TNA IMPACT Wrestling (September 22nd) A Superstar Comes To The Impact Zone! Lashley & Mike Bennett VS MOOSE & EC3 & More!

Welcome to the live coverage for tonight's episode of TNA IMPACT Wrestling on POP! We are just one week away from the biggest event of the TNA year; Bound For Glory, and things are shaping up to be an unforgettable event! Tonight is going to be special because we will have a pay-per-view level main event as Lashley is set to take on MOOSE and a certain SUPERSTAR is set to make his TNA debut, so be sure to come back here at 8PM EST to find out who is about to take TNA by storm!

-We get a recap of last week's events and start off quick with one of the psuedo-mma matches

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Drew Gallloway vs Eddie Edwards

Round 1

They lock up immediately then have a clean break, exchanging wrist locks then exchanging chops and forearms until Drew hits a belly to back suplex for a quick 1 count. Eddie sends Drew to the outside then dives out of the ring only for Drew to catch him and hit a gut wrench suplex onto the apron. Drew tosses Eddie back into the ring and gets a 2 count then Eddie gets three quick 2 counts of his own. Drew hits a floatover suplex then a rolling one and finally a fallaway suplex for a quick 2 count as round 1 ends. I gave that round to Drew via 10-8, but the judges are crazy and two had it 10-9 for Drew and one had it 10-9 for Eddie somehow? 

Round 2

They start off quick and Eddie sets Drew on the top rope then hits a huricanrrana for a quick 2 count. Eddie goes to the top rope, but Drew meets him. Eddie counters and Drew gets hung up, but lifts himself up and throws Edwards onto the mat. Drew goes for the Claymore, but Eddie hits The Boston Knee Party. Drew rolls to the outside then Eddie dives out of the ring and takes out Drew as we are under 30 seconds. Eddie gets back in the ring then dives out to Drew again as the round ends. I definitely have it 10-9 for Eddie. The judges are split with one for Drew and two for Eddie.

Round 3

Drew hits Eddie with a series of chops then Drew counters the boston crab with the Iron Maiden, but Eddie reverses into a crossface, only for Drew to go for a tombstone. Eddie tries hard for a single-leg boston crab, but Drew gets out. They exchange chops as we get under a minute left in the round; I could see it going to decision, unless something happens all of a sudden. Thirty seconds left Drew hits a turnbuckle Razor's Edge then Drew hits Future Shock out of no where, but cannot get the pin. There is no finish and it will go to the judges as we go to commercial.

Winner: Drew Galloway via Split Decision 

-After the match Drew is interviewed and says he's the same and has always told the truth and did what he believed to be right. Drew says he was willing to do anything for TNA, but he saw it was rigged and the Grand Championship rules don't have a bias. EC3 comes out to the ring as Drew sits in a corner, visibly exhausted. EC3 sits across the ring from him and says that he thought he and Drew were cool and settled their issues, saying that the next time he mentions him to tread lightly. Drew says EC3 is being looked out for by the powers that be in Nashville. Drew says he'll be there to save the day after EC3 loses to Lashley; saying he'll give him a shot at the Grand Championship. Drew says in that environment he won't last two rounds with Drew. EC3 says he can beat him anywhere and in any match as Lashley comes out to the ring, only for Mike Bennett to attack him from behind. Lashley and Bennett beat on EC3 then Lashley turns him inside out with a spear. Moose comes out and tosses Lashley over the top rope then gets superkicked by Bennett and speared by Lashley.

-Next we get Allie and Maria backstage, talking about an open workout she's going to have tonight. We then get little clips of Aron Rex and Eli Drake talking about the Grand Championship tournament as we go to commercial.

-They recap what Lashley and Mike Bennett just did then they're backstage, Mike asking if they're besties now and Lashley saiys they're not and never to say that again and Lashley says he showed he can beat anyone. 

Eli Drake vs Aron Rex

-Eli gets on the mic and says that Rex hasn't gotten a proper introduction yet. Drake plays to the crowd and talks himself up and says that if Rex tries to match wits with him on the mic he'll lose as Rex starts to talk, but his mic messes up. Rex says he's going to give him a chance to take everyone he said back. Rex basicially insults Eli's insults and insults him by saying he's not worth insulting. Rex tells a very ridiculous story about Drake. We went five minutes without a match, but it'll start after commercials apparently.

Round 1

They start off evenly with a series of side headlock takeovers until Rex drops Drake then hits a knee drop for a quick 2 count. Rex hits a russian leg sweep then plays to the crowd as Drake goes to the outside. Rex goes after him and rolls him back into the ring for a quick 2 count. Rex hits a spinebuster then goes for a submission as the round ends. Nothing happened this round, but they judges give it to Rex; unanimous 10-9.

Round 2

 Rex tries to be aggressive, but Eli capitalizes on his recklessness and hits a series of elbows for a quick 2 count. Drake chokes Rex in the ropes then hits a leg drop for a quick 2 count. Drake hits a neckbreaker and gets a quick 2 count as Rex grabs the rope to break up the pin. Drake goes for a suplex, but Rex gets an inside cradle for a quick 2 then Drake hits a floatover DDT for a 2 count of his own; they're picking up the pace in round 2 finally. Drake hits the Skylord Slam then an elbow drop for a close 2 count. The judges give round 2 to Drake.

Round 3

Drake keeps on Rex, but Rex hits The Revelator out of no where for the pin and the win.

Winner: Aron Rex via pinfall with The Revelator

-We have Decay backstage as they talk about The Great War as Vanguard 1 watches them, showing an image of Senor Benjamin laughing with a shovel then flying away as we go to commercial.

-Rex and Galloway face off backstage then we get a vignette for Cody Rhodes apparently just being called Cody? They mention how is wife is now a knockout.

-Next Decay comes out. Rosemary gets on the mic and says the Hardy's have no idea what they've done and they're tired of their games and that The Great War transcends everything and will be the end of the Hardy Dynasty. Abyss grabs the mic and calls the fans zombie sheep as the crowd chants delete. Abyss says that at The Great War Decay will destroy what is left of the Hardy Legacy and that it will be beautiful. The crowd then chants obsolete as Crazy Steve gets on the mic and says that they welcome The Great War and embrace it, saying that once it's over the zombie sheep and Matt's broken brilliance will belong to Decay. Matt is in the crowd, saying that Decay exists in a broken universe, a world of magic and that they wish for the magic to decay.

Matt says the entire world will be their battlefield and that he will delete their title reign. Jeff appears and says he's embraced being broken and that at The Great War they will twist Decay's fate and that Abyss will no longer be beautiful and Steve won't be crazy anymore and Rosemary won't be Rosie anymore. Jeff then sings his song as the crowd chants obsolete. Rosemary says that they fear nothing and that Decay are the death dealers and tonight the Hardy's are temping fate tonight as they're outnumbered. Rosemary says for them to bring their Great War and it will be the Hardy's that are bound for decay. Matt says that the seven deities have told him that Decay are bound for glory. The lights go out then come back on with Abyss and Steve tied up and Reby attacks Rosemary, but she gets out of the ring before she hits a twist of fate. Reby says that the worst thing Rosemary could do is mess with a mother and her child.

-Moose is talking backstage to EC3 saying he's going to beat up Lashley and Mike Bennett.

DJ Z comes out and talks about how much it means to be X Division champion again, saying the first time he was champion he was cocky, disrespectful and he's grown a lot since then and he intends to be the champion the fans deserve and that he is a fighting champion. Z issues an open challenge and Trevor Lee answers.

DJ Z vs Trevor Lee

They start off very quickly, Lee going for a quick 1 count almost immediately. Lee drops Z and gets a quick 2 count, the two locking up then Lee whips Z into the turnbuckle. Lee puts on a rear chin lock, but Z gets out of it. Lee sends Z to the outside then Z gets back in and dives out onto both Lee and Everett. Z hits a huricanrrana  then hits the ZDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: DJ Z via pinfall with the ZDT

-The Helms Dynasty attack Z after the match, but Eddie Edwards is quick to come out and save him. Eddie gets on the mic and says that he wants a shot next week and Z agrees. Next we have Maria and Allie backstage as Maria spars, hitting Allie's hands. Allie says she has the perfect opponent for her tonight as we go to commercial.

-Maria comes out with Allie and Sienna. Allie tells us about what we're about to see, only for Maria to berate her. Maria turns to Sienna and says she deserves a title shot and will receive one, but not tonight. Maria says she's going to prove to Gail Kim tonight she's going to show Gail how good she as.

Maria vs Jobber

Maria attacks her instantly then Sienna chokes her. Maria drops her then gets the pin and the win.

Winner: Maria via pinfall

-Maria vs Ninja Girl

A girl dressed like a ninja comes out and instantly goes after Maria, hopping around crane style then acts like she can do kung-fu. Maria is terrified and so is the referee. Maria berates Allie as we discover it's Gail Kim. Sienna comes in to save Maria, but she gets Eat Defeat for her troubles.

Winner: No Contest

-We get another vignette for Cody then we're told about Road To Glory next Wednesday and finally Bound For Glory. 

Lashley & Mike Bennett vs Moose & EC3

Bennett exits immediately then Lashley goes after Moose, but he and EC3 take out Lashley as Bennett looks on. Lashley ducks out of the ring as we go to commercial.

Bennett hits a cutter on EC3 then tags in Lashley who hits a shoulder tackle into the turnbuckle before tagging Mike back in. EC3 hits a stunner, but gets hit with a spinebuster for a quick 2 count. EC3 tries to take out Bennett and Lashley, but can't until Bennett hits Lashley by accident. EC3 tags in Moose who hits a series of headbutts then forearm splashes before running up onto the top rope and hitting a cross body for a quick 2 count. Moose tags in EC3 who takes Lashley out of the ring. Mike goes for the M.I.P., but EC3 counters and gets the pin and the win.

Winner: EC3 & Moose via pinfall

-Moose takes Bennett to the back after the match then Lashley and EC3 exchange strikes before security stops them. They get rid of all of the security then the locker room comes out to break them up. Billy Corgan comes out and says each pick a team and the winning team gets to pick the type of match they have Sunday, the teams facing off in the six sides of steel.

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