WCPW Exit Wounds Results: Drew Galloway VS Will Ospreay WCPW World Championship Match & More!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for WCPW Exit Wounds! Coming off of True Destiny What Culture Pro Wrestling doesn't seem to be slowing down on the road to their show on Wrestlemania weekend as in our main event Drew Galloway defends his WCPW World Championship against Will Ospreay, Cody Rhodes defends the WCPW Internet title against Liam Slater and Bea Priestley defends her WCPW Women's Championship against Kay Lee Ray! Ring of Honor also makes it's presence known as Delirious takes on Silas Young and the ROH Television Champion Marty Scurll is in a match in association with RevPro!

Be sure to come back here at 2:00 PM for what should be a great show from one of the rising promotions in the UK!

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-We open with a video package for the main event between Drew Galloway and Will Ospreay.

Prospect vs Bad Bones & Drake

Prospect go right after Drake and Bones before the match even starts, then they double team Bones in the ring before Drake attacks Gracie from behind. Bones sends Gracie into the barricade, then Bones and Drake double team Archer as the match starts. Drake and Bones tag in and out frequently, keeping Archer isolated, until Gracie is tagged in. Gracie hits a double neckbreaker that sends Bones to the outside, hitting Drake with a series of kicks. James R. Kennedy comes out and distracts everyone before Drake hits Archer from behind with a chair in the leg, Drake applying a kneebar for the tap and the win.

Winner: Bad Bones & Drake via submission

-As they attend to Archer we get a video package for Cody Rhodes and Liam Slater.

Cody Rhodes vs Liam Slater WCPW Internet Championship Match

Slater goes right after Cody before the match starts with a shotgun dropkick in the corner, then immediately hitting a flying headbutt for a near fall. Slater hits a gutbuster, then a gut wrench suplex, following up with a cross body that Cody counters into a figure four. Slater gets to the ropes and rolls to the outside, but Cody cuts him off before sending him into the crowd. Slater gets back in at 7, Cody stomping on his leg as soon as he does, then hits a stalled suplex into a gordbuster. Slater comes back and gets a sunset flip for a quick 2 count, then Cody gets a series of quick 1 counts before hitting Slater with a series of right hands in the corner. Cody hits a snapmare into a submission similar to Zack Sabre Jr, whipping Slater sternum first into the opposite corner. Slater comes back, hitting Cody with a series of running clotheslines in the corner, then a cross legged suplex into a Boston Crab. Cody powers out and hits a Beautiful Disaster, then catches Slater on the top rope, hitting Slater with a Muscle Buster for a near fall. Cody then hits Slater with Cross Rhodes for a near fall that surprises everyone in attendance, Cody getting frustrated at this point. Slater is sent over the top rope, then Cody dives out onto him before putting him back into the ring. They counter each others finishers, then Cody hits an Alabama Slam before Slater gets a roll up for a near fall. They exchange strikes in the center of the ring, then Slater powerbombs Cody, but misses the diving headbutt, allowing Cody to roll him up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes via pinfall

-After the match they square off on their knees, then too sweet before Slater leaves. Cody thanks the fans and leaves, then Joe Hendry, Travis Banks and Joe Coffey come out. Hendry puts down the crowd for their unabashed chants, listing off a number of chants that he thinks are stupid and that they have no respect for the business or the performers. Hendry hands Coffey the mic and reiterates what Hendry said, the fans drowning him out with boring chants the best they can, but he just lies down and works through it. Coffey talks about his accomplishments last year including facing Minoru Suzuki twice and beating Kurt Angle. Coffey complains about how the talent that's imported get better treatment than the native ones. Banks then takes the mic and talks about facing Zack Sabre Jr among other things, including that he should leave WCPW and go to Orlando because the company sucks, implying that he joins WWE. He gets into a dispute with Doug Williams who comes out to ringside, but doesn't get into the ring. Hendry then gets on the mic again and says that they don't do it for the money or the fame but for the prestige, reflecting their t-shirts and apparent name of the stable before leaving. 

Delirious vs Silas Young

Delirious goes crazy around the outside and in the ring before Silas goes out of the ring and gets on the mic and insults the fans and Delirious himself. Silas gets back in the ring and tries to get Delirious to shake his hand and right when Delirious starts to, Silas attacks him. Silas slams Delirious's head into the turnbuckle repeatedly, then walks away, Delirious continuing to do so himself. They exchange insults, then Delirious hides under the ring, before Delirious dropkicks him, diving off the apron, but Silas catches him and backdrops him onto the apron before rolling back into the ring. We get an announcement mid-match about Adam Cole defending the Ring of Honor World Title against Zack Sabre Jr on March 20 at WCPW: Bullet Proof. Silas is in control once Delirious is back in the ring, stomping on him, then whipping him into the turnbuckle. Silas hits a scoop slam, then taunts Delirious before they exchange strikes and rakes to the back and chest. Silas sends Delirious out of the ring, then back in before hitting a slingshot senton for a near fall. Delirious comes back and hits a series of suplexes before dropping Silas with a flying forearm, then a reverse roundhouse kick and finishes with a DDT for a near fall. Silas hits a Green Bay plunge, then a springboard knee for a near fall, Delirious getting a near fall off of a roll up. Silas then hits Delirious with Misery for the pin and the win.

Winner: Silas Young via pinfall

Bea Priestley vs Kay Lee Ray WCPW Women's Championship Match

Bea slaps Kay when they go to shake hands, then Kay drops Bea with a right hand. Kay is in control early, getting a quick 2 count off of a Gedo clutch, then hits an enzuigiri. Kay drops Bea with a series of kicks, then a DDT for a quick 2 count. Bea goes to the outside and Kay follows her, then they get on the apron before Bea hits Kay with a German suplex onto the apron, sending her to the floor in a heap. Kay gets back in the ring at the count of 8, then Bea chokes her in the ropes, following up with a back elbow in the corner then a snapmare into a dropkick for a quick 2 count. Bea rolls into a submission, Kay countering into a pin attempt, then Bea does the same thing, Bea hitting Kay with a running back elbow in the corner. Bea whips Kay into the opposite corner, but Kay counters with a springboard forearm, then chops her repeatedly in the corner. Bea hits Kay with a side suplex, then a running knee in the corner for a near fall, Bea hits Kay with a Cheeky Nandos for a near fall, then Kay hits a Gory bomb into a swanton bomb. Kay misses another swanton then Bea rolls her up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Bea Priestley via pinfall

-Next we get a promo by Will Ospreay.

Primate vs Rampage Best of Seven Series Match Six Chain Match

Rampage beats on Primate, then Primate breaks the chain, beating on Rampage. Rampage takes the chain off of his wrist, then tries to hit Rampage with it, hitting the ring post. They exchange strikes at ringside, then Rampage sends Primate into the guardrail repeatedly before grabbing a chair out from under the ring. Rampage goes to hit Primate, but JRK grabs it before he can, turning and looking at JRK before Primate hits a German suplex on Rampage onto the floor. They exchange strikes, then Rampage headbutts Primate, Primate draping Rampage over the apron and hitting him with a series of clubbing blows. They exchange strikes on the apron, then Rampage hits a piledriver on the apron, sending Primate to the floor. Rampage puts Primate back into the ring for a near fall, then gets a table out from under the ring. Rampage sets the table up in the corner, Primate hitting him with a German suplex, then stomping on him before whipping him into the corner opposite the table. Primate sets Rampage on the top rope, then Rampage knocks him down, JRK hitting Rampage in the injured arm with a chair, but he's not phased. Rampage grabs the chair from him, then goes to hit Primate with it, only for Primate to pick him up and tackle him through the table. JRK tells Primate to finish the match, Primate spearing Rampage for a near fall, then goes for another spear, Rampage catching him and hitting a piledriver for the pin and the win.

Winner: Rampage via pinfall

-Next we get a promo by Drew Galloway.

El Ligero & Gabriel Kidd vs Prestige

It's a handicap match for most of the match, Coffey and Banks double teaming Ligero after having incapacitated Kidd before the match started. Kidd tries his best to get in repeatedly once he's recovered, Joe Hendry jumping on commentary at random throughout the match. Banks takes out Kidd on the apron, then Ligero dodges Banks and Coffey repeatedly before tagging in Kidd. Kidd drops Banks with a boot, then chops Coffey repeatedly before dropping both Banks and Coffey. Kidd sends Banks out of the ring, then Banks pulls his foot out from under him on the apron, sending him to the floor. Ligero dives over the top rope and takes out everyone, then goes for the C4, but Coffey counters and sends him out of the ring. Kidd chops Banks and Coffey repeatedly, then they double team him before Coffey hits a swing like Cesaro. Banks hits a step up enzuigiri and Coffey hits a discus lariat for the pin and the win.

Winner: Prestige via pinfall

Marty Scurll vs David Starr

They exchange wrist locks to the start the match, alternating monkey flips while staying connecting. Scurll is in control early, playing to the crowd and chopping Starr repeatedly, before Star gets a quick 2 count. Starr hits a snapmare, then drops Scurll by slamming his crotch into his face, Marty going to poke his eyes, but Starr drops Marty with a right hand. Marty hits the running side kick from the apron that he's known for, then hits him with a superkick. They get back in the ring, then Marty plays to the crowd before they exchange strikes in the center of the ring. Starr backs Marty into the corner and hits him with a series of forearm and chops in the corner before sending Marty out of the ring. Starr dives out onto Marty repeatedly, sending him into the crowd, then back into the ring, hitting a gut wrench suplex for a quick 2 count. Marty hits a pop up powerbomb, then turns Starr inside out with a lariat for a near fall. Marty hits a brainbuster immediately after for another near fall, then they drop each other with kicks. Scurll powerbombs Starr, but Starr is right there when he runs the ropes, dropping him with a lariat. They exchange strikes on their knees, then Scurll kicks Starr in the head before Star drops Marty onto his knee, then follows up with a lariat. Marty hits a full nelson face buster, then snaps Starr's fingers before countering another lariat with the Cross Face Chicken Wing for the tap and the win.

Winner: Marty Scurll via submission

-Martin Kirby comes out next and introduces Adam Blampied as the new general manager, seemingly a face now since he was put through a table five months ago when managing Big Damo. Adam talks about how far WCPW has come and puts over several of the roster and their fly in talent. He's interrupted by B.T. Gunn who comes out for his match with Martin Kirby, Gunn staring off into the space at first on the ramp, then takes his hoodie off to reveal he's a member of Prestige. The rest of Prestige come out and surround the ring, then Hendry, Banks and Coffey taking out Kirby and Adam while Gunn murders referees who try to get in the ring. They then stand arm to arm as the lights go out.

Drew Galloway vs Will Ospreay WCPW World Championship Match

Will dropkicks Drew before the match starts, then hits him with a series of forearms in the corner, Drew dropping him with a big boot, then chopping him in the corner before tossing him across the ring, Ospreay rolling out of the ring. Drew chops Will around ringside, then Drew throws Will into the crowd into a pile of empty chairs. Drew carries Will over to the production table, then Will hits a flipping senton, moving the guardrail, then hitting a cross body out of the ring and into the crowd. Will chokes Drew with his tie, then hits him with a forearm once they're back in the ring, it just making Drew angrier. Drew drops Will with a single chop, then hits a high-angle belly to belly suplex that sends Will across the ring, following up with a snap suplex for a quick 2 count. Will sends Drew out of the ring, then hits an enzuigiri before sending Drew across the apron and into the ring post shoulder first. Drew falls to the floor, then Will sends him back first into the apron, Drew rolling back into the ring. Ospreay beats and stomps on Drew in the corner, then they exchange strikes before Will drops Drew with a right hand. Drew hits a pop-up tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, then hits Will with a series of strikes in the corner, finishing with a clothesline off the top rope. Will counters a Future Shock, then Drew hits a sit-out powerbomb for a near fall. Drew counters a Cheeky Nandos with a reverse Alabama Slam for another near fall, then Drew sets Will on the top rope before Will counters and hits a running dropkick in the corner, following up with a falcon arrow for a near fall of his own. They exchange kicks, Drew turning Will inside out with a Claymore, both men falling to the mat exhausted. Will spits in Drew's face and Drew backs him into the corner, hitting him with a series of chops, Will coming back and dropping Drew with a series of kicks and a shining wizard. Will hits a tornado DDT, then another shining wizard for a near fall, Will in disbelief, then Drew hits a piledriver and a Future Shock DDT out of no where. Bea comes and pulls the referee out of the ring, then Bea goes to low blow Drew, but he catches her. She goes to slap Drew, but Drew headbutts her out of the ring, Will capitalizing with an OsCutter for a near fall, then punches and stomps on Drew who's hanging over the bottom rope and onto the apron. Will tries to hit Drew with his own move, then Drew hits Will with a powerbomb and the Future Shock DDT for a near fall that surprises everyone in attendance.Drew goes for a tombstone, but Will counters with a Cutter, then goes for another OsCutter, but Drew catches and spins Will around before hitting another Future Shock DDT for the pin and the win.

Winner: Drew Galloway via pinfall

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