Match Ratings For WWE Clash Of Champions 2020 From Sean Ross Sapp

WWE Smackdown Tag Team Championship
Cesaro & Shinsuke Nakamura (c) defeated Lucha House Party (w/ Gran Metalik)

  • This is a good match as one would expect.
  • The highlight of this match is when Kalisto gets caught on a dive, but Lince dives out onto he and Cesaro to finish the tornado DDT.
  • If there was a live crowd they'd be all over this match.
  • Cesaro Swing into a Kinshasa gets the win for Nakamura and Cesaro. A really great opener.
  • I don't need to see this match again. It was good, but it's already been done to death. Let's move on.
WWE SmackDown Tag Team Title Match Added To 10/15 WWE SmackDown

Intercontinental Championship
Ladder Match
Sami Zayn defeated Jeff Hardy (c) and AJ Styles

  • Styles tosses Hardy into the supports of the ladder, then chucks Zayn into one.
  • Zayn does an Exploder on Styles onto the ladder.
  • WWE gave us a replay that completely buried the ladder toss AJ Styles does to Zayn.
  • Hardy pushes Styles off a ladder into the ropes.
  • Three guys that would have been light heavies are having a good Sirloin Beef Sunsabucks ladder match.
  • Jeff Hardy does an absolutely GUANO CRAZY Swanton off a ladder onto Zayn, bridged across a ladder.
  • Sami Zayn handcuffs Jeff Hardy to a ladder BY HIS EAR. GROSS!
  • Sami Zayn handcuffs himself to AJ, then AJ to the ladder. Zayn had the key in his mouth.
  • Zayn wins, and this was a blast. This was an innovative, original ladder match.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Asuka (c) defeated Zelina

  • Zelina has some pretty good arm attacks. Early on this is to make Zelina look credible.
  • Zelina definitely needed some reps on Main Event or something, but this isn't bad by any stretch.
  • Asuka gets the win with the Asuka Lock.
  • That went about as long as it should have.
  • It can never end after one. Even a five minute, clean win. It's always gotta just keep going. Zelina kicks Asuka in the face after showing respect.

WWE United States Championship
Bobby Lashley (c) (w/ The Hurt Business) defeated Apollo Crews (w/ Ricochet)

  • This will be Apollo Crews' 13th straight match against a member of the Hurt Business. He's only faced The Hurt Business since June 15.
  • I think Apollo Crews is great, Lashley too. Asking me to care about this match is not great.
  • Lashley does a great superplex.
  • Crews avoids the Yokosuka Cutter, and does a standing star press and Frog splash.
  • Lashley wins with a full nelson. Cool.

WWE Raw Tag Team Championship
Street Profits (c) defeated Angel Garza & Andrade

  • Street Profits vs. Angel Garza & Andrade for the fifth time since July 20. There have also been five singles matches between them. There were four Street Profits/Angel Garza tag team matches earlier this year and three matches with Bianca Belair and Zelina as a part of the feud.
  • Andrade and Garza are working together well with pop up kicks.
  • Samoa Joe putting over the cohesion of Andrade & Garza really well.
  • There was an insane Spanish Fly that I gasped at.
  • Street Profits win and there's miscommunication. If Garza is hurt and that was an audible finish, it probably should have been communicated to the guy who kicked out, and the guy who looked upset he won
  • Angelo Dawkins probably shouldn't have sold that he was upset there. HE WON THE MATCH!

WWE 24/7 Championship
Drew Gulak defeated R-Truth (c) to become champion
R-Truth defeated Drew Gulak (c) to become champion

  • What can I add to this?

WWE Smackdown Women's Championship
Asuka defeated Bayley (c) via DQ, no title change

  • Bayley makes an open challenge and Asuka comes out. Even the replacement match is one being done for the fourth time.
  • Bayley hits Asuka with a chair for the DQ.
  • Sasha Banks attacks with a chair after.
  • Bayley escapes before Sasha can do too much damage.

WWE Championship
Ambulance Match

  • Drew jams his knee kicking the the door off with a missed Claymore.
  • Big Show chokeslams Orton through an announce table, Christian beats him up backstage, and Shawn Michaels superkicks him off the ambulance
  • This is a great full circle of Randy Orton's 2020 story.
  • RKO on the floor.
  • Drew manages a Claymore, but does a punt instead of beating him right away.
  • Drew wins.
  • Ric Flair is driving the ambulance out.

WWE Universal Championship
Roman Reigns (c) defeated Jey Uso to retain the title via ref stoppage
Angle 10/10

  • Simple, beautiful, deep storytelling in four weeks. Not a million rematches, not overly scripted stuff. It's just perfect. So deserving of a PPV main event
  • Reigns is dominant. Brave of him to wrestle shirtless, with all those hernias that MAKE him wear a vest (this isn't real, it was a made up story).
  • Uso comes back with a Samoan Drop, but Reigns cuts him off with a Superman punch.
  • Reigns says Jey should have laid down, and now he's giving him a beating.
  • I think if Roman Reigns had been booked this way back in 2015, WWE would have already lost him to Hollywood.
  • Reigns gets posted, and Uso does a couple suicide dives.
  • The Reigns Ryder!!! Yep, Reigns has adopted the Rough Ryder.
  • Uso hits a superkick and a big splash for 2.9! Reigns low blows Jey Uso while kicking out. He smiles about it.
  • How did Vince McMahon not know this was the right way to go with Roman Reigns all along?
  • Reigns hits a big spear. He tells Uso to acknowledge him as the chief.
  • This beatdown goes for a full five minutes.
  • Jimmy Uso hobbles in and says he's throwing in the towel.
  • The referee stops the match.
  • Jimmy comes in to break it up. He's upset. He says Reigns is the Chief to get him to stop

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