Ring of Honor Wrestling Death Before Dishonor Results: New Champion, NJPW Stars

Welcome to the Fightful.com live coverage for Ring of Honor Wrestling's annual Pay Per VIew Death Before Dishonor 2016! I'm Ryan Cook and I'll be taking you through all of the action tonight as Jay Lethal is set to defend his ROH World Title against Adam Cole, Bobby Fish defends his ROH TV title against Mark Briscoe and IWGP Heavyweight champion Kazuchika Okada is facing off against Dalton Castle and Katsuyori Shibata makes his ROH debut against Silas Young! We also have a triple threat tag match for the ROH Tag Team titles as The Addiction defend against Michael Elgin & Hiroshi Tanahashi and the always dangerous Los Ingobernables de Japon! Be sure to come back here tonight at 9PM EST for a night of unforgettable matches!

-We open with a very well put together video package for the show with Nigel narrating. They then plug the ROH World title match tonight then the tag belt triple threat match and finally the TV title.

Kamaitachi vs Jay White vs Donovan Dijak vs Lio Rush Four Corner Death Match

Kamaitachi and Dijak start it off, well actually they get out and attack White and Rush on the outside then toss them back in. Rush dives out and takes out both Dijak and Kamaitachi then shos great athleticism, until White tosses Rush out. Kamaitachi and White are in the ring as Dijak manhandles Rush on the outside. Rush tries to get back into the ring, but a big boot sends him crashing back to the floor. White takes out Dijak then Kamaitachi. White hits a brainbuster on Kamaitachi then gets hit with a tornado DDT by Rush who dives out of three sides of the ring, one after another and takes out all three of the other men. Rush is in control as all four men get back into the ring, but it doesn't last long as each man gets off some offense and goes for their own pins, each getting quick 2 counts. Kamaitachi plays to the crowd then hits the super senton off the top rope, almost missing White. Dijak lifts Rush up and tosses him out of the ring and onto the other three before tossing Rush back into the ring. Dijak goes for Feast Your Eyes, but it's countered. Rush gets turned inside out with a discus boot then hit with the Feast Your Eyes for the pin and the win. Great match by these guys, a lot of high impact, fast paced action.

Winner: Donovan DIjak via pinfall with Feast Your Eyes

Katsuyori Shibata vs Silas Young

They start the match off with a clean break after locking up, then some beautiful grappling before another clean break then a slap. Shibata goes for the penalty kick, but Silas ducks. Shibata goes to the outside then Silas dives out after him. Young is in control as Shibata gets back into the ring, keeping him grounded. Young applies a boston crab, but Shibata gets to the ropes. Shibata sits on the ground then Young starts kicking and hitting him, but he just eggs him on, telling him to give him more. Shibata lays into Young with a series of raised knee attacks then a series of forearms before a dropkick in the corner. Shibata hits a suplex for a quick 2 count then goes for the Octopus Stretch, but Silas gets to the ropes.Young tries to take Shibata down with a lariat, but he doesn't fall then Shibata goes for a big boot, but it's countered into a backbreaker for a quick 2 count. Shibata applies a rear naked choke, but Silas counters into the Right Combination for a very close 2 count. Young hit the Greenbay Plunge then a moonsault for a very close 2 count. Shibata applies another rear naked choke then Shibata hits the PK for the pin and the win. Great match and debut for Katsuyori Shibata.

Winner: Katsuyori Shibata via pinfall with the PK.

-After the match they shake hands then they plug Bullet Club vs Chaos.

Bullet Club (Yujiro Takahashi, Tama Tonga & Tonga Loa) vs CHAOS (Toru Yano & Roppongi Vice)

The match starts with Rocky and Loa, but he quickly gets out and tags in Baretta who gets dropped then tags in Yano who...Loa chases around the ring on all fours. Loa tags in Tonga then Yano tags in Romero who hits a series of clotheslines. Yujiro takes Rocky out on the outside then Loa takes out Baretta. Yujiro is in control of Baretta as Caprice is yelling at Nigel at ringside on commentary.. Yujiro tags in Loa who hits a running powerslam for a close 2 count. Loa tags in Yujiro who is in control until Rocky tags in Barettta who hits a crossbody then takes out the sons of Haku. Baretta hits a tornado DDT. Yujiro turns Baretta inside out with a lariat then Yano gets in and takes the buckle, but Yujiro stops him and gets a quick 2 count. Yano is trying his hardest to get the turnbuckle off, getting it off after using some sheers. Yano kicks out after a fishermans buster. Yano catapults Yujiro into the exposed turnbuckle then hits a low blow for the pin and the win.

Winner: Toru Yano via pinfall.

-After the match Hangman Page comes out, but Jay Briscoe scares him off.

Jay Briscoe vs Hangman Page Anything Goes Match

This match starts off instantly, they use chairs, hitting them at one another then Jay drops Page. Page then goes outside and Jay dives out onto him and over him and into the crowd, that was crazy. Jay then drops Page on the ramp then tosses him back into the ring, dropping him with a big boot. Jay grabs Adam's rope then puts the noose around his neck, but gets hit right in the face with a chair. Page then hangs Jay with the noose around his neck, hanging on the apron. Page then powerbombs Jay through a steel chair that's at ringside then ties his hands up with the rope. Page hits Jay with a chair then sets up a table at ringside, grabbing Jay and setting him up on the apron before picking him up, but Jay grabs the ropes and falls into the ring. Page brings another chair into the ring and tries to keep Jay grounded, but he's hit with a death valley driver out of no where onto a chair. Jay puts the chair around Page's head then hits a neckbreaker, that was unique. Briscoe sets the chair up in the corner then tosses Page into it and ties him up, tying him to the chair. Jay then spashes into Page three times then turns Page inside out with a lariat for a very close 2 count. Jay sets Page up on the table outside, but he gets off. Page slingshots himself over the rope then turns Jay inside out with a clothesline for a very close 2 count. Page goes for a standing shooting star press off the apron, but Jay counters in mid air. Jay goes for a Jay Driller through the table, but Page counters, hitting the Rite of Passage, cutting his leg wide open. Page rolls Jay into the ring, but somehow he kicks out. Page chokes Jay out then hits another Rite of Passage for the pin and the win. What a great match, that was easily four stars in my opinion.

Winner: Hangman Page via pinfall with the Rite of Passage

-Dalton Castle cuts a promo backstage, talking about how he loves New Japan, but he loves dropping people on their head so much more, before chewing up paper. He's something special.

Kazuchika Okada vs Dalton Castle

They exchange wrist locks, ending with a clean break. Castle shows off his grappling prowess, taking Okada down, but Okada gets up quickly, going for the RAINMAKER, but misses. The Boys start to fan off Okada, allowing Castle to go for a german, but it's countered. Okada goes to the top rope, but Castle meets him hitting a series of running knee strikes that sends Okada to the floor. Castle uses some unqiue collegiate style wrestling to keep Okada grounded, getting a quick 2 count off of it. Castle is focusing on the shoulder of Okada as they talk up the damage he suffered during the G1 tournament.. Okada finally starts to get going, hitting a flapjack then dropping Castle with a series of back elbows. Okada sets Castle up on the top rope then hits a dropkick that sends him out of the ring as The Boys fan off the Peacock. Castle recovers then takes out Okada, getting in the ring then diving back outside. Castle hits a series of t-bone suplexes then hits a deadlift german suplex for a very close 2 count. Okada hits the reverse neckbreaker then an elbow drop as he does the rainmaker pose with The Boys. Castle hits Bangarang out of no where, but Okada rolls out of the ring. Castle and Okada exchange boots then Okada hits his signature dropkick, going for the Rainmaker, but he's countered into an attempt at Bangarang which is countered into a tombstone, what a series of moves. Okada hits the RAINMAKER for the pin and the win. What a great match!

Winner: Kazuchika Okada via pinfall with the RAINMAKER

Bobby Fish vs Mark Briscoe ROH TV Title Match

Fish kicks Mark a few times then takes him down, the two rolling around until Fish gets to the ropes and the referee breaks them up. Fish applies an ankle lock then switches to a headlock, going for a rolling armbar then transitioning into a toe hold, great submissions by the former member of reDragon. They exchange forearms then Fish ducks out of the ring, Mark chasing him as they get back into the ring. Fish hits a series of kicks then knees, but Mark counters with redneck kung fu, tossing Fish out of the ring. After some dodging Mark hits a blockbuster off the apron. Fish leaves the ring every time Mark gets some offense, but Mark goes out after him, hitting a running elbow drop off the apron onto the grounded Fish. Mark tosses Fish back into the ring and knocks him down with a clothesline. Mark hits a brainbuster, but falls down immediately after, holding his back. Fish gets up and hits a dragon screw leg whip then hits a series of kicks, dropping Mark to the mat. Bobby sends Mark into the corner and drops him in the corner with a series of forearms and kicks, getting a quick 2 count off a suplex. Fish goes for another pin off of a floating senton for a quick 2 count,. Mark goes for Froggy Bow, but it's countered then Fish goes for the Fish Hook, but Mark gets to the ropes. Mark hits Froggy Bow, but somehow Bobby kicks out for a very close 2 count. Mark goes for a superplex, but Fish counters, hitting an exploders siplex into the turnbuckle then a falcon arrow for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bobby Fish via pinfall with a falcon arrow

Los Ingobernables de Japon (Tesuya Naito & EVIL) vs The Addiction vs Michael Elgin & Hiroshi Tanahashi

Naitos starts off with Tanahashi then Daniels tags himself in. Daniels tries to lockup with Naito, but he keeps dodging him, Daniels backing Naito into a corner and dropping him with punches and kicks. Naito sends Daniels outside then does his pose, Daniels going for an elbow drop, but Naito dodges then tags in EVIL. EVIL hits a senton for a quick 2 count then Elgin tags himself in, Daniels tagging in Kazarian. Elgin tags in Tanahashi then Kazarian takes out Daniels by accident for the second time. Tanahashi gets a quick 2 count off of a couple of elbow drops then Kazarian hits a backstabber, tagging in Daniels after taking out Elgin and EVIL. Daniels gets a quick 2 count after the Addiction do some double team moves. Naito gets tagged in then does his signature leg trip dropkick in the corner then plays to the crowd before tagging in EVIL. EVIL and Naito double team Tanahashi for a quick 2 count then Daniels tags himself in, but Los and The Addiction exchange right hands with Los sending Addiction outside. Tanahashi takes out both members of Los then tags in Elgin who takes out Kazarian then Daniels. Elgin hits a ridiculous double german suplex, then takes out both members of Los with a fall away slam. Daniels takes out EVIL on the outside then The Addiction go for Celebrity Rehab, but it's countered then everyone except Elgin fight on the outside until he dives over the top rope and takes them all out. EVIl tags himself in then Los nearly get the win, Naito and EVIL taking out The Addiction then tries to take out Tanahashi, but he hits a spinning neckbreaker. Elgin and Tanahashi hit a series of unique tag moves including a catapult. Tanahashi goes for the High Fly Flow, but Kamaitachi distracts then EVIL hits a sitout powerbomb for a very close 2 count. EVIL goes for EVIL then Tana hits a slingblade. Daniels tags himself in, Tanahashi hits the High Fly Flow then rolls up both men for the pin and the win.

Winner: Christopher Daniels via pinfall

Jay Lethal vs Adam Cole ROH World Title Match

The match starts and they just stand toe to toe, exchanging words then Cole takes out Lethal's hair he had cut, the two immediately exchanging right hands, Lethal finishing it up with a cartwheel then a slap. Lethal then mounts and hits Cole with a series of right hands then chops into each corner. Lethal sends Cole to the outside then hits a baseball slide, going out after Cole and hitting him with measured right hands. Cole gets the upper hand until Lethal hits a dropkick to his back, both Cole and Lethal rolling back into the ring and back out to stop the count. Lethal hits another dropkick to the back of Cole, checking under the ring every once in a while then grabbing a table. Lethal hits a cutter then sets Cole up on the table, going to the top rope then crashes and burns onto the outside through the table as Cole moved out of the way at the last second. Cole sends Lethal into the ring post then rolls him back into the ring. Lethal hits a leg lariat off the top rope. Lethal then dives out of the ring and takes out Cole five times in a row, going for a sixth, but Cole finally dodges him. They then exchange forearms in the ring, playing to the crowd, Cole hitting a shining wizard for a close 2 count. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection then Cole hits The Last Shot, but Lethal gets his leg on the rope for a very close 2 count. Cole goes for a figure four, but Lethal counters with an inside cradle for a quick 2 count then Lethal goes for his own, but Cole kicks him off and Cole counters with a standing guillotine choke. Lethal counters brilliantly with a Lethal Combination and goes a close 2 count, both men exhausted. Lethal hits a triple german suplex, going to the top rope and hitting Hail to the King for a very close 2 count. Lethal and Cole exchange superkicks, both men collapsing with Cole getting to his feet first. Lethal hits a cutter out of no where then goes for a Lethal Injection that's countered into a superkick. Cole hits a destroyer then The Last Shot , but somehow Lethal gets a shoulder up. Cole trash talks Jay then spits in his face, Lethal hitting a superkick then a Lethal Injection for a very close 2 count; what a match. Cole gets a close 2 count and rolls Lethal up then hits two Last Shots for the pin and the win. What an amazing match these two just put on!

WInner: Adam Cole via pinfall with The Last Shot

-Kyle O'Reilly comes out after the match and lays Cole out as we go off the air

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