Danhausen SHOOTS SOFTLY on Orange Cassidy, Zicky Dice, Ethan Page, Effy, More; Buries Dave Honor

Danhausen cares about money, and that's about it.

Can we get him to admit to caring about PEOPLE!? We did!

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On the newest edition of Shooting Softly, Danhausen says nice things....about a lot of people! Love that Danhausen loving others.


"Well, but of course. Danhausen has millions of nice things to say about Effy. Danhausen used to go to Effy to get advice on how to blend in with the humans and become even more powerful. Effy was always there to help Danhausen with that. Danhausen would call him up and Effy would take the time to take some Danhausen talk."

Ethan Page:

"Danhausen hears from him. Danhausen’s good friends with Ethan Page. [Egon?] This is true. Another one very intrical in helping Danhausen out all the time. Danhausen cannot even say enough good things about him. He’s probably, with no disrespect to anybody else, the smartest—let’s see how to word this—he’s not independent wrestler because he was in IMPACT, but smartest independent marketable wrestler that there is who works harder than anybody else. He’s constantly working at everything. He’s doing photo shoots at his home when he was able to. He’s putting out content every day. He’s getting in better shape than he was."

Orange Cassidy:

"Oh, yes. You’re asking people who have been very helpful to Danhausen, actually. Yes, Orange Cassidy, perhaps people don’t know this, maybe it’s okay to say, he reached out to Danhausen and Effy when this pandemic started to make sure we were okay. He did not have to do that. He said, ‘I just want to make sure you two are doing quite nice.’ Danhausen very much appreciated that. But, this goes for all of the ones you brought up so far. We always check in on each other."

Zicky Dice:

"Wonderful human. Danhausen likes the way he goes about business to get himself out there. Yes. For a time, nobody was paying attention to Zicky Dice, he took the time to invest in himself and move around and do what have you, and get himself—what is it called—‘over the hump.’ So, he’s another one just putting in the effort and miles and doing a great job of it. Also, he Danhausen do his wedding proposal during a match. Yes."

Black Label Pro's Mikey Blanton:

"Seventeen hour card! From 9 am until whatever time the hell that would be. He makes Danhausen very tired, very crabby. Yes, yes, yes. Let’s see, you want something nice about him, yes? So, this fellow, gave Danhausen a lot of opportunities when Danhausen was not getting any because he was a fanhausen of Danhausen. Danhausen teamed with Apricots & Pears and Big Callux at a show where they were highlighting people who were lesser known at the time. It just spiraled upwards from there. So, he gives a lot of opportunities to people who would not ordinarily get them."

Ian Riccaboni:

"Oh, yes. Wonderful fellow. Prefers to be called Rick, if you will. He was very nice in making Danhausen feel comfortable coming in ‘cause it was Danhausen’s first time filming for a television company and Danhausen was booked in the hotel room with Rick at the time. This was before everything had closed down. He’s very comforting and caring with Danhausen. Nice fellow."

Dave Honor:

"Danhausen has nothing nice to say about Dave Honor. He shall bury him. He’s not given Danhausen a blimp. He’s only given him three sacks of money. But, he’s also given Danhausen some money while there is a pandemic, so I suppose that is nice thing."

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To see our full interview with Danhausen, click the video at the top of the page. You can learn more about Danhausen at LOVE THAT DANHAUSEN.

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