Danhausen Hopes To Do Some Work In Hollywood

Danhausen has taken Ring of Honor by storm...but what's next?


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The independent wrestling standout turned ROH star has been one of the most booked wrestlers in the United States over the last couple of years. His quick growth also has him eyeing the television world. Danhausen spoke with Fightful about the possibility in an exclusive interview.

"Perhaps Danhausen will be in Hollywood by the end of the year.We shall see. Danhausen saw someone ask a question about what Danhausen wants to do when he’s done wrestling. Television style. So, Danhausen can be like how the Rock does. He’s just a Hollywood star now, but he brought new eyes to the wrestling product at first. So, Danhausen can do this wonderful interviews, can do his television shows, his YouTubes, what have you and he can bring new eyes. Hopefully Danhausen can get a television show or a cartoon or something. Or, just, you know, do some sort of interviewing on the red carpet to celebrities. The other celebrities. He can have his own night time television show, his own talk show," he said.

Danhausen recently moved to Canada, albeit the eastern side of the country. That's a pretty solid trek away from Vancouver, which sees plenty of television shows an movies filmed there.

"Is it? Okay, I suppose. But, you just go to Hollywood. There’s a red carpet just across there. Danhausen’s never been to the west coast. He wants to. So, Danhausen has also been to Las Vegas. But, not to wrestle. Just to be there. It was quite awful. Danhausen lost a dollar," he said.

Danhausen said Caeser didn't bring him any money personally for what he's lost.

"No, he brings salads Salads! Yes, Caesar salads. But, yes. Danhausen does not want this to be… He is focused on wrestling and also wants to ascend to the Hollywoods so that he can bring more eyes on this wrestling and then we can all make more monies. And more salads, yes. All the salads. Hollywood salads for everybody on Danhausen," he closed.

Basically, Danhausen wants to go to Hollywood. Not Vegas, not Vancouver.

To see our full interview with Danhausen, click the video at the top of the page. You can learn more about Danhausen at LOVE THAT DANHAUSEN.

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