"The Man" is featured on not one, not two, but three ads for SportsCenter.

Becky Lynch was the featured subject of various "This Is SportsCenter" videos, joining notable athletes such as Tiger Woods, Cam Newton, Manny Pacquiao, LeBron James, to take part in the ongoing ESPN series. The first of the videos, which sees Becky Lynch get mad when a barista asks for her name when she tried to order coffee.

The other two videos, which has the Raw Women's champion shove the Rutgers University mascot in a hallway and help with a faulty vending machine, can be seen below.

Lynch is actually not the first wrestler to be featured on "This Is SportsCenter." In 1995, King Kong Bundy, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and The Undertaker all appeared in one ad, asking why ESPN doesn't feature pro wrestling highlights on its programming.

At Clash of Champions on September 15, Lynch will defend her title against Sasha Banks. Fightful will have live coverage of Clash of Champions.