Match Ratings For 12/14/2020 WWE Raw From Sean Ross Sapp

AJ Styles (w/ Omos) defeated Sheamus

There's a Miz TV that AJ Styles comes out for, and Styles isn't keen on the story Miz is telling ending with Miz being WWE Champion.

Lee Moriarty Signs With All Elite Wrestling

There was an explanation of WWE siding with Sheamus and Drew McIntyre and not punishing them for putting Pat Buck through a table because he shouldn't have got involved. Since when? Agents have broken up fights for decades.

Omos saves AJ Styles at one point, but other than that, this is straightforward and really good. Hard hitting, with the occasional integration of Omos. Sheamus might be having the best in-ring singles stretch of his career. He's been able to pull off really good matches all throughout his decade-plus, though. Now they have to give him wins if they want him anywhere near the title for Rumble. Not just a top contender match. Have him win some matches after this. He's got zero pinfall wins in his last seven Raw matches. His Survivor Series win was a literal sacrifice.

Sheamus gets caught up in the ropes and his leg is taken out, leading to to a Styles win. Styles ties Sheamus upside down in the ropes and beats him with a chair. Loved just about everything AJ Styles vs. Sheamus. Especially the post match.

The Hurt Business (w/ MVP) defeated Jeff Hardy and New Day (w/ Riddle)

Matt Riddle offers to corner New Day & Jeff Hardy after "The Butthurt Business" as Kofi calls them pour milk on a Riddle fan. This is your standard WWE stakeless time killer match that is very good in the ring, but doesn't mean much of anything since one team already has a title shot this weekend.

Hardy is on the apron for the first 90 percent of the match before getting the hot tag. The highlight of the match was Lashley just yanking Kofi over the top rope from the apron. We get our second straight "yanked off the top rope" finish of the show, and Hurt Business win. Cedric is being loud after the win again, even though Lashley got the finish.

Asuka defeated Nia Jax

Asuka gives Lana a pep talk before the match. It apparently works, as she wins quickly with a huracanrana and a pin out of the corner. That's literally half the show booked with that finish. Lana gets Nancy Kerrigan'd by Shayna Baslzer and Nia. She sells it really well. Asuka tries to make the save but is too late.


Elias introduces Jaxson Ryker, who beats up a bunch of minorities who are chasing R-Truth around for the 24/7 Title. Yep. That was the segment.

Miz & Morrison defeated Keith Lee
I Was On The Commode

Nothing ever happens on this show. Keith Lee gets beaten clean by Miz and Morrison. That's how you establish stars! If you are one of those dummies that think that the only other option was an "established team losing," cut it out. They didn't have to book this.

Firefly Field Trip

There's a really lame Firefly Funhouse field trip where Wyatt tells jokes and Orton pulls an "UP HERE" and gets Wyatt to come find him. Riddle pitches Wyatt BRONOUNS for the Firefly Funhouse. Riddle pitching business ideas is consistently funny, and Riddle's pet rabbit has a storyline in WWE, I think. R-Truth is backstage talking to the pig.

Wyatt gets attacked by Randy Orton, who puts him in a box and SETS HIM ON FIRE. The Fiend emerges and does the Mandible Claw on Orton.

Mace (w/ Retribution) defeated Ricochet

Mace has a hell of a wheel kick. Ali talks about how he wants Ricochet in Retribution, and mentions Samoa Joe sitting in Mace's chair. Mace went to the PC and learned the ol ALBERT BOMB, clearly. Distractions didn't work for Mace, but he wins. Mace used Victoria's Spider's Web spinning fireman's carry slam.

Dana Brooke defeated Shayna Baszler (w/ Nia Jax) via DQ
N/A (Short)

Dana gets the upper hand, Nia causes a DQ. NOTHING ON THIS SHOW MATTERS. Mandy Rose makes the save and gets beaten up, and then Asuka makes the save. They even minimize returns. This is a terribly booked program.

Riddle defeated MVP

Matt Riddle beats MVP with a Floating Bro really quickly. Riddle gets run off with his Bronutts by Lashley.

TLC promo

AJ Styles points out Drew has never been in a TLC match, Drew says he thrives under pressure and this is a dream match. That's about it until some oddly placed music hits and Styles implies it'smore of a handicap match at TLC. Miz and Morrison attack, but all three guys get beaten up. Styles gets the upper hand again and puts Drew McIntyre through a table and grabs the title. This should be a great match.

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