AEW Dark 3/23/21 Results: FTW Championship Match Brian Cage vs. Brandon Cutler, SCU, plus many more

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The show begins with Excalibur welcoming the viewer to AEW Dark; he is joined by his broadcast partner Taz.

Chaos Project vs. John Silver & Alex Reynolds (w/ -1)

The match begins with Serpentico and John Silver tying up. Silver has a quick takedown; follows it up with a blackbody drop. Silver then delivers a nasty uppercut to Serpentico. Silver tags in Alex Reynolds, both Silver and Reynolds double team Serpentico. Serpentico tags in Luther; Luther then controls the match for a few minutes. Luther uses Serpentico as a weapon by tossing him onto Alex Reynolds. Luther hits Reynolds with a big clothesline.

Luther tags in Serpentico, and Luther grabs Serpentico and bulldog's him onto Serpentico. Reynolds gets in control again when he hits Luther with a moonsault. Reynolds makes it over to Silver for the hot tag, and Reynolds clears house until Luther slows down Silver's momentum. Luther attempts to get Silver onto the top rope, but Silver gets out of it, allowing Reynolds to take out Luther. Silver hits Serpentico with a hard-hitting clothesline. Silver hits a release German suplex; Silver then tags in Reynolds and hits the Dark Destroyer. Reynolds pins Serpentico to get the victory for The Dark Order.

Winners: John Silver & Alex Reynolds (w/ -1)

Jorel Nelson & Royce Isaacs vs. SCU

Frankie Kazarian and Royce Isaacs begin with a tie-up; Kazarian gets the upper hand after hitting a hip-toss. Royce now comes back with some offense, Royce tags in Jorel Nelson. Nelson gets in and is taken down right away with a hip-toss, allowing Kazarian to tag-in Christopher Daniels. Daniels controls the action; this allows SCU to tag-in and out multiple times and control the pace. Nelson gives Daniels a big boot to an unsuspecting Daniels. Now, Isaacs and Nelson are tagging-in and out. They are still controlling the match.

Royce is now the legal man; he delivers multiple strikes to the midsection of Christopher Daniels. Daniels hits the STO to take down Royce Isaacs; Kazarian gets the hot tag, and he delivers a nice shotgun dropkick, and he follows it up with a leg drop. Kazarian goes for the sunset flip into a pin attempt, but Royce kicks out. Daniels and Nelson delivering multiple stiff shots. Daniels hits the Best Moonsault Ever out of nowhere and gets the win by pinning Nelson.

Winners: SCU

Penelope Ford (w/ Kip Sabian) vs. Miranda Alize

The match begins with Miranda Alize running right at Penelope Ford. Alize controls the match and knocks Ford out of the ring when she hits her with a hurricanrana. Ford gets back into the ring and takes over the match. Ford hits Alize with a big knee drop from the top rope. Ford now delivering a big strike, and this gets Alize heated. Alize and Ford begin exchanging strikes until Ford kicks Alize right in the face.

The match is now going back and forth until Ford delivers the Fisherman's suplex to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Penelope Ford (w/ Kip Sabian)

Adam Priest, Jake St. Patrick & Baron Black vs. Gunn Club

Adam Priest and Austin Gunn begin things; Austin starts with the upper hand by hitting Priest with a few hip tosses. Baron Black and Billy Gunn are now the legal men; they both start exchanging heavy chops. Billy Gunn hits Black with a massive hip toss. The Gunn Club is now triple-teaming on Black in their corner. Black makes it over to Jake St. Patrick and tags him in. The Gunn Club hit the 3:10 to Yuma on Jake St. Patrick to get another big win for Gunn Club.

Winners: The Gunn Club

Jack Evans vs. Dante Martin

Dante Martin and Jack Evans start things off with a tie-up, but Evans controls it off the bat with a wristlock. Martin hits three quick arm drags on Evans. Evans counters another arm drag attempt, but he never takes control. Evans hits Dante with a nice corkscrew kick; Evans then delivers a heavy strike to Martin's back. Evans now hits the handstand back elbow.

Evans now grabs Martin and bounces Martin's head on the turnbuckle. Evans was going for another move in the corner, but Martin catches him and tosses him onto the platform, and Evans lands hard. Dante is getting a ton of offense in, Martin hits a big moonsault, but Martin misses him. Evans and Martin on the outside fighting; Martin hits the destroyer on Evans.

Martin then gets Jack Evans back into the ring and hits a nice 450 splash to get his first singles to win. The match ends, and Angelico comes out and attacks Dante Martin. Darius comes out and saves his brother Dante, and they walk away safely.

Winner: Dante Martin

FTW Championship Match
Brian Cage (w/ Hook) vs. Brandon Cutler

Before the match begins, Excalibur explains that the FTW title is not a recognized title belt. Brian Cage and Brandon Cutler begin with a tie-up; Cage takes control by delivering a heavy shot. Brian Cage hits a nice-looking Death Valley Driver on Cutler. Cage then brings Cutler to one of the corners and delivers a few heavy chops. Cage goes to finish it, but Cutler escapes Cage's grip. Cutler now has the advantage and getting multiple shots in and some heavy kicks on Cage. Cage then hits Cutler with a suplex; Cage now hits Cutler with multiple knees to the face. Cutler overtakes Cage in the corner and uses the turnbuckles to deliver a powerbomb. He goes for the pin attempt, but Cage kicks out at two. Cutler goes for a big spot, but Cage catches him in the air and hits the Drill Claw to get the pin and the win.

Winner: Brian Cage (w/ Hook)

Ashely Vox vs. Alex Gracia

Alex Gracia and Ashley Vox begin with a tie-up, and Gracia is in control first, but Ashley Vox comes back with a few strikes. Vox and Gracia are exchanging multiple strikes, and then they try multiple pin attempts from rolling around. Ashley Vox gets the surprising and quick win when she gets the fish hooks in on Gracia.

Winner: Ashley Vox

Vary Morales & Seth Gargis vs. Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela

Joey Janela and Vary Morales start with a lock-up; Morales has Janela in a side headlock. Janela throws Morales into the ropes and gets a single-leg takedown. Morales goes for the enzuigiri on Janela, but Janela avoids it and takes down Morales. Sonny Kiss and Seth Gargis are now the legal competitors; Kiss takes down Gargis right away with a solid dropkick.

Sonny is using his speed on Gargis and takes him down again. Kiss tags in Janela; Janela hits a big shoulder tackle on Gargis. Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela now deliver a double suplex. Janela and Kiss deliver multiple superkicks to Gargis; they win after Kiss delivers a split-out into a reverse DDT. Kiss then pins Gargis to get the victory.

Winners: Sonny Kiss & Joey Janela

JD Drake (w/ Ryan Nemeth) vs, Fuego Del Sol

The match begins with Fuego Del Sol attempting to use his speed, but JD Drake catches him and throws him onto the mat very hard. Del Sol hits a hurricanrana, and Drake rolls outside of the ring. Del Sol goes to try and hit Drake with dive to the outside, but Drake catches him, lifts him, and throws him to the ropes, which created a whiplash for Del Sol.

Del Sol soon gets a few strikes in on Drake, but this irritates Drake. Drake begins just delivering heavy and stiff-looking shots on Del Sol. Del Sol goes for the standing sliced bread, but Drake counters it and nails Del Sol with a Claymore Kick variation.

Winner: JD Drake (w/ Ryan Nemeth)

QT Marshall vs. Shawn Dean

The match begins with QT Marshall getting the best of Shawn Dean, but Marshall makes a mistake, and Dean begins delivering multiple strikes and kicks to QT. QT is back in control and is punishing Shawn Dean; Marshall steps on the face of Shawn Dean.

Marshall delivers more kicks to Dean and follows up with a strong shot to Shawn Dean's back. Marshall goes up top for a dropkick, but Dean avoids him; Marshall runs the ropes and hits Marshall with a nice back elbow. Marshall rolls out of the ring hits the Tope Con Giro; Marshall and Dean are back in the ring, and Marshall hits a nice dropkick. QT Marshall hits the Diamond Cutter out of nowhere when he hits attempts to do a springboard off of the turnbuckle.

Winner: QT Marshall

Jazmin Allure vs. The Bunny (w/ The Butcher & The Blade)

The match begins with The Bunny taking control right away with multiple strikes to Jazmin Allure and then follows it with some heavy elbows. The Blade is coaching The Bunny outside the ring; The Bunny now lands a sliding back elbow. Jazmin Allure delivers a clothesline out of nowhere; however, The Bunny hits a thrust kick and then finishes it with the Allie Drop.

Winner: The Bunny (w/ The Butcher & The Blade)

Evil Uno, Stu Grayson & Colt Cabana ( w/ -1) vs. Carlie Bravo, Brick Aldridge & Dean Alexander

Colt Cabana and Dean Alexander begin the match; they both reverse holds, but Cabana gets the upper hand when he delivers a nice hip toss. Alexander then tags in Carlie Bravo; Bravo gets in the face of Colt Cabana. Cabana drops him and then throws him into his corner, and The Dark Order begins exchanging tags and essentially triple-team Bravo.

Bravo gets away from Stu Grayson and tags in Brick Aldridge. Bravo, Aldridge, and Alexander are now exchanging multiple tags and slaying them in on Grayson. Grayson makes a comeback and delivers a nice urinage. Grayson then tags in Uno, and Uno immediately hits a nice neckbreaker; The Dark Order ends it rather quickly by hitting Bravo with the Fatality. Grayson pins Bravo to get the win for The Dark Order.

Winners: Evil Uno, Stu Grayson & Colt Cabana (w/ -1)

Angel Fashion & D3 vs. Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solow

We start with Aaron Solow and D3; Solow takes advantage by hitting a nice hip toss on D3. Solow then stomps on the chest of D3. D3 rolls away from D3 and tags in Angel Fashion; Solow tags in Nick Comoroto. Comoroto is in a delivers a hard bodyslam and then tags in Solow. Solow hits the Pedigree but crosses Fashion's arms and does a Pedigree variation to get the victory.

Winners: Nick Comoroto & Aaron Solow

Cezar Bononi (w/ Peter Avalon) vs. John Skyler

John Skyler goes right in on Cezar Bononi, but nothing is working, he hits Bononi with a knee, but it does not do anything. Bononi then begins throwing Skyler around and just having his way; throwing a big hip toss; Bononi delivers some heavy blows to the back of Skyler. Bononi throws Skyler outside of the ring and delivers a heavy punch to the head of Skyler. Bononi then hits the Argentine Backbreaker to get the victory.

Winner: Cezar Bononi (w/ Peter Avalon)

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