Lio Rush Reveals He And Chris Bey Are Writing A Song, Discusses The Stigma Of Wrestlers In Music

Lio Rush discusses the stigma of wrestlers branching out into music, and details some of his goals in music.

Lio Rush has always wanted more than success in professional wrestling. Outside of the ring, Lio Rush focuses on music. On Friday, June 24, 2022, Rush will drop his next EP, Not Found 2, the sequel to his 2021 release.

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Speaking to Sean Ross Sapp, Rush explains what this next release means to him and what fans can look forward to.

"I really liked my last project, Not Found 1, that came out," Rush said. "I feel like it did exactly what I wanted it to do. I knew that it wasn’t gonna be that big project that put me on the map and I made so much money from it and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I wanted to create something special and create something unique and showcase myself as a music artist. I wanted to win some ears over. I wanted to win some people over. I feel like when people listen to the project, it definitely solidified me as an artist. Like, ‘Alright. Lio really does live this life. This is him. This isn’t just a side gig.’ This is just me. That’s what I wanted to showcase this was pretty important to me just because of the stigma of wrestlers and doing music. I wanted to break that stigma. So I’m glad it went in the direction it did. It led me to this moment with having a music deal and I can’t believe where it’s taken me. I’m looking forward to where it’s going to continue to take me and how it’s going to grow."

Rush also speaks about the stigma of wrestlers trying to branch out into music and credits Chris Jericho with helping break that stigma due to the success of his band, Fozzy.

"I think the stigma just came from seeing guys like John Cena or anybody who’s tried to do a music gimmick on TV," Rush said. "I think it just automatically put [other wrestlers attempting to branch out into music] in the category of 'corny' or 'not real' or whatever the stigma is with the wrestlers and music. Because wrestling is its own kind of bubble. I feel like when people see wrestlers releasing music within the wrestling bubble, that’s when people start to say, ‘Oh, it’s not real’ or ‘It’s a gimmick’ or blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. I’m glad that you are starting to see [like] Chris Jericho helped out a lot with Fozzy.

"[Also] touring, doing music tours and stuff like that definitely helped," he continued. "You’re starting to see a lot more wrestlers take music seriously and do things outside the wrestling bubble per se. I’m glad that’s starting to break because, like you said, we’re creatives. If we’re into wrestling, we’re creative people. It doesn’t have to just be creative within wrestling. Our minds expand beyond wrestling. So I’m glad that’s being able to be showcased."

Furthermore, Rush says he wants to work with as many personalities inside the wrestling industry in the field of music. He even revealed that he is working on a new song with Bullet Club member, Chris Bey.

"I am looking to collaborate with a lot of wrestlers that do music. Hey, if you’re a wrestler out there and you want to make a song with me, definitely reach out," he said. "I’m definitely looking forward to one day working with as many wrestlers that make music. I’ve made a song with Swerve before. I’ve made a song with Myron Reed. Josiah, I know that he’s not active in-ring, Josiah’s amazing.

"Not announced yet, but hey, I’ll say it, I’ve been writing a song with Chris Bey," he continued. "So me and Chris Bey will eventually put something out together. So that’s pretty exciting, pretty cool. As far as right now, I do want to put that focus and forefront on me just because this is my first deal, my first project under a deal. So me putting myself out there on the forefront I think is pretty important to me, to showcase myself. But after that, I’d love to continue to do more music with more wrestlers."

Lio Rush was afforded the opportunity to sign with Universal Music Group at the start of this year. Speaking about the achievement, Rush says he was overjoyed to be given the opportunity and looks forward to making a mark with U.M.G.

"I was so overjoyed because it happened so quickly. I remember having a meeting one day and then like two or three days later I get called back to get told, ‘Okay, we want to work up the deal.’ It happened so quickly Definitely felt like the time where I need that, I wanted that. I was hungry. Super stoked that that happened. I’ll be doing some things with [Thump and Virgin and U.M.G.] for some years to come and hopefully that relationship continues to grow and build, and lead to bigger things within my music," said Rush.

Fans can check out Rush’s music on YouTube and Spotify.

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