TAELER: Women's NXT Tag Team Titles Fully Realized

This past episode of WWE NXT saw a paradigm shift come to pass effectively shaking up the current landscape of the WWE brand. As the episode unfolded, NXT General Manager William Regal brought to life several key game changing announcements - one of which was Women's Tag Team Championship Titles. For fans, I cannot stress enough how much the brand new NXT Women's Tag Team Titles mean in all actuality. In all their golden glory, the introduction of the NXT Women's Tag Team Titles is a dream fully realized. A hope turned into a tangible reality. An event brought about by the point where hard work in preparation meets the pinnacle point of opportunity culminating in success. A a success representing forward progression that was bled for. A dream - a goal fed by decades of equal parts: broken bones, tears, torn ligaments, bumps, performances, successes, passion, soul, heart wrenching failures and of overcoming adversity. All while making the most of the time and opportunities you were given and earned.

The announcement of the NXT Women's Tag Team Titles is the realization of all these things. A summation of all the aforementioned moving parts spanning the years of people paying dues and gaining every inch of that squared circle. NXT being presented with their own NXT Tag Team Titles in the Women's Division is in my opinion a celebration of recognition. A recognition of the plethora of immensely talented women that are currently building their home within the NXT brand. Representing the future of the WWE. Fifteen years ago this very moment was a fleeting dream. The first episode of WWE NXT aired in February 2010. Fast-forward eleven years and we now have Women's Tag Titles. This is a nod in respect to the hard work and dreams of the people who came before us in the industry who worked hard to help us get where we are today. That's powerful. When you look at this action by WWE management from a grateful open-minded approach, you will be able to appreciate this moment the way it deserves.

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This journey dating back to the territory days prior to the WWE pulling out of the NWA and on through to today's modern day WWE brand is amazing. From the inaugural WWF Women's Tag Team Champions Princess Victoria and Velvet McIntyre to the Tag Team with the most reigns as Women's Tag Team Champions in their time - The Glamour Girls Judy Martin and Leilani Kai until its dissolution in 1989. And now, here in 2021, we see the introduction of the WWE NXT Women's Tag Team Titles and the first ever Champions therein - Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon. These two ladies will now forever be synonymous with the WWE brand as the first women to hold these coveted belts.

Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon respectfully speaking will historically be forever in the conversation with legends as the first. The first NXT Women's Tag Team Titles. The first Women's NXT Tag Team Champions. Being put in that position is an epic comeback story. A dream fully realized. You probably cannot even begin to fathom what went through their minds as their hands grasped those belts for the very first time. The faith WWE is instilling in them as the first. The historical moment televised for the world to see. A moment in time that sums up their life's accomplishments up to that point captured in time on T.V. There can only ever be one first and they are Shotzi Blackheart and Ember Moon. The first ever NXT Women's Tag Team Champions are an indelible representation of dreams and of creating your own opportunity until you are cannot be ignored or denied. From the NWA to WWF into the modern day WWE. Their developmental systems from OVW to Deep South. FCW to the transition into NXT… The attitude and landscape of WWE NXT has been irrevocably changed by the years and years of dedicated excellence that began with the singular idea that competition is the lifeblood of the future…

"It's taken me a few days to process this. Last year around this time I was thinking I would never enter a ring again and was considering retiring. And now I can call myself a champion again. 2 years 11 months since the last time I held gold. And I am doing it with someone I truly consider a sister, Shotzi Blackheart…" - WWE NXT Women's Tag Team Champion, Ember Moon.

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