainer personality. So, when I see Hulk Hogan lighting up my screen, I'm drawn to it. Then, in school, I'm not paying attention because I'd much rather get a pop. I love a good pop. I love to pop the boys, I love popping with the boys. If I see a pop, I want to be in it. I see guys laughing and I'll just come up and be like, 'What are we laughing about? Let me in!' I want to be part of the pop. I love the pop. We go back, 'wait a minute, this was me at six or seven, I love the pop.' The question becomes, was I born loving the pop? Or did something happen at a certain point to make me gravitate towards the pop? It could just be that I did a funny thing when I was two and my parents laughed and I loved the feeling of that laughter and it shaped my personality. This never-ending pursuit to make people laugh and feel ways and be part of good times and good energy."

Zayn has been popping the boys and viewers regularly since joining WWE in 2013.

Zayn is currently part of WWE SmackDown, where he's been getting beat up by Finn Balor.

Elsewhere during the interview, Zayn discussed why he doesn't believe in the "You deserve it" chant. You can find his full comments by clicking here.

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