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Good evening Fight Fans, we hope you're well and are ready for IMPACT Wrestling's United We Stand! You can watch the Pre-Pre-Show and the Pre-Show which features a match with KM and Fallah Bahh via the embedded video above and while you're here you can leave a comment below, and if you're interested in exclusive content check out premium service Fightful Select for exclusive podcasts and more!


One of the referees walks us through the set up for the show including the tarp, entrance and the Ultimate X structure set up around and above the ring. KM and Bahh take on two other teams, one of them being the WrestlePro Tag Team champions Team Espana in a triple threat match while the we stay in the perspective of a phone camera. KM and Bahh are in control until Jos-A and Jos-B clear the ring and take out the other team for a near fall that KM and Bahh break up. The referee talks to everyone involved and walks around the ring as the match goes on, panning to the crowd for several moments at times as well as himself for reaction shots. Bahh and KM then roll over everyone before Bahh hits a suicide dive through the second and bottom ropes before winning the belts, but the finish isn't shown on screen.

Main Show

Ultimate X Match

Johnny Impact vs Ace Austin vs Pat Buck vs Dante Wolf vs Jake Crist

Everyone brawls before the ring clears and Dante takes out Johnny and Pat before Dante climbs the scaffolding and Jake takes out Ace and Pat at ringside. Jake hits a suicide dive to Johnny before Johnny tries to jump from the top turnbuckle to the belt over Ace, but Ace catches and powerbombs him. Johnny gets crotched on the top rope and climbs across the ropes to the hanging x before Dante rips him down and Ace gets ripped down when he nearly grabs it. Jake catches Johnny up top and hits a superplex before hitting a DVD to Pat before they hit a tower of doom and Ace turns a powerbomb into a flat liner. Jake hits a suicide dive into a tornado DDT onto the floor with Johnny before Dante hits a springboard 450 to the outside and Ace climbs to the top of the scaffolding before he dives onto everyone at ringside. Everyone climbs the ropes before Ace rips Johnny and Dante down, only for him to be hit with a double superkick for his troubles. Johnny then makes his way across the ropes and grabs the X for the win.

Winner: Johnny Impact defeats Ace Austin, Dante Fox, Jake Crist and Pat Buck when he grabs the x hanging above the ring.

-We go to Brian Cage, Moose and Eddie Edwards backstage before we get a video package for the matches for tonight.

IMPACT Wrestling vs Lucha Underground

Daga, Aerostar, Drago & Marty The Moth vs Moose, Eddie Edwards Tommy Dreamer & Brian Cage

Eddie and Aero start the match off, the two matching each other move for move before Tommy and Marty come in. They lock up and exchange strikes until Marty plays to the crowd and Tommy catches him with a bionic elbow. Tommy hits a deep arm drag to Drago when he comes in before Daga and Brian get the tag almost immediately after. They run the ropes before Brian hits a huricanrrana into a backbreaker and Moose tags himself in before he and Brian get into a shoving match. Daga kicks the legs out from under Moose before he hits a suicide dive and Brian takes out the other three members of LU.

Drago and Aero work together to ground Brian before Aero hits a flipping senton and Drago gets caught with a knee by Brian. Brian suplexes Drago onto everyone at ringside before Tommy gets in the ring and teases a tope before everyone gets back in the ring and Daga and Aero double up on Eddie for a two count. Eddie tags in Brian who clotheslines Daga several times and hits a neckbreaker into a running European uppercut in the corner into a release German suplex. Tommy comes in and hits Daga with a cutter before Aero hits a diving cross body and everyone hits a move until Brian hits a discus clothesline and Moose spears Brian. Tommy then hits Moose with a kendo stick before Eddie hits a suicide dive, but Marty capitalizes and hits Tommy with a butterfly DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Team Lucha Underground defeats Team IMPACT when Marty pins Tommy with a butterfly DDT.

-Knockouts champion Taya Valkyrie cuts a promo backstage about having to defend her title in a fatal four way.

Knockouts Championship Fatal Four Way Match

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs Rosemary vs Jordynne Grace vs Katie Forbes

Everyone attacks Rosemary and clotheslines her out of the ring before Katie rolls Taya up for a quick two count and Jordynne clotheslines both Taya and Katie. Taya sends Jordynne out of the ring and beats on Katie in the corner before hitting a running splash and a running hip attack into running knees in the corner. Taya plays to the crowd before Rosemary scares her and backs her into the corner before tossing her out of the ring and posing. Jordynne comes in and drops Rosemary before hitting a running European uppercut into a diving splash for a two count before hitting an airplane spin. Katie comes in and hits an ax kick into a back flip hand spring elbow for a two count, Taya coming in and hitting Katie with a German suplex before she and Jordynne clothesline each other.

Jordynne hits a missile dropkick and hits everyone with a scoop slam before Rosemary boots Katie and counters Road to Valhalla into a spear, Su Yung coming out and Rosemary going after her right after. Jordynne then hits a package piledriver before Taya shoves her out of the ring and pins Katie for the win.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie retains her Knockouts Championship by defeating Katie Forbes, Jordynne Grace and Rosemary via pinfall when she pins Katie after Jordynne hits her with a package piledriver.

Promociones Dorado (Low-Ki & Ricky Martinez) vs LAX

Ricky and Ortiz start the match before all four men get in the ring and yell at each other until Santana comes in and Ricky stalls before tagging Low-Ki in. They grapple before backing each other into the ropes for a not so clean break when Santana chops Low-Ki, Low-Ki immediately locking in a cross arm breaker until the referee makes him break the hold. Ortiz and Ricky come in and Ortiz gets a two count off of a sunset flip before hitting a variation of a northern lights suplex for another two count. LAX double up on Ricky before Low-Ki gets the blind tag and turns Santana inside out with a kitchen sink. Low-Ki and Ricky isolate Santana and mock Ortiz before Ricky smashes Santana's face into the mat for a two count.

Low-Ki comes in and hits a mule kick for a two count before twisting his head and headbutting him before Ricky gets the tag and beats Santana down with right hands. Santana evades both Ricky and Low-Ki before Ortiz gets the tag and hits a missile dropkick and Ricky drops him with a bicycle knee. LAX hit a superkick into a draping cutter for a near fall that Low-Ki breaks up with a flipping senton before Low-Ki hits a springboard dropkick and Ricky an electric chair drop for a near fall. Ortiz then hits Ricky with a DVD for the pin and the win.

Winner: LAX defeat Promociones Dorado when Ortiz pins Ricky with a DVD.

Intergender Match

Tessa Blanchard vs Joey Ryan

Joey rubs oil on himself and mocks Tessa before Tessa tosses Joey by his chest hair and hits him with forearms in the corner. Tessa hits a draping code breaker for a near fall before Joey sends her onto the apron and into the ring post. Joey goes out after Tessa and smashes her arm into the apron before wrapping it around the railing. Tessa gets back in the ring and comes back with forearms before Joey drops her and starts focusing on her injured arm. Tessa comes back with a huricanrrana and sends Joey out of the ring before hitting a suicide dive and a diving senton once she rolls him back into the ring for a near fall.

Joey hits a pump handle fall away slam and reclines on the ropes before hitting a spine buster for a near fall. Tessa hits a tornado DDT into a huricanrrana for a near fall before Joey hits a German suplex and Tessa gets a near fall off of a back slide. Joey then sets Tessa on the top rope before Tessa hits an MX she calls the Magnum for the pin and the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard defeats Joey Ryan via pinfall with the Magnum.

X-Division Championship Match

Rich Swann (c) vs Flamita

Rich sends Flamita out of the ring and hits a suicide dive before rolling Flamita back into the ring and hitting a PK for a quick two count before he goes for a toe hold, but Flamita gets to the ropes for the break almost immediately. Rich chops Flamita in the corner and rocks him with a right hand before Flamita comes back with a 619 into a missile dropkick and a flipping senton over the top rope. Flamita rolls Rich back into the ring and hits a lumbar check for a two count before Rich drops him with a flurry of kicks for a two count. Flamita hits a Spanish fly for a near fall before hitting a Tiger driver into a 450 for another near fall, the two shoving each other before exchanging forearms. They then chop each other before Rich hits a Lethal injection for a near fall before hitting an enzuigiri into a frankensteiner and a phoenix splash for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rich Swann retains his X-Division Championship when he defeats Flamita via pinfall with a phoenix splash.

Monster's Ball Match

Jimmy Havoc vs Sami Callihan

They go toe to toe and mock each other before Jimmy hits a huricanrrana that sends Sami out of the ring before hitting Sami with a staple gun. Jimmy chases Sami around ringside and staples him several times including the groin before Sami breaks the gun and hits Jimmy with the ring bell. Sami tosses a trash can and chairs into the ring before he chokes Jimmy with a chain and sends him her first into the ring post. Sami misses a chop and hits the ring post before Jimmy pokes him in the eye and hits him with a garbage can lid. Jimmy pokes Sami in the eyes once more before Sami throws a chair at his face and Jimmy locks in a groin claw. Sami gouges the eyes of Jimmy and hits a piledriver onto the apron before grabbing a baseball bat and tossing more things into the ring. Sami drops Jimmy with a boot and staples his forehead before stapling newspapers to him.

Sami low blows Jimmy and spits on him before hitting him with a frying pan and squeezes lemon juice into his open wounds before putting a garbage can over him and hitting it with a chair. Jimmy turns into a human battering ram for a near fall and gives Sami paper cuts before pouring salt in his wounds. Jimmy bites the toes of Sami and hits a DVD onto the garbage can for a near fall before Sami hits a piledriver onto Legos for a surprising one count. Jimmy then defiantly flips off Sami before Sami hits him with a baseball bat and hits a piledriver onto a chair for the pin and the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan defeats Jimmy Havoc via pinfall with a piledriver onto a chair.

Extreme Rules Match

RVD & Sabu vs Lucha Bros

All four men square off in the center of the ring and exchange poses until a superkick party ensues and the Lucha Bros superkick Sabu and RVD out of the ring. Sabu and RVD drag Penta and Fenix out of the ring before they get back in and RVD hits a monkey flip for a two count. The Lucha Bros come back with a double superkick to Sabu and Penta slams Fenix onto RVD doe a two count that Sabu breaks up. RVD and Sabu put a table in the ring and set both Penta and Fenix on top of it before they hit dueling diving moves through the table for a near fall. The Bros then take out RVD with a their before hitting Sabu with the Fear Factor for the pin and the win.

Winner: Lucha Bros defeat RVD and Sabu via pinfall when they pin Sabu with the Fear Factor.

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