WWE Money in the Bank Results Roman Reigns vs Edge, Bobby Lashley vs Kofi Kingston

Good evening Fight Fans, and welcome to our coverage for WWE's Money in the Bank event!


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- We get a satellite interview with Liv Morgan ahead her competing in the Women's Money in the Bank match.

- We get a video package for the RAW Women's title match between the champion Rhea Ripley and the challenger Charlotte Flair.

- We get a video package for the RAW Tag Team title match between the champions AJ Styles and Omos and their challengers The Viking Raiders.

- We get a video package for the WWE title match between the champion Bobby Lashley and the challenger Kofi Kingston.

- We get a video package recapping this past week's Smackdown with fans back in the arena.

- We get a video package for the Men's Money in the Bank match before John Morrison who will be in the match crashes the panel alongside Miz in a motorized wheelchair.

Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match
The Mysterios (c) vs The Usos

Jimmy and Dom start the match off before Dom drags Jimmy over and tags in Rey before the father and son double team Jimmy for two before Jimmy drives Rey into the corner and tags in Jey who immediately gets dropkicked by Rey before Jey sends him out of the ring and drags him back inside and to the corner before the Usos isolate Rey. Rey gets the tag to Dom who hits a triangle moonsault for two before clearing the ring of the brothers and gets thrown into the barricade when they catch him when he goes for a diving cross body before the Usos isolate Dom until he gets the hot tag to his father who drops Jey repeatedly and hits a head scissors into a diving seated senton for two. Rey hits a sunset flip before Jimmy superkicks him and hits a Samoan drop for two before taking out Dom and Rey gets a near fall off of a roll up before takes the bullet for Jey when Rey goes for a 619 before Jey superkicks Rey and hits a diving splash for a near fall. The Usos then pick up the when after Jimmy rolls Rey up with Jey's help to become the new champions.

Winner: The Usos defeat The Mysterios via pinfall to become the new Smackdown Tag Team champions.

- We get a video package for the Universal title match between the champion Roman Reigns and the challenger Edge.

Main Show

Women's Money in the Bank Match
Asuka vs Liv Morgan vs Alexa Bliss vs Nikki Cross vs Naomi vs Natalya vs Tamina vs Zelina Vega

Everyone scramble for the ladders except for Alexa who stands still before reaching up and beckoning the briefcase to her before Asuka takes her out and everyone hits a move until it's just Tamina and Alexa before Tamina takes her, Liv, and Zelina out before Asuka hits a missile dropkick and puts the ladder on top of Tamina before climbing it. Liv comes in and takes out Asuka before Natty shoves it over and knocks Liv off before the two have a tug of war over the ladder and they attack Nikki with the ladder before Tamina takes out Naomi and Zelina and Asuka drag Tamina out of the ring. Alexa traps Liv with the ladder in the corner before sending Natty face first into the ladder and slamming Liv down before hitting a flipping leg drop and setting up the ladder before Zelina and Alexa face off on top of the ladder and Alexa makes Zelina get down before climbing up and Natty powerbombs her into the side of the ladder. Naomi powerbombs Liv on top of Zelina on the ladder in the corner before Tamina and Natty get taken out by Naomi single-handedly before slamming Nikki onto the ladder and climbing the ladder set up before Natty throws her out of the ring. Zelina jumps on Natty's back before Liv rips them down when they grab the briefcase before everyone come in and brawl until Nikki dives off of a ladder outside of the ring and into the ring, taking out everyone with a diving cross body before setting the ladder up and Alexa rips her down. Alexa hits Nikki with a variation of Sister Abigail before climbing the ladder and Natty and Tamina send Alexa out of the ring before everyone pile ladder on top of Alexa before Liv climbs the ladder and gets taken out by Tamina before Liv sends Tamina out of the ring and gets dropped by Natty with another ladder before setting it next to the first ladder. Liv rips Natty down and sends her face first into the ladder before Asuka and Zelina bring a third ladder into the ring and set it next to the first two before Liv takes out Asuka and climbs the middle ladder as Naomi meets her and everyone else climb opposite sides of the ladders until Nikki grabs it and wins.

Winner: Nikki Cross defeats Asuka, Alexa Bliss, Naomi, Liv Morgan, Tamina, Zelina, and Natalya by grabbing the briefcase and becoming the new Money in the Bank winner.

- Backstage The Usos celebrate with Roman and Paul ahead of Roman's title defense later tonight.

RAW Tag Team Championship Match
AJ Styles & Omos (c) vs The Viking Raiders

Omos and Erik start the match off before Erik is quick to tag in Ivar and the two attack Omos who takes them out with ease before AJ comes in and hits Ivar with a jumping splash and Ivar drives him into the corner and VR chain together offense and frequent tags until AJ gets the hot tag to Omos. Omos launches AJ over the top rope and onto Ivar at ringside before Ivar comes back with a running cross body and AJ comes back with a jawbreaker and tags in Omos who slams Ivar before hitting a running back elbow in the corner before VR double up on AJ. AJ fights back before Omos hits a military press and covers Ivar with his foot for a near fall before Ivar gets the hot tag to Erik and VR double team Omos before AJ rolls Ivar up for a near fall before VR hits AJ with their finisher for a near fall that Omos breaks up. Everyone then hit a move until Omos pins Erik with a tree slam for the pin and the win.

Winner: AJ Styles and Omos retain their RAW Tag Team titles by defeating the Viking Raiders via pinfall.

WWE Championship Match
Bobby Lashley (w/ MVP) vs Kofi Kingston (w/ Xavier Woods)

Bobby rushes Kofi before Kofi dodges him and rolls him up for two before Kofi hits a diving stomp and Bobby beats on him against the ropes before driving him into the corner and hitting several shoulder tackles in the corner before hitting a one armed spine buster and throwing Kofi over the top rope and down onto the floor. Bobby sends Kofi into the post before rolling him back inside and elbowing him in the corner before hitting a running clubbing blow in the corner and a flat liner before calling for the Hurt Lock and locking it in before hitting a fall away slam before stepping on his head and hitting another flat liner before beating on Kofi in mount. Bobby then hits the Dominator three times before applying the Hurt Lock a second time and forcing Kofi to tap for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley retains his WWE title by defeating Kofi Kingston via submission.

WWE RAW Women's Championship Match
Rhea Ripley (c) vs Charlotte Flair

The two lock up for a stalemate before they lock up a second time after Charlotte flips off the crowd and the screen turns black briefly before Charlotte counters a DVD on the apron and Rhea stomps her before hitting a baseball slide that sends Charlotte off of the apron and down onto the floor before Rhea misses a cannonball. Charlotte dropkicks Rhea into the barricade before tossing her back inside for two before hitting a fall away slam and stomping Rhea in the corner before Charlotte elbows Rhea and Rhea sends her over the top rope and down onto the floor before hitting a northern lights suplex for two. Rhea hits a release German before going up top and missing a missile dropkick that Charlotte turns into a Boston crab before Rhea counters into a pin and counters a Figure Four attempt into another pin before Charlotte drops her with a boot for two before Rhea counters a moonsault and suplexes Charlotte for two. Charlotte sends Rhea out of the ring and hits a moonsault before tossing Rhea back inside and Rhea counters Natural Selection before locking in an inverted cloverleaf and Charlotte counters into a pin for a deep two count before Rhea rocks her with a roundhouse. Charlotte counters the Riptide into a DDT for a deep two count before they exchange strikes until Charlotte drops Rhea and covers her with her feet on the ropes for a near fall before Rhea rocks her and drives her into the corner before setting her on the second turnbuckle and Charlotte counters a superplex into an avalanche Natural Selection for a near fall. Charlotte then traps Rhea's leg in the steps before applying the Figure Eight for the tap and the win.

Winner: Charlotte Flair defeats Rhea Ripley via submission to become the new RAW Women's champion.

Men's Money in the Bank Match
Shinsuke Nakamura vs Riddle vs Big E vs Seth Rollins vs Kevin Owens vs Ricochet vs Drew McIntyre vs John Morrison (w/ The Miz)

Seth and John argue at ringside before Ricochet takes out John before it's just E and Drew in the before E takes out Riddle when he rushes in before they take turns clearing the ring repeatedly before exchanging strikes until E spears Drew through the ropes before KO brings a ladder into the ring and Shin drops him before hitting an exploder onto the ladder. Shin sets up the ladder before John hits a corkscrew cross body off of the ladder before John grabs the briefcase and Shin locks in an armbar on the ladder before Seth hits a springboard and breaks the hold before Seth and John form a momentary alliance until Seth sends John out of the ring with a ladder. Everyone come in and send Seth out of the ring before everyone hits a move until Drew hits a double Claymore to Riddle and Shin and hits E with a Future Shock before hitting Ricochet with a reverse Alabama slam before taking everyone out with a tope at ringside. Back in the ring Drew headbutts Seth before hitting a Claymore and setting up a ladder before Veer and Shanky come out and attack Drew and Jinder hits him with a chair on the ramp before dragging him backstage as Riddle climbs the ladder and Ricochet runs the ropes before knocking him off. Riddle shoves the ladder over before Ricochet hits a 450 onto everyone at ringside before Seth sets up a second ladder and E rips him down before tossing him out of the ring and Riddle hits him with an RKO before doing the same to Ricochet and Seth hits Riddle with a Curb Stomp. Shin hits a GTS before climbing the second ladder and John sprays him with water before knocking him down before John gets taken out by a stunner from Kevin before stunning Shin and Ricochet pulls him down before countering a stunner and KO hits a pop-up powerbomb. Seth rips KO off of the ladder and powerbombs him out of the ring and onto a ladder at ringside before E hits the Big Ending off of the ladder and climbs the ladder before grabbing the briefcase for the pin and the win.

Winner: Big E defeats Shinsuke Nakamura, Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, Kevin Owens, John Morrison, Riddle, and Ricochet by climbing the ladder and grabbing the briefcase.

- Backstage Seth is apoplectic after losing the Money in the Bank match where he repeatedly talks about change and says that he's next in line for Roman's Universal title.

WWE Universal Championship Match
Roman Reigns (c) (w/ Paul Heyman) vs Edge

Roman and Edge talk to each other to dueling chants by the WWE Universe before locking up and Roman backs Edge to the corner for the break before they lock up again and Edge backs Roman into the corner before they exchange standing switches and Edge takes Roman down before Roman drops him with a shoulder block and plays to the crowd. Edge gets back into the ring and wrings the arm of Roman before Roman rocks him with a forearm before headbutting him in the corner and Edge drives him shoulder first into several posts before taking Roman down and Roman rolls out of the ring to regroup with Paul. Roman gets back inside and the two exchange strikes before Edge kicks Roman through the ropes and Roman hits a Samoan drop onto the floor before Edge gets back in at eight before Roman dumps him out of the ring and sends him into the steps before tossing him back inside for two. Roman beats on Edge in mount with forearms and headbutts before sending Edge into the post and playing to the crowd before hitting a float over suplex for two before locking in a cravat on the mat and Edge gets to his feet before laying into Roman with body shots until Roman drops him. Roman hits a drive-by for two before calling for a superman punch that Edge counters with a backslide for two before they boot each other before they exchange strikes until gets a deep two count before clotheslining Roman and hitting a flapjack into the Edgecution for another deep two count. Edge bounce Roman's face off of the post before Roman's trapped in the tree of woe before Edge stomps him and locks in an STF before Roman gets to the ropes for the break before setting up for a spear and Roman counters it into a guillotine before they spill out of the ring and onto the floor. Edge dodges a spear and Roman goes through the time keeper's area before Edge spears Roman through another part of the barricade before carrying Roman back to the ring and rolling him back inside for a near fall before Roman hits a superman punch that sends Edge into the referee. Roman grabs a piece of a chair and mocks Edge before Edge fights out of a cross face and locks in the cross face with the chair piece on Roman before the Usos come out to save Roman and are ran off by the Mysterios before Roman is saved by Seth. Seth then leaves after superkicking Edge to break the hold before Edge spears Roman when he goes for a spear of his own, before a referee runs down and counts the pin for a near fall before Seth comes back and distracts Edge before Roman spears him for the pin and the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns retains his Universal title by defeating Edge via pinfall.

- Seth attacks Edge after the match before Roman and Seth face off and Edge attacks Seth before they brawl to the back of the arena and Roman gets on the mic before he's interrupted by John Cena. The two face off before John does his signature pose as Roman looks on in shock as we go off the air.

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