Match Ratings For 11/9/20 WWE Raw From Sean Ross Sapp

Miz TV

  • Miz and Morrison come out.
  • Randy Orton ETHERS John Morrison. He says he took his ball, went home and wrestled in the minor leagues.
  • Orton says the Miz can only win the title with the briefcase.
  • He's paranoid and livid and thinks Miz set up the match to take advantage of him. Miz and Morrison say they're aiming for a tag title shot.
  • New Day comes out. They troll Randy Orton, Miz and Morrison, and Orton immediately RKOs Kofi.
  • Drew McIntyre makes the save and the heels all team up to do an RKO to Drew McIntyre, then all leave together.
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Survivor Series Qualifier
Riddle defeated Elias and Jeff Hardy

  • This triple threat is sloppy, but it ate up some time and it really needed to.
  • I'll take a match that isn't as smooth, but is longer, as long as it has stakes.
  • As reported on today, Matt Riddle is the last member of Team Raw.
  • Riddle wins on Elias with Bro Derek after Elias cracked Jeff Hardy with a knee.
  • I think the right person won, and they can keep doing the Elias vs. Jeff Hardy thing that they're surely gonna do anyway.
  • Styles says Riddle was the piece they're missing.
  • Sheamus is mad, and for some reason implies they selected Riddle. He just won a match!
  • WWE undermining BRAND SUPREMACY right out of the gate by having Sheamus flipping out about Riddle being on the team

WWE 24/7 Championship
R-Truth defeated Drew Gulak (c) to become champion
A bunch of other people become champion

  • Hurt Business is backstage, and Gulak pitches himself to them. They beat him up for having on a clip-on tie.
  • How worthless does it make that 24/7 Title look that none of the four guys who beat up Gulak wanted it?
  • R-Truth wins it.
  • There's a 7-way match later. Lucha House Party, Tucker, Erik, a bunch of people win the title, but Truth ends up with it.
  • I hated and didn't hate this. I laughed at the bit at first. It got real old.

Shayna Baszler (w/ Nia Jax) defeated Lana

  • I don't understand why WWE has people come out before a commercial, sit through a veteran's video clip, then play their music again, then show the recap video of why they're there. Three hours without a lot to fill it I guess.
  • Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke are on commentary.
  • Shayna destroys Lana and taps her out.
  • Mandy and Dana prevent Nia from putting Lana through the table.

Special Ref: AJ Styles
Riddle & Keith Lee defeated Sheamus & Braun Strowman

  • They have all the team out and they're arguing.
  • Riddle says they need sick code names.
  • Fireface, BroLee, Skipper, Mongoose and Dopey.
  • Styles says the way to bring them together is a tag team match.
  • None of the members of Team Raw were on the brand as far back as Summerslam.
  • Sheamus is mad because Styles didn't count the pin, and Styles keeps accidentally getting hit.
  • Jordan gets up in the ring. Why would it make any sense to cut to a commercial as a giant bodyguard we've never seen get physical comes into the ring? Just make it make sense.
  • This match is a bit of a mess until Sheamus hits a Brogue Kick.
  • Riddle scores the pin. Two big wins for him.
  • This wasn't bad. AJ Styles was great and this is a big night for Riddle.

WWE United States Championship
Bobby Lashley (c) (w/ MVP) defeated Titus O'Neil

  • Hurt Business are in the ring talking their trash.
  • Titus O'Neil comes out and isn't happy about what happened a couple of weeks ago. He wants Lashley to defend his title.
  • Not a lot of guys would have the guts to challenge a champion for a title shot, per Byron.
  • MVP says the match isn't taking place under the ring, and Titus gets mad.
  • Lashley wins pretty quickly.

Asuka defeated Nia Jax (w/ Team Raw)

  • Byron was scripted to say this is a WrestleMania Main Event caliber match. Lol.
  • Nia is upset that anyone would dare think they run Raw BESIDES HER!
  • This goes through a commercial with some chaining.
  • Back from the commercial, Asuka gets powerbombed but turns things into an armbar.
  • Asuka takes out Team Raw, then Shayna attacks her.
  • It all breaks down.
  • Raw sucks, man.
  • First time in a long time I haven't laughed at Lana going through the table.

Ali (w/ Retribution) defeated Ricochet

  • Ali applauds Ricochet for not joining Hurt Business. Mia Yim cuts a promo, but none of the words this group says matters.
  • Nothing like a rest hold a couple of minutes into an Ali/Ricochet match. I dunno if a chinlock a few minutes into this match is a really great display of what these two can do in the ring
  • WWE Raw is a special kind of terrible to eliminate my excitement for this match.
  • Ricochet's head scissors off the apron was good.
  • WWE misses a distraction neckbreaker at the break.
  • Ali and Ricochet are turning it up. They're saving this show.
  • A great Tornado DDT counter into a brain buster.
  • Ali's avalanche backstabber made me YELL.
  • Ricochet does an insane tornillo onto Retribution.
  • Ali gets the win with his submission. That match RULED.
  • That was Retribution's first WWE win.
  • WWE Raw should have a lot more like Ali & Ricochet. Give me something I've never seen before. Something that excites me. If you're running it back next week, add stakes. Give me a reason to be MORE invested than I was this week, which was them making me care themselves.

Other Stuff

  • Nikki Cross tries to talk some sense into Alexa Bliss, and gives her an ultimatum. Bliss joyously says she picks Bray Wyatt.

Drew McIntyre & New Day defeated Morrison, Miz & Randy Orton

  • Sheamus is mad about Drew not joining team Raw, and mad about Drew teaming with New Day. Drew lightens him up. Mercy The Buzzard is in the background.
  • Adam Pearce tells Orton that he's defending the title next week against Drew. Orton is not happy. A WWE Title match on WWE Raw is much needed.
  • New Day do in-stereo dives.
  • Drew McIntyre gets the hot tag and beats the tar out of Miz & Morrison.
  • Orton watches on, then walks out.
  • New Day helps out, but McIntyre takes out Miz & Morrison himself.
  • I do not like the countdown to the Claymore, and absolutely none of that audio is real.
  • Faces win.

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