Match Ratings For WWE Backlash 2020 From Sean Ross Sapp

WWE United States Championship
Apollo Crews (c) defeated Andrade (w/ Zelina & Angel Garza)

  • Kevin Owens joins commentary and has a tie on. He actually starts calling the match.
  • "He's no Angel! He actually acts the complete opposite!"- Kevin Owens on Angel Garza.
  • Andrade gets slammed into the diamond plates.
  • Apollo avoiding the Del Rio Stomp leads me to believe he should be #1 in this year's PWI 500.
  • Apollo does the corner belly-to-belly, which looks great.
  • Andrade busts out a great slingshot DDT.
  • Owens beats up Garza as he tried to interfere.
  • Apollo counters the Hammerlock DDT with the Toss powerbomb for the win.
  • I guess you could say the Catering Crew ate tonight heehehehehehhehee.
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WWE Women's Tag Team Titles
Boss N' Hug Connection (c) defeated Bliss Cross Applesauce and The IIconics

  • Bayley Dos Straps! This was one of my most anticipated matches of the night.
  • Sasha Banks and Peyton Royce work really well together.
  • This is very fast paced, and they're pulling it off really well.
  • The spots here all go together great. Boss N' Hug do an elevated knee to Billie.
  • Alexa takes over, and punches Billie in the face.
  • This is what we've all known the women's tag team division could bring us.
  • Peyton does a suicide dive onto two opponents on the apron, onto the pile outside!!
  • IIconics hit an elevated bicycle knee, then their finish. Bliss Cross Applesauce hit their finish on Peyton.
  • Alexa does Twisted Bliss, but Sasha Banks pins Bliss out of it.
  • This was INCREDIBLE. IIconics have worked so hard to get better.

Sheamus defeated Jeff Hardy

  • This feud fucking sucks, man. The delivery in these promos is so bad, and a lot of what has been wrong with WWE promos for a long time.
  • At least they're knocking the living shit out of each other.
  • Sheamus slams Jeff's knee into the turnbuckle, and later does a Gunnslinger that slams Hardy's face into the ground.
  • A Whisper In The Wind hits on Sheamus, and it's a really good one.
  • Sheamus knocks Jeff off the top rope for a Swanton and hits White Noise.
  • The audience is chanting "urine trouble."
  • Texas Cloverleaf applied by Sheamus.
  • There was a great Brogue Kick that caught Jeff Hardy off the railing.
  • Hardy gets Sheamus with Twist of Fate and a Swanton after Sheamus gets posted.
  • Sheamus' foot gets on the ropes and Brogue Kicks Jeff for the win.
  • Sheamus vs. Jeff Hardy definitely overdelivered based on the build.

WWE Raw Women's Championship
Asuka (c) and Nia Jax go to a double countout

  • Asuka locks up an Octopus very early on.
  • This is Asuka running and flying around, and Nia Jax serving as a base and a cutoff.
  • Asuka gets mad when Nia mentions Kairi and beats her ass.
  • Asuka's head bounces off the ground on a Jackhammer, and gets powerbombed.
  • Head kicks a plenty, but the two brawl outside.
  • Asuka doesn't make it back in and there's a double countout.
  • Asuka wrecks Nia's face with her ass after the match.

WWE Universal Championship
Braun Strowman (c) defeated Miz & Morrison

  • Miz and Morrison find out backstage that only one of them can be champion -- the person who makes the pin.
  • They premiere their Van Halen "Jump" knockoff video for "Hey Hey Ho Ho." That should be their theme.
  • Miz and especially Morrison fly all over the place. This emulates the last match, but with more ingredients.
  • Morrison does a great dive outside, and there's a double team Skull Crushing Finale.
  • Braun wins by chokeslamming Miz, and catching Morrison with a punch before a running powerslam.
  • Solid match.

WWE Championship
Drew McIntyre (c) defeated Bobby Lashley (w/ MVP)

  • Lana tells MVP this match is important and she should be out there. MVP says it's Lashley's call, not his. She watches on backstage.
  • Lashley attacks Drew with a Full Nelson before the jacket is even off. Refs have to pull them apart.
  • Oh my god. That was almost really scary for Drew McIntyre. He about got spiked on his head.
  • Drew throws Lashley into the plexiglass, and suplexes him into the barricade.
  • Drew kicks out at one after a great spinebuster and flatliner.
  • There are some great counters. A superplex hits for Lashley.
  • Drew counters a spear with a double wristlock.
  • Lana distracts Lashley and Drew hits a Claymore. This was a really good match.

Street Profits vs. Viking Raiders

  • Street Profits and Viking Raiders tearing up Braun's car is the BEST skit they've done so far.
  • They brawl into the backstage. There are cinematic elements to this.
  • Viking Raiders have a bowling ball among their weapons. The Street Profits wanna fight like MEN.
  • Street Profits use a recycled Chappelle joke.
  • Ivar bowls a ball into Montez's nutsack.
  • Angelo tackles Ivar through a glass window.
  • They're all not happy.
  • Akira Tozawa.................shows up with ninjas and he's wearing a gi. Yep. Bruce is in charge of Raw.
  • The Viking Profits take out everyone.
  • They throw ninjas through a damn car.
  • Jordan from NXT was one of the big ninjas.
  • The teams brawl on top of the semi and fall off into the trash.
  • Jessika Karr shows up and yells at them.
  • Some kind of trash monster chases them off. No match. This was fun.

Randy Orton defeated Edge

  • Okay, I almost teared up at the Howard Finkel introductions.
  • Charles Robinson is in the old ref gear
  • The crowd is up more for this one. Mainly because they piped in crowd noise.
  • Orton is beating Edge with elementary wrestling stuff. A trip on a drop down. This is great.
  • Edge catches Orton with a fake out boot outside the ring.
  • Edge does a clothesline to Edge off the top rope to the apron.
  • Edge applies a crossface.
  • Edge applies the Antivenom, but Orton used a modified neckbreaker instead of his backbreaker.
  • Randy Orton: "I'm gonna fucking kill you motherfucker."
  • Edge does the Three Amigos!
  • Orton does a superplex, with a special camera angle.
  • The canned audio is a weird choice.
  • Edgecution hits for a two count. A flying cross body gets two.
  • Orton does an Angle Slam.
  • Edge counters a dropkick with a sitdown powerbomb. He later hits an Edge O Matic and an Unprettier. A nice ode to Christian.
  • Pedigree from Orton! A Rock Bottom from Edge!
  • They go into a pin series, and Randy Orton drills Edge with an RKO.
  • Orton kicks out of two spears.
  • Edge is caught flying off the ropes with an RKO, but kicks out.
  • Randy Orton PUNTS Edge and beats him after going low on the Antivenom.
  • This was legitimately awesome.
  • Randy Orton tells Edge to go home and be with his family. He tells Edge to tell uncle Randy he said hi.
  • Edge is resisting the stretcher as Orton looks on.

Rating Guide
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