WCPW Exit Wounds Results: Drew Galloway VS Will Ospreay WCPW World Championship Match & More!

This is the Fightful.com live coverage for WCPW Exit Wounds! Coming off of True Destiny What Culture Pro Wrestling doesn't seem to be slowing down on the road to their show on Wrestlemania weekend as in our main event Drew Galloway defends his WCPW World Championship against Will Ospreay, Cody Rhodes defends the WCPW Internet title against Liam Slater and Bea Priestley defends her WCPW Women's Championship against Kay Lee Ray! Ring of Honor also makes it's presence known as Delirious takes on Silas Young and the ROH Television Champion Marty Scurll is in a match in association with RevPro!

Be sure to come back here at 2:00 PM for what should be a great show from one of the rising promotions in the UK!

-We open with a video package for the main event between Drew Galloway and Will Ospreay.

Prospect vs Bad Bones & Drake

Prospect go right after Drake and Bones before the match even starts, then they double team Bones in the ring before Drake attacks Gracie from behind. Bones sends Gracie into the barricade, then Bones and Drake double team Archer as the match starts. Drake and Bones tag in and out frequently, keeping Archer isolated, until Gracie is tagged in. Gracie hits a double neckbreaker that sends Bones to the outside, hitting Drake with a series of kicks. James R. Kennedy comes out and distracts everyone before Drake hits Archer from behind with a chair in the leg, Drake applying a kneebar for the tap and the win.

Winner: Bad Bones & Drake via submission

-As they attend to Archer we get a video package for Cody Rhodes and Liam Slater.

Cody Rhodes vs Liam Slater WCPW Internet Championship Match

Slater goes right after Cody before the match starts with a shotgun dropkick in the corner, then immediately hitting a flying headbutt for a near fall. Slater hits a gutbuster, then a gut wrench suplex, following up with a cross body that Cody counters into a figure four. Slater gets to the ropes and rolls to the outside, but Cody cuts him off before sending him into the crowd. Slater gets back in at 7, Cody stomping on his leg as soon as he does, then hits a stalled suplex into a gordbuster. Slater comes back and gets a sunset flip for a quick 2 count, then Cody gets a series of quick 1 counts before hitting Slater with a series of right hands in the corner. Cody hits a snapmare into a submission similar to Zack Sabre Jr, whipping Slater sternum first into the opposite corner. Slater comes back, hitting Cody with a series of running clotheslines in the corner, then a cross legged suplex into a Boston Crab. Cody powers out and hits a Beautiful Disaster, then catches Slater on the top rope, hitting Slater with a Muscle Buster for a near fall. Cody then hits Slater with Cross Rhodes for a near fall that surprises everyone in attendance, Cody getting frustrated at this point. Slater is sent over the top rope, then Cody dives out onto him before putting him back into the ring. They counter each others finishers, then Cody hits an Alabama Slam before Slater gets a roll up for a near fall. They exchange strikes in the center of the ring, then Slater powerbombs Cody, but misses the diving headbutt, allowing Cody to roll him up for the pin and the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes via pinfall

-After the match they square off on their knees, then too sweet before Slater leaves. Cody thanks the fans and leaves, then Joe Hendry, Travis Banks and Joe Coffey come out. Hendry puts down the crowd for their unabashed chants, listing off a number of chants that he thinks are stupid and that they have no respect for the business or the performers. Hendry hands Coffey the mic and reiterates what Hendry said, the fans drowning him out with boring chants the best they can, but he just lies down and works through it. Coffey talks about his accomplishments last year including facing Minoru Suzuki twice and beating Kurt Angle. Coffey complains about how the talent that's imported get better treatment than the native ones. Banks then takes the mic and talks about facing Zack Sabre Jr among other things, including that he should leave WCPW and go to Orlando because the company sucks, implying that he joins WWE. He gets into a dispute with Doug Williams who comes out to ringside, but doesn't get into the ring. Hendry then gets on the mic again and says that they don't do it for the money or the fame but for the prestige, reflecting their t-shirts and apparent name of the stable before leaving.

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