Chris Jericho and WWE have come to a new agreement regarding trademarks.

According to a new report by Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Jericho in WWE have reached an agreement concerning trademarks as it pertains to the performer's name.

WWE agreed to give Jericho the rights to use his name in exchange for Jericho giving WWE the rights to own the intellectual property of anything created by either of them during Chris Jericho’s tenure with WWE, Dave suggests that WWE Money in the Bank may be a part of this agreement as Jericho did create the match.

Jericho wouldn’t be able to use the term 'Y2J' or any of the trademarks of his other characters in WWE. Reportedly, he could have used the Jericho name anyway based on prior usage, but this is WWE coming to an official agreement. On recent episodes of his Saturday night Q&A specials, Chris Jericho has tried to distance himself from the Y2J name saying that that is in his past and he's more concerned about the future and the work he is doing now for All Elite Wrestling.

Outside of this agreement, Jericho has been very busy in the world of trademarks as he continues to make sure he owns all of the intellectual property regarding some of his latest creations such as the TikTok spoof, Flim Flam.

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