Britt Baker SHOOTS SOFTLY On Jade Cargill, Christian Cage, John Silver, Johnny Gargano, More

Britt Baker's daily job is being a dentist, meaning she sticks her hand in people's mouth both in the ring and in the office. While it might seem like doing such a thing might cause everyone to hate you, Baker still had some nice things to say about both her fellow AEW co-workers and other people in the wrestling world.


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Jade Cargill:

“For somebody who has [been] thrown into the fire, she has the most confidence of maybe any female wrestler other than myself to date. For her to be able to have that, obviously she knows there’s a ton that she doesn’t know, for a lack of a better word. She’s learning and I give her all the credit in the world for going out there and just not giving a damn about the haters and what critics and this and that say because at the end of the day, she’s not the booker. She’s being put in a position, she’s being put in the spotlight and she’s making the most of it. What more can you ask of her? She’s learning. She’s gonna continue to learn. So am I. So are you. Hopefully you more than others. But I give her all the credit in the world because she’s really baptized by fire and she’s making the most of it.”

John Silver:

“He’s in bed with my boyfriend. He has a nice beard. We’ll give him that. That’s all I have."

Shotzi Blackheart:

“When I was on the indies, I thought Shotzi was the coolest person because she just did not care. Did not matter where we were. I was nervous. I was one of the nervous little indy babies. She did not care.
She was like, ‘What’s up, guys? How are you?’ Saying hi to everybody. I just thought she was so cool and she’s so talented in the ring. She’s fucking crazy. She’s so fearless and just a cool, cool, cool chick. I love Shotzi. If you’re watching this, Shotzi, hi! Love you, dude. I miss you.”

Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae:

“Oh, that one’s easy. I love Johnny and Candice. They, obviously, had a huge hand in help training me and instilling in all of the students they had that you have to love this. If you don’t love professional wrestling, this is not for you. Johnny was so dedicated to his students, ‘cause that was when he was not signed to NXT. But he was flying there and back with Tommaso early on and he would fly straight from an NXT taping and come right to training, they would train us until ten o’clock at night. It was really cool. It made driving the two / three hours one way after dental school worth it because that sucked. That was a really hard time in my life. It’s so weird because I loved every moment of it, but it was still hard so it still kinda sucked. But I would get so excited because I’d get to train with Candice and Johnny. It was at that point that I already knew the basics and the fundamentals from training in Pittsburgh, so this all supplemental stuff. I was just so hungry to learn more. That was one of my favorite periods of my life, actually.”

Christian Cage:

“Are you serious? Funny? Christian Cage? Jay Reso? Edge was funny. Christian will never be funnier than Edge. Listen, I did a comic con with Christian. Houston. My line literally tripled his. He’s a legend, right? But I’m supposed to say nice things. Okay. I really enjoy Christian’s feedback on promos, matches, et cetera. He is a friend of mine. I will say that. I’m friends with Christian. He’s hilarious, but not as funny as Edge. I don’t know Edge, I’m kidding. This is embarrassing, Edge is my first wrestling crush. All my friends know that, so it’s whatever. I always tease Christian, ‘Hey, we got the wrong one.’ I really like
Christian, all jokes aside. He is someone I can always just grab last minute in the hallway, say, ‘Hey, I need help with this. Can you help me?’ He’s so witty. His wrestling mind is unmatched. He really is one of
the good ones. We’re really lucky to have his brain in AEW.”

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