"Switchblade" Jay White SHOOTS SOFTLY On FinJuice, Chris Sabin, Bullet Club Members, More

"Switchblade" Jay White is one of the most dastardly men in pro wrestling, so we thought it would be interesting to see his soft side.

After an extended absence, "Shooting Softly" has returned to Fightful

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"You want me to say nice things about people? Maybe," he said.

Ahead of NJPW Battle in the Valley on November 13, we conjured a few up...kind of.


“Beautiful hair. Beautiful, luscious, curly, full locks.”

Chris Sabin:

“Really healthy knees. He’s got really healthy knees.”

Jonathon Gresham:

“I’ve opposite him. Something nice about Gresham… He’s following a hell of a fucking training program over the last, I don’t know, however long. Two years.”

Tomohiro Ishii:

“He gives hope to those with stunted growth that they can maybe one day be something.”

Rocky Romero:

“I tell you what, that guy, he’s somehow discovered the fountain of youth. Everybody knows somehow has been around wrestling, I swear, like fifty years at this point. Everybody has either crossed paths with him, whether they’re retired now or not. But he still just seems to float around. Rocky Romero found the fountain of youth.”

Karl Fredericks:

“He’s got a cool jacket, I guess? He’s got a nice red and white jacket. I’m sure I must have inspired his whole color scheme. So I guess if he was inspired by me, then I guess he has good tastes in role models.”


“Both of them? Nice thing about David is that he doesn’t mind coming back and just letting me slap him around again. He’s always happy, when I want to remind people how much better I am than him and how I always have been since we were young boys, he’s always happy to indulge me and come back so I can remind everybody one more time. Juice… Something nice about Juice… I don’t even know what his hair looks like right now to be honest. I think it changes so often. Nice thing about Juice is he keeps David off my hands. I’m sure David would try to face me a lot more if he could, but I guess Juice does a good job telling him, ‘Hey, buddy. Maybe don’t go and mess with Jay because he’s just gonna beat you again.’ I guess nice thing about Juice is he stops David from trying to hassle me too much.”

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