Dream Girl Ellie Talks 'Wrestlers' On Netflix, Praises Bryan Kennison

Dream Girl Ellie talks "Wrestlers" on Netflix.

"Wrestlers" is a new docuseries on Netflix taking fans behind the scenes of Ohio Valley Wrestling. The series follows Al Snow and OVW office and wrestlers as they prepare for shows, put things together, and deal with personal happenings.

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Dream Girl Ellie is one of the stars of the show, and she recently joined Jeremy Lambert & Joel Pearl on In The Weeds to discuss the series.

"Have you guys seen 'The Office?' You know Jim? Whenever something crazy happens, he [makes a face] and stares at the camera. I did that the whole time they were filming. It's wrestling, you're going to hear some crazy shit. When they first got there, they were like, 'don't acknowledge the camera at all unless it's a one-on-one interview.' 'Easy.' We'd be in the locker room and some crazy stuff would be said, and I'm like, 'did y'all hear this?' It's really cool because we got to know the people behind the cameras and towards the end, they were our friends. It wasn't like, 'these cameras are following us, I have to be someone I'm not.' That's not something they want, but it was also, 'my friends are here, let me hang out with them.' The funniest part is, we're watching it, and we're like, 'Were we here for this? Oh, that's me right there!' Watching myself on TV, but not on TV. Some things, you'll see, someone got arrested, and I didn't even know about this stuff. They kept it from everybody, I guess, or I don't pay attention enough. It's one or the other. It's cool because I get to see behind the scenes of my friends. I know Haley J works with her mom, but I didn't know to what extent. I didn't know all these things that happened to Haley or Maria [Amazing Maria] or all my friends because we don't just sit down and be like, 'Tell me about your childhood trauma.' That's not a normal Tuesday night. It's cool getting to watch these things and seeing everyone behind the scenes," she said.

Ellie said the show was taped a year ago.

"The funniest part is, the first episode, five minutes in is me just swearing. I did a promo, I messed it up, and I went 'fuck me.' We're two minutes into the show, can they not get me swearing? Of course, they couldn't get the good promo, they got the one of me messing up. Damn, man. You guys used that one? What about the promo I did five seconds later where I knocked it out of the park?" she said with a laugh.

After joking that she has now made it in reality TV because the edit didn't do her justice, Ellie wanted to praise OVW host and commentator Bryan Kennison.

"It's funny and entertaining, but it is sad. I'm going to put him over because I love him to death. Bryan Kennison is a producer, cameraman, and commentator. He does so much stuff behind the scenes and you'll see in the docuseries that he doesn't get treated with the respect he deserves from anyone...I'll say it, from Matt Jones. Matt Jones does not treat him the way he should be for what he's doing. This dude is working 60 hours a week. He's not getting to see his kid because he's going to wrestling shows. He's a great dude and cares so much. He wants the best for everybody. He puts wrestling as a top priority and everyone walks all over him. I made sure as soon as I saw it to text him, 'I love you and I appreciate everything you do.' I don't think he hears it enough. I hope that when this comes out people realize all the stuff he does. All the graphics you see, he's working 20-25 hours a week just on those. That's not including the show, the pre-tapes, commentary. He just doesn't get the recognition he deserves. I hope he gets it now," she said.

Fans can watch "Wrestlers" on Netflix now.

Along with competing for OVW, Ellie is active on the independent scene and is the reigning Smash Women's Champion.

Watch the full interview with Ellie in the video above.

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