Match Ratings For WWE Survivor Series 2020 From Sean Ross Sapp

WWE 24/7 Title

  • The GobbledyGooker pins R-Truth and wins the title!
  • Gobbledygooker will have a longer career than Undertaker in WWE. Ya love to see it.
  • Tozawa sneaks in and beats Gobbledygooker backstage, but Truth pins him.
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Battle Royal
The Miz Wins
Raw- 1 Smackdown- 0

  • Angel Garza getting his first post-draft work here.
  • No Big E in this.
  • Dominik eliminates John Morrison, Miz is in disbelief.
  • I just wanna say of course Apollo eliminates the Hurt Business. This feud will NEVER end.
  • Dominik is on a roll.
  • Hardy eliminates Elias, so that has to continue as well.
  • Miz, Dominik, Gable, Hardy are the last four in.
  • Miz rolled back in before Dominik kicked him out, so that will be the cheap win.
  • Gable busts out some awesome rolling belly to belly suplexes.
  • Dom tosses Gable, then THERE'S THE MIZ.

Survivor Series
Team Raw defeated Team Smackdown in a clean sweep
Raw- 2 Smackdown- 0

  • Rollins didn't even look at Riddle when he was in the corner, and tagged in when he got out.
  • Rollins drops to his knees. He lets Sheamus Brogue Kick him and gets pinned.
  • Yeah, I'm supposed to believe Lee and Otis are on the same plane
  • AJ Styles eliminated Kevin Owens. Oh. Okay.
  • Corbin does the End of Days and Deep Six, but gets pinned with a Floating Bro.
  • I got satisfaction out of Braun booting Otis. Not that I dislike Otis or anything, he's just booked like dog shit. Otis gets pinned after a powerslam.
  • Jey Uso is all alone and trades strikes with Riddle.
  • For some reason the entire Raw team was huddled together to strategize how to beat one guy.
  • Uso stops the Phenomenal Forearm with a superkick. Lee made a tag, but Uso didn't see it.
  • Lee catches Uso off the top rope and does a Spirit Bomb. Clean Sweep.
  • Keith Lee's blind tag and that finish were so good, so smooth.
  • After the match, both Jimmy and Jey Uso are outside Roman Reigns' locker room. Reigns doesn't want excuses, and didn't ask Jimmy to be there. Reigns won't let Jey leave. Reigns doesn't have time for losers, and Jey can't control his team because they don't respect him.

Street Profits defeated New Day
Raw- 2 Smackdown- 1

  • New Day is out with Big E, and in their Gears of War suits. Street Profits cut a senseless promo.
  • Kofi and Montez trade leap frogs.
  • Angelo Dawkins is trying out some new offense and it's really working for him.
  • Kofi's Boom Drop Trifecta was really fun.
  • Montez's ribs are cooked when he does a frog splash.
  • Montez steals the Trouble in Paradise from Kofi! Very good spot and counter.
  • Street Profits win with a powerbomb/blockbuster.
  • This match absolutely humped. The right pace, the right winners, a great series of spots and moves, psychology. TAG TEAM WRESTLING. WWE needs to treat it better.
  • The two teams embrace and show each other respect after the match.

Bobby Lashley (w/ The Hurt Business) defeated Sami Zayn
Raw- 3 Smackdown- 1

  • The whole Hurt Business is out with Lashley.
  • Sami Zayn is running all over the place. Lashley catches him and tosses him around.
  • Sami Zayn using a vertigo call-back was really fun.
  • Zayn tries go get one of the members of Hurt Business to DQ him, but they don't bite.
  • Zayn flopped to try to get DQ'd. That was hilarious
  • Finally, Zayn gets submitted with the Full Nelson.
  • This probably should have been a lot shorter.

Sasha Banks defeated Asuka
Raw- 3 Smackown- 2

  • Even though we've seen this match a bunch, I expect it to be great.
  • There are a whole lot of transitions and reversals into submissions that benefit Sasha.
  • Banks keeps trying to get to the Banks Statement but can't.
  • When Asuka goes to the striking game, she has more success.
  • There was almost a double countout. That sold me a ticket, and I thought that'd be an okay way to get around pinning one of these two.
  • Banks finally applies the Banks Statement, but Asuka is to the ropes and an Ankle Lock.
  • Great series of pin attempts, about a half dozen. After dodging a knee, Banks rolls up Asuka.
  • Fantastic match that heavily relied on reversals, transitions, submission work and pin attempts. That played to the strengths of both women. They could have a good match in their sleep.

Survivor Series Elimination Match
Team Raw defeated Team Smackdown, Lana is the sole survivor
Raw- 4 Smackdown - 2

  • Team Raw already writes off Lana.
  • Bayley writes off team Raw for not having fireworks.
  • She gets into the match and goes into her offense and does really well. Again, well within her depth.
  • Lacey Evans won't tag in. Nia makes Lana stand on the stairs.
  • Corey Graves with a "perfect 10" reference on Peyton Royce after a Tarantula.
  • Nia Jax is not very mobile in this match. It's something we don't really see a lot of in mainstream wrestling these days.
  • A superplex on Bayley to the pile, and then Peyton Royce pins Bayley with the Deja Vu!!! Wow!! That's big. Peyton Royce's offense was on fire. Well, until the single leg crab.
  • Natalya's submission doesn't work well either. She beats Peyton with a Sharpshooter, though. I probably would have given Peyton Royce more shine in that match if she's going to pin Bayley clean.
  • We're in rapid-elimination territory I guess. Natalya drops to a Women's Right from Lacey.
  • Lacey Evans with a ........Spanish Fly!??!
  • Riott Squad using double team offense is so refreshing during this match. Let Riott Squad be the modern day Jumping Bomb Angels, I beg of you.
  • Baszler chokes out Ruby Riott and pins her.
  • Lacey is the next out. Liv Morgan gets pinned with an absolutely hideous Samoan Drop. Nia Jax is not on the level.
  • Bianca Belair literally does backflips over Nia. Baszler comes in and applies the Kirafuda Clutch on Bianca, who gets to the ropes.
  • Baszler gets herself DQ'd to put Bianca out.
  • Belair sends Nia into the stairs, which was promptly no-sold.
  • Lana is the sole survivor when a double countout happens. That was the finish we all saw coming, and it was so anticlimactic.
  • A solid match with a logical conclusion that wasn't as exciting as it could have been.

Roman Reigns (w/ Paul Heyman) defeated Drew McIntyre
Raw- 4 Smackdown- 3

  • This match takes forever to get started, as they have a face-off.
  • It's a really slow, methodical pace. Reigns is working Drew over hard until McIntyre fires up with his comeback offense.
  • This is exactly the type of match that needs a crowd. The match is for absolutely nothing, but it's between two great characters and good wrestlers.
  • McIntyre hits his signature moves, and avoids a Reigns guillotine.
  • McIntyre catches Reigns with a double wristlock, Lesnar's old move. This was a great spot and callback.
  • What on EARTH was that camera work on the Samoan Drop? Buddy, that was the assest camera work ever. It didn't break the first time.
  • A Spear through the barricade only gets two, and commentary is great on this call.
  • McIntyre kicks out of ANOTHER spear. They built this match great from bell to bell.
  • A McIntyre Claymore hits, but a ref bump happens.
  • Low Blow, Uso superkick, Superman punch and then McIntyre is choked out. This was an outstanding heel finish, and this is from someone who loathes them usually.
  • Reigns is so perfect in this spot. Methodically deciding how he'll react to Jey Uso before he accepts what happened.
  • Miz didn't cash in, and a lot of people are confused why. I'm not sure what about Roman Reigns the last few months indicates to people that Miz would even want to risk walking by him. The Reigns character seems like the kind to screw that up for the Miz for stepping on his shine.

The Undertaker's Final Farewell

  • The Godwinns, Jeff Hardy, Shane McMahon, Savio Vega, Godfather, Big Show, Rikishi, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, Ric Flair, Triple H, Kane
  • Mideon looks younger now than 20 years ago.
  • "Fine, I'll wear the mask, but I'm not using the one that covers my mouth and nose like all these SHEEP" -- Kane.
  • We see an amazing video package set to Metallica.
  • Undertaker's best in-ring work came in his mid-40s, by far. Crazy to think with all he did before that.
  • Vince McMahon is in the ring. He bids farewell to Undertaker.
  • For some reason, some shitty version of his theme plays.
  • There were legit 27 minutes of entrances there.
  • They have a Paul Bearer HOLOGRAM.
  • The Undertaker simply calls it a career and walks out.

Rating Guide
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