Daniel Bryan Tells A Story Of Wrestling With His 'American Dragon' Exposed

Daniel Bryan is a victim of the infamous penis suplex.

Once previously only heard of from Al Snow and Mankind, Bryan appeared on Talking Smack this week and unleashed a story about....himself getting unleashed. When asked about Eva Marie's 'wardrobe malfunction' on Tuesday's Smackdown that caused her match to be postponed, Bryan said that he's been in her shoes before.

"I am mildly sympathetic with Eva Marie's situation. One time I was wrestling a man in Dragon Gate USA, and this man went to suplex me, and my entire....... came out. Nobody even noticed because we were on the top rope. Maybe everyone was being kind. Of course I finished the match," Bryan said.

After Bryan's embarrassing confession, Talking Smack host Renee Young called Bryan an 'American Hero,' for continuing the match with his 'American Dragon' exposed. As mentioned, a similar story was told in Mick Foley's Have A Nice Day! book, with Al Snow being the unfortunately exposed.

You can see a clip of Young and Bryan discussing the spot below.

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