Match Ratings For NXT Takeover Portland From Sean Ross Sapp

NXT North American Championship
Keith Lee (c) defeated DIJAK (I'm not spelling that shit)

  • Great chemistry, such is life with these two.
  • NXT have the most stocked big-man roster as far as in-ring talent goes, maybe ever.
  • They go for insane spot after insane spot. A Super Spinning Samoan Drop hits for DIJAK.
  • DIJAK does an insane springboard somersault senton to the outside onto Lee on an office chair.
  • Lee and DIJAK both flip out of chokeslams, DIJAK better than Lee.
  • Did Dijak just do a Spiral Tap?!?!?!
  • DIJAK rolls through one powerbomb, nearfall on another. Lee's facial expressions were amazing.
  • Dijak can't lift Lee, but Lee wins with his fireman's carry jackhammer, The Ground Zero.
  • This is almost impossible to follow.
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Street Fight
Dakota Kai defeated Tegan Nox

  • Dakota Kai attacks from behind, and I like her new look.
  • The crowd aren't letting the last match control them and take them out of this one, which is good.
  • Dakota is finding the next gear as a character and wrestler that I think she's needed. Her Chiropractor hits.
  • The level of excitement Beth Phoenix called the Molly Go Round with was great
  • Both Dakota Kai and Tegan Nox look like stars right now. I could have done without the generic Van Daminator though.
  • If there's one wrestling trope I want to end, it's the heel grabbing a babyface by the hair and screaming at them. At least as often as it's done.
  • Nox cracked a LAPTOP over Dakota Kai's knee. Sweet. Shiniest Wizard follows.
  • Reina (Now Raquel) Gonzalez attacks Nox and chokeslams her off the top rope onto a table that doesn't break. INSANE. Kai wins.

Finn Balor defeated Johnny Gargano

  • This is very much a "slow down the pace" match, and it's working.
  • Finn Balor works over Johnny Gargano for a solid ten minutes. This isn't a Finn Balor we've seen in WWE before. It's much needed. It's a slow pace that doesn't bore you to death.
  • Gargano keeps getting hope spots, particularly a somersault senton off the apron.
  • There was a great story to this match of them mirroring each other. Similar dropkicks, kicks at the same time on the apron.
  • Gargano gets dropkicked off the table into the barricade.
  • Coup De Grace and 1916 get the win. I think Balor is better than at any time during his WWE run.

NXT Women's Championship
Rhea Ripley (c) defeated Bianca Belair

  • Belair and Ripley aren't on the same page at some early parts of this match.
  • Ripley has Solefood applied, but Bianca counters into a spinebuster.
  • Bianca whips Ripley with her hair, and Ripley sells it perfect. A press slam follows. Amazing.
  • Both women have their finishers countered. Sparta Kick from Ripley, spear for Belair.
  • Ripley is back body dropped over the top rope and in insane fashion. Bianca does a tope con hillo. Insanity.
  • Counter and counter, until Ripley plants Bianca Belair out of the corner with a Riptide. This was another good one.
  • Charlotte Flair attacks Rhea Ripley. Charlotte tells Ripley she'll see her at WrestleMania.
  • If Bianca Belair isn't involved in the Charlotte/Rhea Ripley match, I think it's time for her to head to Raw.
  • Charlotte attacks her too.

NXT Tag Team Championship
The Broserweights defeated Undisputed Era (c) to become champions

  • The Broserweights are out in the Broserweightmobile and their Bobby Fish Fry shirts. There's a Big Mouth Bobby Bass on the video screens.
  • This pisses off UE and we get into LIMB WORK.
  • Limb work gives way to crisp striking. This gives way to unbelievably smooth counters and submission.
  • An O'Reilly Sharpshooter gets broken up by Riddle WITH FISH ON HIS BACK, then a Bam Bam Slam.
  • Northern Lights superplex into a King Kong Knee Drop, into a heel hook on Riddle from UE. Dunne stomps on Kyle's hand during this. 
  • Dunne kicks out of Chasing the Dragon, and the Broserweights win with their finish!


NXT Championship
Adam Cole (c) defeated Tommaso Ciampa

  • Another match with a slow pace, but the crowd is there for it.
  • Things pick up when Ciampa hits a knee into the barricade. Things get CRAZY when Ciampa gets wheelbarrow suplexed into the announce table. 
  • Panama Sunrise countered with a Ciampa flying knee. Ciampa does a sick flying Air Raid Crash
  • Ciampa ends up powerbombing Cole on the announce table twice, with the second breaking the table.
  • Project Ciampa and a big knee hit, then an Air Raid Crash on the apron a little later. 
  • A huge DDT and Fairy Tale Ending don't get the job done. Adam Cole kicks out. 
  • Ciampa applies a crossface, but Cole gets to the ropes. 
  • Roderick Strong runs in. Fish and O'Reilly hit the high low on Ciampa, but he kicks out and dives onto the pile. 
  • Ciampa kicks Cole in the balls after a ref distraction.
  • Gargano comes out and grabs Goldie....and hits Ciampa with it!
  • Cole wins!


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