WWE NXT Results for 8/24/21 NXT Breakout Tournament Finals Carmelo Hayes vs. Odyssey Jones and more

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- The show begins with Cameron Grimes and The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase arriving in a limousine at the Capitol Wrestling Center.

WWE Hires New VP Of Communications

- We are welcome to the Capitol Wrestling Center by NXT commentator Vic Joseph. He and Beth Phoenix show images from Cameron Grimes and LA Knight's match from NXT Takeover 36.

- The New Million Dollar Champion Cameron Grimes and The Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase make their way to the ring, and they are all smiles. When he came here, Ted DiBiase said he was looking for someone to continue carrying the Million Dollar Champion.

DiBiase says, "Cameron, you never gave up." Grimes says, "when you first got here, you drove me nuts. Grimes says he would have never allowed DiBiase to be LA Knight's Butler. The crowd begins chanting, "To the Moon." Cameron Grimes asks Ted, "where does he go from here?" DiBiase and Grimes, in unison, say, "To the Moon." Then fake cash with Grimes face on it rains down into the crowd.

- They show highlights from NXT Takeover 36 and show matches that will take place on tonight's card.

Ridge Holland (w/ Pete Dunne) vs. Timothy Thatcher (w/ Tomasso Ciampa)

The match begins with both men locking up. Ridge Holland and Timothy Thatcher exchange European uppercuts. Neither men, get the upper hand for quite a while. Thatcher attempts to lock in a submission hold, but it does not stay on for long. Holland delivers a heavy forearm to the face of Thatcher and slams Thatcher down hard. Holland is beating down Thatcher; however, Thatcher makes a comeback and gets a few strikes in. Thatcher is back up and hits Thatcher with a nice belly-to-belly suplex.

Thatcher punches Holland hard in the ribs and hits the mat; Holland gets up and then throws Thatcher down hard. Holland then hits Thatcher with a massive lariat, and it causes Thatcher to roll to the outside of the ring. Ridge Holland is in control as we go to our first picture-in-picture commercial break.

During the break, both Holland and Thatcher exchange strikes. Thatcher would hit a series of European uppercuts, and Holland would do the same, and it goes back and forth. Finally, Thatcher has Holland in a single-leg crab hold. Holland gets out of it when he kicks Thatcher. Holland slams down Thatcher and goes for the pin, and gets the win.

After the match, Holland was about to go after Thatcher again, but Ciampa gets in the ring and starts attacking Holland. Pete Dunne is now in the ring, and he sends Ciampa to the outside of the ring. Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan come out of nowhere and attack Ciampa. Dunne and Thatcher continue attacking Thatcher. Dunne, Holland, Lorcan, and Burch stand tall.

Winner: Ridge Holland (w/ Pete Dunne)

- We get a promo with Carmelo Hayes being interviewed about what he's accomplished since being in NXT.

- We go to a backstage segment with Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis and announce they will have their wedding on the September 14th episode of NXT.

Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter vs. Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne

Kayden Carter takes down Gigi Dolin real quick, Carter tags in Kacy Catanzaro, and she takes down Dolin with a drop quick. Dolin drops Catanzaro with an elbow, Dolin tags in Jacy Jayne. Jayne and Dolin both hit Catanzaro with cannonballs in the corner. Dolin makes a mistake by not paying attention to Catanzaro, allowing Kacy Catanzaro to tag in Kayden Carter.

Kayden Carter clears the ring; however, she gets hit with a big pump kick by Jayne. Jayne goes for the pin, but Catanzaro makes the save. Jayne gets dropped again by Carter; Carter tags in Catanzaro, who hits Jacy Jayne with a 450 splash and then gets the pin for the win.

Winners: Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter

- After the match, Raquel Gonzalez is being interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell. She talks about her win; Gonzalez says she knows she is not down Dakota Kai, and she knows that Kay Lee Ray is there now and she is ready for her too. Franky Monet interrupts the interview and lets Gonzalez know that she will be going after the NXT Women's Championship. Monet walks away with Jessi Kamea and Robert Stone.

- Before going to a commercial break, we get a short vignette of Kay Lee Ray.

- Odyssey Jones is being interviewed about what he's accomplished since being in NXT and asked what will be next for him if he wins.

Kay Lee Ray vs. Valentia Feroz

The match begins with Valentia Feroz trying to get a quick takedown; it does not work. Kay Lee Ray slams Feroz slam hard and then hits Feroz with another slam and few hard kicks. Next, Kay Lee Ray hits Feroz with a big chop and then a big clubbing blow. Next, Feroz hits Kay Lee Ray with a dropkick, but it does not do a thing to her. Finally, Kay Lee Ray hits Feroz with a superkick and then hits the Gory Bomb to win.

Winner: Kay Lee Ray

- Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne are backstage, and Mandy Rose stops them both and says, "if you don't ever want to feel like this again, then follow me."

- Samoa Joe heads out to the ring and talks about his win against Karrion Kross at NXT Takeover 36 and how he is the first three-time NXT Champion. Joe is interrupted by Pete Dunne, and he tells Samoa Joe that he wants a title shot. Dunne tells Joe to talk to William Regal and make it official; however, LA Knight interrupts and is booed heavily.

LA Knight challenges Samoa Joe also. Right after, Kyle O'Reilly cuts a promo on both LA Knight and Pete Dunne. O'Reilly gets attacked by Ridge Holland. Dunne and Joe get into each other's face. Tomasso Ciampa gets in the ring and attacks Pete Dunne. Holland takes down Ciampa, LA Knight tries to take a shot at Joe, but Joe catches him and takes him out real quick. Samoa Joe and Tomasso Ciampa stand tall with Ciampa looking at the NXT title and not Samoa Joe.

- We see Cameron Grimes walk out Ted DiBiase to his limousine. Grimes hands DiBiase the Million Dollar Belt and says it is his legacy. DiBiase tells Grimes to come back and says he deserves it. DiBiase hands him a replica, and the limo drives off with DiBiase laughing.

- After the commercial break, we see Kyle O'Reilly getting interviewed but is interrupted by Duke Hudson. O'Reilly attacks Hudson, Hudson starts fighting back, and O'Reilly challenges him as the referees and security break up the fight.

NXT Breakout Tournament Final
Odyssey Jones vs. Carmelo Hayes

Carmelo Hayes and Odyssey Jones lock up, and the ref breaks it up as Hayes is on the ropes. Jones is throwing Carmelo Hayes with absolute ease. Jones hits Hayes with a splash in the corner, but Hayes moves, and Jones is caught in the ropes. Hayes begins working on the legs of Odyssey Jones. Jones throws Hayes in the corner again. He goes for another splash but misses. Hayes has Jones in a headlock for a good 45 seconds.

Hayes hits a springboard and now an ax kick; he goes for the pin, but Jones kicks out. Hayes goes after Jones again, but Jones counters the attack into a shoulder breaker. Hayes rolls to the outside of the ring. Jones goes to hit Hayes again in the corner; he misses again and goes into the ring post shoulder first.

Hayes goes to the top rope and misses Jones with a pump handle kick; Jones hits a big splash on Hayes. He goes for the pin, Jones starts counting, and Hayes has the strength to roll Jones over and pins him to win the NXT Breakout Tournament. Carmelo Hayes is asked who he will challenge, and he says it's too early to decide.

NXT Breakout Tournament Winner
Carmelo Hayes

- Pete Dunne cuts a promo telling Samoa Joe that he knows he is scared of him; Lorcan and Burch say the tag titles are their's and that they never lost them in the first place.

Xyon Quinn vs. Boa (w/ Mei Ying)

The match begins with Boa just destroying Xyon Quinn; however, Mei Ying distracts Boa. Quinn takes out Boa with a huge clothesline. Quinn pins Boa and gets the big upset victory.

Winner: Xyon Quinn

- Backstage segment with Johnny Gargano asking William Regal to cancel the wedding of Indi Hartwell and Dexter Lumis. LA Knight then appears with him telling Regal he wants a match with Samoa Joe, and this leads to both Knight and Gargano shouting, and Regal orders them out of his office.

- We get a vignette with Malcolm Bivens saying that Roderick Strong will have an open challenge on next week's episode of NXT. They also announce Ridge Holland vs. Tomasso Ciampa for next week.

Legado del Fantasma vs. Hit Row (w/B-Fab)

Legado del Fantasma makes their entrance with all three members wearing Lucha masks. They take their masks off and begin attacking. The match begins with all three members attacking Hit Row; Legado del Fantasma are targeting Top Dolla. Santos Escobar is about to hit Top Dolla, but gets tripped up by B-Fab. The bell rings, and the match begins with Top Dolla throwing Santos Escobar around. Ashante "Thee" Adonis is tagged in, and he goes right after Raul Mendoza, who was just tagged in as well.

We go to the last picture-in-picture commercial break with Hit Row in control. Isaiah "Swerve" Scott is in now, and he has the upper hand on Santos Escobar; the referee gets distracted, and Joaquin Wilde grabs Scott by the hair and slams him down. Legado del Fantasma is now tagging in and out and hitting Scott with splashes in the corner. Legado del Fantasma does this at least four times and is just beating down Scott. Finally, Mendoza hits Scott with a massive chop, Scott comes back with a huge lariat.

Top Dolla gets the hot tag and hits Wilde with a big sidewalk slam. Next, top Dolla has all three members of Legado del Fantasma up in the air and slams them down hard. Adonis is getting beaten down, but he starts coming back; Wilde tags in Mendoza and Adonis does not see it. Scott gets tagged in now; Scott hits Escobar with a 450 splash.

Escobar rolls outside of the ring after kicking out. The referee is distracted, and B-Fab sends Escobar face-first into the ring post. Electra Lopez appears and hits B-Fab with a led pipe. The pipe is in the ring now; Scott grabs it. The referee catches Scott with it and takes it from him. Escobar then rolls up Scott to get the win. The show goes off the air with Legado del Fantasma standing tall at the entrance ramp and Hit Row watching from the ring.

Winners: Legado del Fantasma

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