Cherry Picking: The Top 10 Royal Rumble Matches (According to Fightful)

It’s the 35th anniversary of the first televised Royal Rumble match and I’m back again with another look at my favorite match of all time. Last year, I dove into the forgotten Royal Rumble matches, aka the ones that took place that were televised. One of those actually made into my personal top 10 because I thought it was THAT good.

However, this year, I wanted to look into what the best Royal Rumbles of all time were, but I’ve already made a list of mine and you can check out where I ranked every single Royal Rumble (including the ones on regular weekly programming) over on the Greg Cherry Brand YouTube page. So for the purposes of this, I enlisted the help of multiple people over on Fightful, including many personalities that you’ve seen on the main Fightful channel and over on Fightful Overbooked. Let’s see how everyone else’s top 10 aligns with mine.

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I will state for the purposes of this article, we are only looking at the over the top rope contest for these and only the matches from the Rumble event itself, so no Raw Rumble, no 15-man Smackdown Royal Rumble, and no Countdown to Armageddon battle royal from WCW. If you know, you know.

So without further ado, here are, in the opinions of members of the Fightful team, the top 10 Royal Rumble matches of all time.

#10: The 2005 Royal Rumble Match

This match was not ranked as anyone's favorite match of everyone that was polled, however, it did make some frequent appearances in the lists due to the historical nature of what happened during the match.

This match might be most known for the final two superstars in it becoming the next faces of WWE in John Cena and Batista. Fun fact, this match is also the earliest Rumble that would have the final four superstars all be Royal Rumble winners (Batista, Cena, Edge, Mysterio) This is also the infamous match where Batista and Cena both simultaneously went over the top rope, on complete accident, and hit at the same time. This led to Vince McMahon storming out because he was pissed at how the match ended and he jumped into the ring and proceeded to tear BOTH quads in the process. And I thought tearing part of my knee tripping over a stationery ceiling fan was an embarrassing injury. Don’t ask.

The match would eventually end with Batista tossing Cena over the ropes and being declared the winner. Although let’s face it, if we wanted to really get tin foil hat about this Rumble, then Scotty 2 Hotty truly won it. Watch it back. It’ll make sense.

“This one was SO important for WWE at the time, and the weird “who actually won!?” finish had me so invested!!” - Kiley Fuller, Tag Talk, Fightful Overbooked

#9: The 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble Match

Did anyone really think that the pandemic year of the Rumble would produce a classic? I was surprised because I didn’t know how to expect a Rumble without a crowd, but the women absolutely killed it. In fact, this is my personal favorite Women’s Rumble match. This didn’t rank as high as other women’s matches according to the Fightful crew (more on that later), but it certainly deserves its spot in the top 10 greatest of all time.

This was an absolute star-making performance for Bianca Belair, arguably the most athletic women’s wrestler that the WWE has ever seen. I’ll leave it up for debate, but that’s my personal opinion. Bianca did what only Ric Flair had done previously and that was enter the Rumble match at #3 and go the distance, becoming the ultimate Iron Woman in Women’s Royal Rumble match history, lasting 56 minutes and 49 seconds to win the event, last eliminating Rhea Ripley.

The match was also made fun with appearances from Jillian Hall and Victoria who both made their Rumble match debuts as surprise entrants. Cap that off with Lana getting comeuppance on Nia Jax for the weeks of being put through a table, Billie Kay being hilarious and presenting her resume for several entrants to ignore her and the 24/7 Championship changing hands multiple times during the match with Alicia Fox winning the title while still entered in the match and R-Truth regaining it after her elimination.

Also, the match led to the greatest women’s match in WrestleMania history between Sasha Banks and Bianca Belair, so a fantastic Rumble match led to a historic payoff. I’d say it earned its spot in the top 10.

“The aura of this Rumble is not easily replicated. Taking place in the Thunderdome, it was veterans vs NXT and leading the charge were both Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley. Though Ripley would go on to lose, both women further cemented themselves as the next generation of women to help carry the company.” - Haley Anne, Tag Talk, Fightful Overbooked

#8: The 2019 Women’s Royal Rumble Match

The Man came around.

Although she had failed in her bid earlier in the night to recapture the Smackdown Women’s Championship from Asuka, Becky Lynch made her appearance in the Royal Rumble match to replace the injured Lana who had gotten hurt in the pre-show United States Championship match between Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura. (Hooray continuity)

The match also had some pretty cool moments, featuring many NXT superstar appearances including Kairi Sane, Io Shirai (now Iyo Sky), Candice LeRae and Kacy Catanzaro (now Katana Chance), highlighting each of them very well. Kacy even had a spectacular save, which was a call back to her athleticism on American Ninja Warrior.

Nia Jax was eliminated by Becky Lynch to leave Becky and Charlotte and then Nia shoved Becky off of ring steps causing an injury to the Man. The two Horsewomen then battled it out for a few minutes before Lynch finally got Flair over the top rope and clotheslined her to the floor to win the match.

The Road to WrestleMania for the first ever Women’s match was a bumpy one to say the least, but the payoff was eventually worth it. Not to mention, they provided one hell of a segment on the go-home Raw before Mania. It all started with one of the most incredible experiences and arguably one of the perfect times to pull the trigger on a winner of the Royal Rumble match in the match’s history.

“It was overbooked and chaos but that’s why we love the Rumble. Of course we all knew Becky would get into the match somehow, but it was still a fun match.” - Cher Delaware, FMC, Fightful Overbooked

#7: 2018 Men’s Royal Rumble Match

When it comes to Royal Rumble matches, this is a show to watch because both of the ones to take place on this show were great. The Men’s Royal Rumble match in 2018 actually took place in the middle of the show as the women got the opportunity to main event with their first ever Royal Rumble match (more on that later).

The match started off with the incredibly hot Rusev, which was fitting considering that the Rumble was taking place on Rusev Day. Finn Balor made his entrance to his first (and unbelievably to this point, only) Royal Rumble match. The match continued with the hilarity of Heath Slater getting beat up or messed with by six different people en route to exiting or entering the Rumble. Sheamus paid for it the most by throwing him in the ring and then getting immediately eliminated. Yet another fun fact of Sheamus having the shortest appearance in a Royal Rumble match for someone who had won the event, breaking Shawn Michaels’ 1990 record.

We got some incredibly special surprise entrants in this match, starting with Andrade “Cien” Almas who the night prior had an absolute classic NXT Championship match with Johnny Gargano, the Hurricane who hadn’t been seen in WWE in years, Adam Cole (bay bay) after his Extreme Rules match with Aleister Black and the returning Rey Mysterio, who was one of the biggest surprises in recent memory to return to the match.

The final 6 was a showdown of the Ruthless Aggression vs. Current era as John Cena, Randy Orton and Mysterio faced off against Balor, Shinsuke Nakamura and Roman Reigns. It was a great showdown that ended with two of the current era stars in the final two and for the second straight year, Roman Reigns was the runner up to the winner, Shinsuke Nakamura. It was a fantastic Rumble match with the perfect mix of surprises, entertaining moments and a year where the right person won. It’s amazing how much that matters in the grand scheme of things. The Mania match and subsequent feud with AJ Styles...surprisingly left something to be desired, but at least the Rumble was fun.

“This Rumble felt like a changing of the guard in WWE. What really stands out most for me is how the match came down to John Cena, Finn Balor, Roman Reigns and Shinsuke was a shockingly amazing surprise when Nakamura laid out the Big Dog with a Kinshasa and scored the final elimination to win the match.” - Stephen Jensen, The Weekender – Fightful Select, The Spotlight – Fightful

#6: The 2007 Royal Rumble Match

The Ruthless Aggression era may possibly be the best era for Royal Rumble matches. All of these matches (not you, 2003) were well done and memorable in one way or another. This one is mostly remembered for the final two entrants, but the entire final four was great.

This match didn’t have as many classic moments in it but it did feature one of the most brutal eliminations with Kane chokeslamming Sabu through a table to eliminate him. A record was set for most people that it took to eliminate one man as 8 people eliminated Viscera (ironically breaking his own record when it took 7 in 1994).

However, the true beauty of this match came down to the final four between the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels and both members of the World Tag Team Champions Rated RKO, Randy Orton and Edge. The tag champs worked well as a unit for a while before Edge teased trying to go after Orton to win the match for himself, but while in the process of that, they decided to try a Con-Chair-To on the Undertaker only for Shawn Michaels to pop up and eliminate them both back to back, setting the stage for one of the best final twos in Rumble history.

HBK and the Dead Man would engage in a 7 and half minute mini-match in the final two as both men would hit each other with everything they had and they both would nearly eliminate the other on multiple occasions, but in the end, The Demon of Death Valley would catch the Showstopper coming in with Sweet Chin Music and picked him up and threw him over the top rope to win his first Royal Rumble match. He would go on to face and defeat Batista at WrestleMania 23 in an incredible World Heavyweight Title match and they’d have a fantastic feud throughout the year 2007. Even if the last few minutes of the Rumble is all that is truly remembered from this match, it is an incredible showcase from two of the best of all time to do it.

“The final scrum at the end between HBK and Undertaker which felt like a mini match. So much drama between two of the greatest of all time. Eventually the catalyst to their future WrestleMania classics.” - Tru Heel Romeo – Fightful Overbooked

#5: The 2018 Women’s Royal Rumble Match

This match was historic for multiple reasons. 30 years after the inaugural event in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada began with the 20-man match, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was host to a historic night with an incredible Men’s Rumble and as the Fightful team ranked, one of the top 10 Rumble matches of all time with the first ever Women’s Match. It’s a good thing for Philadelphia, considering they hosted the 2015 Rumble match and that one was an unmitigated disaster from top to bottom. (Although congratulate Curtis Axel for being in that match for 8 years now...a historic feat).

Now, I’m not trying to take anything away from the match and it isn’t any fault of anybody actually involved in the match, but I was annoyed that they did a segment on the 25th anniversary of Raw just days before that highlighted a bunch of women that had previously been there, because it spoiled some of the surprise entrants (thankfully not all of them), but maybe that’s just me being a jag. Who knows?

Regardless, you couldn’t have anybody better to kick off the first ever Women’s Rumble and be the Iron Woman of the match than the Boss herself, Sasha Banks. While she’s now busy making “Moné” in New Japan Pro Wrestling, she was absolute money in the number one spot here and lasting as long as she did making the final four of the contest.

The match itself was the perfect blend of highlighting the current stars and paying tribute to the past by bringing in names from the past that were such an integral part of women’s wrestling through the years such as Lita, Torrie Wilson, Molly Holly (hey, was that the Queen of the Ring Alex Lajas in the crowd?), Michelle McCool, Kelly Kelly, Jacqueline, Beth Phoenix, the Bella Twins and of course, Trish Stratus. The entrance of notable NXT talent like Kairi Sane and then-NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon were also welcome additions. And come on, who didn’t pop at Vickie Guerrero entering the match?

Even having Stephanie McMahon on commentary for it wasn’t a bad decision. There was a lot of hype surrounding the first ever Women’s Royal Rumble and in our opinion, it delivered. Asuka was the perfect choice to win this match as she was still undefeated at that point, although she ended up dropping that undefeated streak to Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania. Just when you thought it couldn’t be worse, did you know that the previously undefeated for 2 and a half years in NXT and WWE Empress of Tomorrow is winless at the Show of Shows? She’s 0 for 4 with losses against Charlotte, the Women’s Battle Royal in 2019, a Tag Team Title match against Bliss Cross Applesauce and dropping the Raw Women’s Title to Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania 37.

While that’s a pretty damning statline for Asuka, her Rumble win will last forever in the annals of history as she won the first one ever and what a one to win.

“Asuka, Sasha Banks, Bellas last four, then you add a returning Trish Stratus, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool and others. What is there not to love?” - Rob Wilkins, Coexisting with Rob and Maggie – Fightful Overbooked

#4: The 2008 Royal Rumble Match

The final Rumble match of the Ruthless Aggression era was one of the best. For the first time since the inception of the match, in Madison Square Garden, the WWE finally had legendary boxing and WCW announcer Michael Buffer do the introductions for the Rumble match. Kicking off the match were the final two men of the previous year’s match, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels respectively.

They continued their classic battle from the previous year as the match began and quickly disposed of Santino Marella and the Great Khali in back to back entrants. Later on in the match, the ring started to fill up quite a bit and we got our first surprise entrant in Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka who was shortly followed by “Rowdy” Roddy Piper to rekindle their rivalry from 20 plus years before in the Garden. Thankfully, no coconuts were harmed in the making of this Rumble match.

Hornswoggle made an appearance and even eliminated the now former two-time Grand Slam Champion The Miz before being escorted out by Finlay, who got disqualified for entering early. Is it just me or is it mind-numbing sometimes how they never consistently enforced the rules in this match type? Anyway…

Mick Foley made an appearance in this match and even had a small battle with Triple H as a callback to their brutal Street Fight 8 years earlier in the same building, but the surprise of all surprises was yet to come as the countdown went and the final entrant was none other than John Cena, who we were all told just three months prior was going to be out of action for a year due to a torn right pectoral muscle. A moment that stunned the wrestling world and likely even the participants in the ring as the man who stood for Hustle, Loyalty and Respect hit the ring tossing three men within 30 seconds of being in the ring including ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero, Carlito and Mark Henry single handedly.

The final three of this match were three men who truly carried the Ruthless Aggression Era on their backs in Triple H, Batista and Cena so in hindsight, it was a fitting way to end the Rumbles in this era with these three men. Once Batista was eliminated by the Game, it came down to Cena and Triple H and the Cerebral Assassin couldn’t see the FU that would take him out of...well, the game and Cena stood triumphantly as the last man standing…before cashing in his Rumble win at No Way Out. Yes, this happened. Regardless, the moment of Cena returning and winning the match is one that has stood the test of time as one of the most shocking moments in the history of the Royal Rumble, and honestly, the history of WWE.

“This Royal Rumble had a bunch of cool moments with Roddy Piper and Jimmy

Snuka going at it, Undertaker being eliminated by Shawn Michaels that reignited their feud and the

surprise return of John Cena from injury at #30 that blew the roof off at MSG and won the match by

eliminating Triple H. Incredible moment for John Cena.” - Kyler James, Fightful Social Media Manager

#3: The 1992 Royal Rumble Match

This may shock a lot of people, but what is widely regarded as the greatest Royal Rumble match of all time didn’t rank that high for everybody we talked to...and honestly it was only second for me, but the legend of this match still stands as one of the greatest matches of all time. In reality, it may have had one of the best overall stories of the match in an hour long affair that was expertly called by Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

The story of this match was that the WWF Title was held up due to the controversial finish between the Undertaker and Hulk Hogan at the Tuesday in Texas PPV that they held just a couple months prior. The Nature Boy Ric Flair had also claimed that he was the “Real World’s Champion” and interfered in both Undertaker and Hogan matches that took place that week (Survivor Series being the first).

So the stage was set after President Jack Tunney declared the WWF Title vacant and that it would be contested in the 30 man Rumble match. After the British Bulldog and Ted Dibiase started the match off (and the Million Dollar Man got quickly eliminated), Ric Flair sauntered down to the ring as the 3rd entrant much to the delight of Gorilla Monsoon and to the sounds of “Damn it!” from Bobby Heenan as “The Brain” had put a lot of money on Flair winning the match only for him to end up drawing a very early number.

As the match progressed, Flair at one point was the only man left in the ring after fighting through half the field until brand new Intercontinental Champion “Rowdy” Roddy Piper came down and started beating Flair down. The big names were coming out in the second half of the match including Jake Roberts, The Undertaker, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, Sgt. Slaughter and Sid Justice to name a few. While Heenan continued to sweat dropping lines like “This isn’t fair to Flair” and “I need a drink...hey, you! Stupid! Get me something to drink! Something with a kick!”, Flair battled through all of it to end up in the final four with Hogan, Justice and Savage (who technically eliminated himself since he jumped over the top rope but again, rule changes for the sake of telling a story...drives me nuts).

Savage was the first to go after being eliminated by Flair and then as Hogan was trying to eliminate Flair, Sid Justice took the opportunity to dump Hogan over the top rope to which Monsoon acted like it was some...injustice. Still to this day, I don’t understand how Hogan wasn’t the heel going into WrestleMania VIII as he was the one who grabbed Sid’s hands while Flair came from behind to eliminate him. This wouldn’t even be the first time that the big babyface Hulk Hogan would cheaply eliminate someone after he was already gone as he took out the Big Boss Man in 1989 after the Twin Towers threw him out. I’ll never understand why people loved him so much when he just straight up caused havoc.

Heenan’s screams of “Yes! He did it!” as Flair lasted nearly an hour to win the vacated WWF Title was euphoric for the heels and baffling for the babyfaces as “How did Flair do it?” since it was mentioned earlier that nobody who drew the first five numbers ended up at the end of the match. The entire match has to be seen to be believed, because it was the first true test of an iron man competitor to win the match and the commentary between Monsoon and Heenan may be the best called match of all time.

“An absolute classic. It’s fun to go back and watch, just to see the sheer amount of star-power in the ring.” - Kiley Fuller

#2: The 2001 Royal Rumble Match

The Attitude Era provided a lot of great memories for people...well, depending who you ask nowadays, but it seemed to have a tough time getting out of the blocks for the Rumble matches. The 2001 Rumble though was everything that you could love about the Attitude Era in an hour timeframe.

This match had hardcore elements, goofy comedy spots, surprising returns and the biggest stars of the Era including the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kane, The Undertaker and of course...Drew Carey? Listen, I don’t care if nobody else liked him being in the Rumble, I thought it was funny. Hall of Fame worthy? Debatable, but it was funny for him to be in the match. Another fun fact, he has more total in ring time in that Royal Rumble match than nearly half of that field. I’m not kidding.

One thing that stands out in this match is the performance of Kane, who would eliminate 11 superstars that year, a single match record that would stand until the 2014 Royal Rumble. He would go through the hardcore style match with a bunch of wrestlers from that division, had a breather while he listened to the Honky Tonk Man sing and then proceeded in the second half of the match when the big names started to come down.

The Big Show made his return from a hiatus and wiped out everyone until the Rock eliminated him and then Show chokeslammed the Great One through a table due to his short Rumble stint. The collusion talks between Kane and the Undertaker escalated as the match went on, but never really fully formed because the Undertaker attempted to headbutt Rikishi (the age old wrestling trope of never headbutt a Samoan) and the man who did it for the Rock took the Dead Man out with a well placed superkick.

It got down to the final three with Stone Cold Steve Austin, who was bloodied thanks to Triple H, Kane and the Rock and we got a small teaser of the WrestleMania X-7 main event between the two. The Rock would be the first of the three eliminated in what would (as of now) be the Rock’s final appearance as a participant during a Royal Rumble match. Austin would deliver three brutal chair shots to the head of Kane (which might explain his choice to pursue politics) and then clothesline him over the top rope to win his record 3rd Royal Rumble match.

Do you think that anyone will top 3 Royal Rumble match wins? Just curious.

The 2001 Royal Rumble was one of the best overall Rumble PPVs and it capped off with one of the greatest Rumble matches of all time...but according to us, it wasn’t THE best.

“This one came down to Kane, The Rock, Daddy Ass and Steve Austin. This was the last Rumble before WCW went out of business and wrestling changed.” - Cher Delaware

Before we look at the match voted as the best Rumble of all time, I did want to bring up some honorable mentions.

Honorable Mentions: The 2002, The 2004 and the 2006 Royal Rumble Matches

These three matches actually tied and fell just short of the top 10, but they were all great for different reasons.

The 2002 match provided some great moments such as Maven eliminating the Undertaker and then receiving one of the STIFFEST chair shots of all time, returns of wrestlers like Goldust, the Godfather, Val Venis and Mr. Perfect and the story of Triple H returning from his torn quad to win the match in heroic fashion before having a WrestleMania main event that nobody really talks about.

The Hurricane showed up and attempted to chokeslam Stone Cold and Triple H, but the former Two Man Power Trip weren’t having it before tossing the superhero out. Kane bodyslammed the Big Show over the top rope and Austin eliminated Christian and Chuck Palumbo with time to spare between entrants, threw them back in, Stunned them and then tossed them out again. For the record, Christian and Palumbo didn’t break Funaki’s Rumble record of being thrown out four times.

For the first Royal Rumble after the Invasion, the match delivered and gave us a lot to talk about...although the Dead Man should’ve got more butter with his popcorn.

The 2004 match is memorable now for infamous reasons, but at the time, it was a showcase for Chris Benoit and highlighted why he should have won that particular match. The Rabid Wolverine would eliminate many of the bigger superstars in the match, including Matt Morgan, the A-Train (who of the worst Rumble performers stats wise of all time...6 appearances, 0 eliminations. Yikes, Coach Bloom.) and of course, the Big Show at the end to win the match. In the midst of the Rumble, we had the tease of the return of the Dead Man version of the Undertaker, a wig being eliminated, Ernest Miller’s only WWE claim to fame of being in that match and having his music stolen years later by the now NWA Champion, and Mick Foley returning to start a blood feud (literally) with Orton. Not to mention, Orton tried to outdo Undertaker’s chair shot to Maven with another cringeworthy shot to the head of Mick after Foley took out agent Finlay with steel steps.

Goldberg and Brock Lesnar had their first physicality before THAT WrestleMania match and John Cena nearly tore his knee thanks to his elimination. The 2004 Rumble was highlighted by Benoit’s historic performance, but is now overshadowed due to the double murder-suicide tragedy in 2007.

The 2006 match was a bittersweet one as just a couple months prior, the world lost a great man in Eddie Guerrero. Rey Mysterio would enter the arena in a lowrider for his entrance at #2 and would go on to have an all time performance for longevity, a record that would only be broken by Daniel Bryan in the Greatest Royal Rumble (yes, it counts, shut up).

Returns of Tatanka and Goldust were rather surprising, but the imminent return of Rob Van Dam to the roster was a big bolster to a man who would have an incredible first six months of the year. Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon continued their storyline as Vince would distract Shawn long enough for “The Best in the World” Shane McMahon to eliminate him, setting up their classic Saturday Night’s Main Event match weeks later.

Mysterio would overcome the onslaught of his final two opponents, Triple H, who had started the match with him and Randy Orton, who came in as the last participant to punch his ticket to the main event of WrestleMania.

#1: The 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble Match

It makes me feel very justified that the Rumble that I ranked as the number one Rumble was also voted on as the best Rumble of all time and according to the stats when counting the votes, it wasn’t even close. This was also the only Rumble match to receive a top 10 vote from EVERY polled participant.

I’ll admit, going in, I was skeptical about the WWE Champion Brock Lesnar entering the Royal Rumble match considering the fact that a shot at the title had been the Rumble’s prize for almost 30 years at that point. The longer this match went on though, the anticipation continued to build as to who was going to be the guy to eliminate Lesnar as the Beast Incarnate entered first in the match. Brock fought his way through 13 straight eliminations, which ties Braun Strowman’s Greatest Royal Rumble eliminations accolade, but then ran into Drew McIntyre, who thanks to a low blow by Ricochet, was able to Claymore the Big Thing over the top and to the floor.

As the second half of the match progressed, we got surprised with the return of Edge who had been out of the ring almost nine years due to injuries sustained to his neck. He looked like he hadn’t missed a step in the ring either as he laid out the field in the ring with spears. The match continued and even though Seth Rollins tried to get his disciples to do a lot of the work for him, he got eliminated leaving a final four of Rated RKO, Drew McIntyre and Roman Reigns. Edge tricked Orton and got rid of him before Reigns took Edge out, leaving the Big Dog and the Big D as the final two. One Claymore kick later and the Scottish Warrior sent the soon to be Tribal Chief over the top and punched his ticket to WrestleMania. Unfortunately, Drew was not a draw as nobody even showed up to watch him face Brock for the title.

In my opinion, one of the best parts of this match is that it truly felt like the tale of two Rumbles as the first half was all about Brock’s dominance and then the second half truly felt like the Rumble match and gave us the right winner. Everything about this match from the surprises to the story were just amazing.

“Lots of great things in this one, Brock Lesnar’s performance eliminating 13 wrestlers, Edge makes his long-awaited return to wrestling and Drew McIntyre gets his moment, eliminating Brock, then Roman Reigns to an electric crowd reaction.” - Jimmy Van, Owner, Fightful

So what do you think? Did the Fightful team nail it? Are we way off on something? Is there a Rumble that you’re surprised didn’t get mentioned? Well, let me hear about it. Sound off. You can follow me on Twitter @GregCherryBrand and subscribe to my YouTube channel @GregCherryBrand as well where you can watch the Greg Cherry Show LIVE every Wednesday at 7pm Eastern time.

Also, come watch me eventually beat Sean Ross Sapp at trivia as I put myself through a 10-person trivia match marathon to help raise money for charity.

I can’t wait to hear what you guys think in 3...2...1…


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