Lucha Underground Results (10/31): Ultima Lucha Cuatro Begins

Happy Halloween and welcome to Fightful’s coverage of the first part of Ultima Lucha Cuatro, the season four finale of Lucha Underground.   

The Reptile Tribe (Daga, Jeremiah Snake and Kobra Moon) (c) vs. The Rabbit Tribe (White Rabbit, El Bunny and Paul London) vs. XO Lishus, Ivelisse and Sammy Guevara: Three-way Elimination Match for the Lucha Underground Trios Championship

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White Rabbit starts the match with a big boot on Jeremiah Snake and takes down the rest of Reptile Tribe. White Rabbit hits a Saito suplex on XO Lishus, puts on a white glove and then gets superkicked by five of his opponents. The Reptile Tribe then take out everyone and sends them out of the ring. Snake throws Kobra Moon to White Rabbit, but White Rabbit is simply shrugs off Moon. Snake hits a tope to White Rabbit and El Bunny hits a headscissors to Daga.

XO Lishus goes for a suicide dive with help from Ivelisse, followed by a tope con hilo by Guevara and then Ivelisse hits a senton to the outside to everyone. Everyone starts brawling outside of the ring. Guevara throws Kobra Moon around and then goes to the second level, followed by a Spanish Fly to everyone. White Rabbit starts hitting a mandible claw to Guevara and then throws him to the ring. Paul London kicks Guevara in the chest. Paul London and El Bunny get tangled up and Guevara pins London to eliminate the Rabbit Tribe.

Rabbit Tribe is eliminated

White Rabbit hits Down the Rabbit Hole to Guevara and Guevara is bleeding profusely from his mouth. XO and Ivelisse come to Guevara’s aid as we go to a commercial break. Ivelisse and XO Lishus are now attacking the Reptile Tribe, but are then overwhelmed by the numbers game since Guevara is effectively out of the match. XO Lishus then hits a cutter on Snake and goes for the pin, but Daga and Moon break the pin.

Ivelisse hits a crossbody from the top rope to Daga and Moon. Moon then quickly throws Ivelisse out of the ring. XO Lishus gets back up and starts brawling the whole Reptile Tribe. The Reptile Tribe superkick XO Lishus and Daga then goes for a cross armbreaker. Ivelisse’s attempt at a save gets interrupted by Snake and XO Lishus eventually submits. The Reptile Tribe retain the titles.

Official Result: The Reptile Tribe (Daga, Jeremiah Snake and Kobra Moon) defeat The Rabbit Tribe (White Rabbit, El Bunny and Paul London) and XO Lishus, Ivelisse and Sammy Guevara to retain the Lucha Underground Trios Championship

Taya Mundo vs. Ricky Mundo

Taya takes down Ricky and starts beating on him. Taya hits a suplex on Ricky. Taya hits a Meteora on Ricky in the corner. Ricky dodges a clothesline from Taya and hits a superkick. Ricky throws Taya out of the ring and then takes out a table. Ricky then knees Taya’s stomach and throws her to the announce table. Ricky tries to stab Taya with a pen, but Taya takes down Ricky. Both wrestlers are in the ring and Taya is suplexing Ricky around. Taya trips Ricky and curb stomps Ricky. Taya goes for a step-over crossface to Ricky and Ricky taps.

Official Result: Taya Mundo defeats Ricky Mundo

Taya then slams Ricky from the ring apron through the table Ricky set up in the match

Son of Havoc vs. Killshot: Mask vs. Mask match

Both men start trading shots, but then Killshot is on the ring apron and Havoc clotheslines Killshot. Havoc hits a tope to the outside to Killshot, but Killshot quickly sends Havoc to a bench and begins to hits several chops across the chest. Killshot and Havoc get back in the ring and Killshot hits a double underhook slam. Havoc goes for a cutter, but Killshot counters by hitting a high knee strike. Killshot hits the Kill Stomp but does not go for the pin.

Instead, Killshot goes outside to bring out a gurney while Havoc is writhing around in the ring. Killshot then dismantles the bottom turnbuckle to bring the gurney into the ring. Havoc gets up and hits a backbreaker on Killshot. Havoc Irish Whips Killshot to the wall outside of the ring. Havoc brings out a table and sets it near Killshot. The two wrestlers slam their heads to the wall. Killshot places Havoc on top of the table and climbs up the wall, but Havoc gets up and hits clubbing shots to the back of Killshot.

Havoc lands a kick on Killshot’s head and Killshot is on the table. Havoc goes to the second level of the Temple and drops to the table, putting him and his opponent through the table. Both men are in the ring and Havoc goes for the pin, but Killshot kicks out at two. Havoc and Killshot go to the top rope, Havoc picks up Killshot and hits a Death Valley Driver. Havoc goes back to the top rope and lands a Shooting Star Press, but Killshot kicks out at two.

Havoc places Killshot onto the gurney and goes to the top rope. Killshot gets up and lands an enziguiri to Havoc. Killshot then hits a superplex to Havoc and Havoc lands on the gurney. Killshot hits a double stomp to Havoc and slams Havoc, but Havoc kicks out at two when Killshot goes for the pin. The two wrestlers then exchanges punches and kicks to each other. Havoc dodges a clothesline and hits a cutter. Havoc hits a piledriver to Killshot on the gurney and then Havoc straps Killshot to the gurney. Havoc hits another Shooting Star Press on Killshot and picks up the victory.

Official Result: Son Of Havoc defeats Killshot

Killshot takes the mic and reveals his identity, Lieutenant Jermaine Strickland and the reason why he wears a mask which is to erase his shame at leaving his brothers for dead. Killshot takes off his mask, drops to his knees and hands his mask to Havoc. The show ends as Killshot walks out of the ring as the audience chants “Thank you Killshot!”

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