Taeler: LIV For That Moment

When deciding to become a Pro Wrestler, there's understandably a lot to consider within that realm of life altering decisions. The lifestyle, your health, overall goals within the Pro Wrestling Industry, gimmick, movesets, training, networking, etc. For many, the ultimate goal is The WWE. What most don't realize is that just getting a contract with The WWE doesn't guarantee success and definitely doesn't happen overnight. There's so much that goes into being a Superstar in Pro Wrestling and especially in The WWE. Once signed to WWE, you need to report to NXT. Your tenure at NXT could last for some duration. That time frame varies from person to person depending on opportunities, storylines, injuries, gimmicks, transitions, and so forth. Once signed, you need to fight to keep your job. Performing well. Having a gimmick that makes money (it is a business.) Properly utilizing T.V. time (every second of T.V. costs money.) Doing your job. Taking initiative (adding to your value i.e your own vignettes, photoshoots, youtube channel.) After all that then comes your fight to the main roster. A key factor in going from NXT to the main rosters for Raw and Smackdown is having your gimmick transition well right along with you. This hasn't always been the case. Nevertheless, the evolution of Superstars and their journeys are just as much a part of the magic of Sports Entertainment.

Over the last few years, WWE fans world-wide have had the privilege of watching young up and coming talents from different backgrounds get opportunities to evolve showing their full potential as the future of the WWE. Bianca Belair, Lacey Evans, Kacy Catanzaro, Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan, and so many more! There's tons of talented men and women! Arguably, in my opinion, one of the most all around improved Superstars with a plethora of untapped potential is - Liv Morgan.

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Liv Morgan has already exhibited a very useful versatility. Whether being a believable underdog good guy for people to cheer on and hope for. Or, a psychotic bad guy that people can love to hate and want to see lose. Either role is a must for good story telling. That kind of talent will give her career so much longevity in the future, making possibilities for her nearly endless. There's so much to navigate when trying to embody your fullest potential as a Superstar in the WWE. Storylines, factions, matches, promos, gear, injuries, believability, Liv has been able to tackle these challenges over time one by one. All of which amount to what you see of Liv Morgan today in WWE. What do I mean? Think of it like the Matt Hardy Effect so to speak.

Matt Hardy over the years has been able to consistently reinvent himself in ways that's not only make money but also resonates with fans which are two factors that ensure he always has a job somewhere whenever he wants one. He's found ways to do this consistently without canceling out everything he'd been prior. When wrestlers do this without provocation its insulting to the fans causing a disconnect with the story telling, however, Matt Hardy has always done well with leading fans on a journey within his evolutions. That's ingenuity and creativity to the max. Liv Morgan has that ability. We've seen Liv prior to Riott Squad and on through to now. She has had to evolve and can do so within the brands of the WWE making her a great investment for their company and for fans to enjoy.

As a WWE fan, you yourself have seen hints of this talent from Liv Morgan in her vignettes prior to Liv crashing Lana's wedding. As a writer, I appreciated those promos. The subtlety within that character development was money! That "IT" factor that you can't really define but know it when you see it is in fact Liv Morgan. With the hard work that Liv has clearly put into improving all aspects of her performing will make her a force to be reckoned with in the very near future. Talent. Gimmick. Promo skills. In ring skills. Superstar presence. Liv will be a major part of the future of the WWE product. Don't rush it. There can be only one Liv Morgan. She's a breath of fresh air. Flipping through the channels, you'll want to stop to watch her and see her become what she's capable of. Right now might not be her moment, but rest assured, it will come. And when it does,  that moment will be epic. After all, ya only Liv once!

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