WWE Raw Results for 4/25/2022: Randy Orton's 20th Anniversary, Raw Women's Championship Match + More

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- The transmission began with Riddle in the ring to host the 20th Anniversary of Randy Orton's career, with the Raw Roster on ringside. Riddle introduced a video package showcasing Orton's career. From his first match against Hardcore Holly, his run as a member of Evolution, becoming the youngest World Champion in WWE History, his run as the legend killer, all of his championship accolades, and the recap of the most outstanding RKO cutters Orton executed. Orton said in the video that his legacy will be having more matches more accolades than anybody in WWE. Riddle introduced Randy Orton to the ring, to a thunderous ovation from the crowd. Orton said he appreciated Riddle and the city of Knoxville, as it is the city he was born in, saying he is not going anywhere anytime soon. Orton stayed that it was because of Mick Foley and his match against him that he became the legend killer. Orton said that he is having more fun right now than he has in his entire career because of Riddle, before hugging Riddle. Orton stayed that without the WWE Fanbase, there would not be a Randy Orton, before thanking the audience at home and in the arena. Riddle stated that he had a surprise to Riddle, before introducing Cody Rhodes. Rhodes came to the ring with all the pyrotechnics and hugged Orton in the middle of the ring. Rollins interrupted the segment, asking if this was cute before Rollins told Orton to not trust Rhodes. Rollins said that he was trying to steal the spotlight from Orton, before telling Rhodes that not everything is about him. Rollins made it all about him and told Orton that his best years are behind him. Ezekiel interrupted Rollins to introduce himself to Orton, saying that he remembers watching Orton with Elias. Kevin Owens interrupted, shouting that Ezekiel was lying to Orton because he was actually Elias. The Usos made their way to the ring, saying that they were 15-years-old watching him wrestle. Jey Uso said his favorite Randy Orton moment will be when The Usos beat RKBro on Backlash. Adam Pearce came down the ramp to announce an eight-man tag match, with the team of The Usos, Owens, and Rollins facing RKBro, Rhodes, and Ezequiel. Owens punched Ezequiel, but Orton hit an RKO on Owens, before the rest left the ring.

Jimmy Uso Grants Sami Zayn Honorary Bloodline Member Status On 5/27 WWE SmackDown

- Glen Jacobs (Kane) was seen backstage talking to Raw Women's Champion Bianca Belair, ahead of Belair's title match against Sonya Deville.

Raw Women's Championship Match

Bianca Belair (c) vs Sonya Deville.

Prior to the match, there was a video package showcasing the feud between Belair and Deville, showing how Deville accepted Belair's open challenge. The match began with Belair getting Deville in a side headlock before hitting a shoulder tackle on Deville. Belair and Deville brawled on the outside before Belair tossed Deville over the announcer's table. Deville lost the match via count-out, but Deville restarted the match, this time being a No-Count-out Match.

Winner: Bianca Belair (via Count-out).

No Count-out Match For the Raw Women's Championship

Bianca Belair (c) vs Sonya Deville.

Belair and Deville brawled on the outside before Deville caught Belair from the braid. Belair tossed Deville over the barricade. Belair went to grab Deville, but Deville hit Belair with a steel chair. Deville lost the match via disqualification, but Deville restarted the match to be No Disqualification.

Winner: Bianca Belair

No Count-out Match For the Raw Women's Championship

Bianca Belair (c) vs Sonya Deville.

During the match, Sonya Deville called for Carmella and Queen Zelina to come to the ring to help Deville. Vega caught Belair in a sleeper hold before Deville and Vega attacked Belair in the corner. Deville hit a DDT on Belair onto a chair, but Belair kicked out at the count of two. Bianca Belair slammed Deville onto a chair in the corner, before punching Vega and hitting a heel kick on Carmella, sending them to the outside. Belair hit the KOD on Deville for the pinfall victory, retaining the championship.

Winner & Still Raw Women's Champion: Bianca Belair (c)

- Backstage, Deville said that Carmella and Vega would not get a title match opportunity due to their failure to give Deville the Raw Women's Championship. Deville slapped Vega. Vega proceeded to whisper "pendeja" at Deville, before Carmella tried to slap Deville. Deville told Carmella to not do it as she is a WWE Official, proceeded by Deville slapping Carmella.

- Edge said that Damian Priest was going to give Finn Balor his day of execution. Edge started to run down Knoxville County, before explaining that the reason why he attacked the shoulder of AJ Styles was to prevent Styles to hit the Phenomenal Forearm. Priest reiterated that Balor's judgment day had arrived.

Veer Mahan vs Sam Smothers

Match began with Veer hitting a big boot before hitting a corner splash on Smothers. Mahan hit the Million Dollar Arm before hitting the Cervical Stretch on Smothers for the submission victory. Mahan sent Smothers to the outside before hitting another Cervical Clutch on Smothers outside. Mahan hit a lift-up, slam on Smothers onto the announce dest, before going for another Cervical Clutch on Smothers.

- Bobby Lashley was interviewed backstage, said that he was practicing attacks because he did not trust MVP and Omos to only do the Arm-Wrestling Challenge.

Arm Wrestling Challenge

Omos (w/ MVP) vs Bobby Lashley.

MVP said that he has been waiting for the day Lashley's ego cost him. MVP said that Omos was a super-athlete, calling the crowd in Knoxville simpletons. Lashley made his way to the ring. The Arm-Wrestling match began with Omos talking trash to Lashley, with Omos being close to victory. MVP shouted that Lashley is nothing without him, which hyped Lashley up. Lashley got a comeback. MVP said Lashley was nothing without him, which led to Lashley winning the Challenge. Omos slammed Lashley's face to the Arm-Wrestling table before hitting a Swinging Lariat on Lashley. Omos slammed the Arm-Wrestling Table on Lashley's neck and arm before being stopped by WWE referees. Omos tossed the table onto the ramp.

Winner: Bobby Lashley.

- There was a video recap showing the Double Wedding of the couples of Danna Brooke & Reggie, and the couple of Tozawa & Tamina. Tamina switched couples with Reggie & Brooke before they were all declared married. There was four 24/7 Title changes after the wedding, before Brooke and R-Truth ran away.

Dana Brooke & Reggie vs Tozawa & Tamina (R-Truth as Special Guest Referee).

Prior to the match, R-Truth was seen giving them Group Couples Counsling, saying that he would tear them apart to put them back together. He said that he agreed with Deville and Adam Pearce to schedule the Mix-tag match. Tozawa and Reggie exchanged arm-drags before tagging in Tamina and Brooke respectively. Brooke tried to kiss Tamian, but Tozawa tagged in. Tozawa hit an inseguri kick spinning inseguri kick on Reggie before hitting the Top-rope senton for the pinfall victory. Tozawa tried to pin Brooke before tossing Tozawa on Tamina, which led to Tozawa hitting a spear on Tamina. R-Truth rolled up Brooke for a near fall, before Brooke ran away from the ring.

Winner: Tozawa & Tamina

- Becky Lynch made her return to Monday Night Raw, looking distraught after loosing the Raw Women's Championship to Bianca Belair on Night One of WrestleMania 38.

After the commercial break, Lynch stayed that it had been three years since she walked to the ring without a championship. She said that she did not recognize herself anymore after losing the championship. Lynch stayed that there is nowhere else to go but up, as no one does a comeback better than her while (while voice is cracking and possibly spiraling out of control). Lynch stated that she will regain the championship and that no one will stop, before being interrupted by The Empress of Tomorrow, Asuka (as originally reported by Fightful Select). Asuka made her return to Monday Night Raw, before telling Lynch that she will stop her because no one is ready for Asuka. Lynch tried to attack Asuka, but Asuka evaded before escaping the ring. Asuka danced in the ring, while Lynch was bamboozled by Asuka outside.

- The Street Profits were seen backstage giving a brief recapping the proceedings of Monday Night Raw. The Street Profits said that it does not matter who wins tonight or on Backlash because they want the first shot at the Unified Tag Team Championships, saying that they want the smoke.

Finn Balor vs Damian Priest (w/ Edge).

Prior to the match, Mike Rome stated that the team of Damian Priest and Edge is named "Judgement Day". The match began with Balor and Priest locking up, before Priest hit a shoulder tackle on Balor. Priest hit an Irish Whip on Balor. Priest and Balor brawled on the outside before Priest hit a Razor's Edge on Balor onto the apron before the commercial break.

After the commercial, Priest hadan S-Grip Choke on Balor, but Balor evaded the move. Balor hit a dropkick, a forearm strike, and a stomp on Priest. Priest went for a bodyslam, but Balor hit a Scorpion slam on Priest for a near fall.Priest hit a series of kicks on Balor, but Balor caught him with a Slingblade. Balor reversed a chokeslam attempt from Priest to a roll-up near fall before hitting an inseguri kick on Priest. Priest caught Balor with a Final Reckoning Chokeslam on Balor before hitting a Lifting Reverse STO on Balor for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Damian Priest (w/ Edge).

- The Miz welcomed the audience to another edition of Miz TV, welcoming the newly crowned United States Champion, Theory. Theory and Miz took a selfie before starting the interview. Miz said that looking at Theory was like looking in the mirror. Miz said that it have been 12 years since someone held the United States Championship to another level, the same amount of time since Miz was United States Champion. Theory stated that The Miz was an inspiration of his, saying that he will take the Championship to heights never seen before. The Miz recommended Theory to ignore the haters, saying that previous champions were handing out challenges. From out of nowhere, Mustafa Ali made his return to Monday Night Raw (as reported earlier by Fightful Select). Ali was serenaded by the crowd with welcome back chants, before being interrupted by The Miz and Theory. Ali said that if he wanted a laugh, all he had to do was watch him wrestle. He said that he discussed with Adam Pearce, but stated that Ali was hoping Theory had an Open Challenge. Ali challenged Theory to a match, but Theory denied the challenge. Ali said that he was not surprised, saying that he had no spine and he was all biceps and no balls. Theory said that he was running away from a challenge like if he was The Miz. Theory said he texted Mr. McMahon, stating that it will be Miz vs Ali. Miz said that after the match, Ali wished he got his walking papers. Ali slapped Miz in the face before the commercial break.

- Glenn Jacobs was seen talking to Randy Orton backstage.

Mustafa Ali vs The Miz.

The match began with Ali getting a wrist lock on The Miz, which was reversed by The Miz with a wrist lock of his own. Miz got a side headlock on Ali before Ali reversed it into a side headlock of his own. Ali evaded offense from The Miz with a somersault on The Miz's back. Miz hit a big boot on Ali. Miz hit a sit-down Side headlock on Ali before Ali hit a series of chops on Miz. Miz hit another boot on Ali for a near fall. The Miz hit a series of chops on Ali, before Ali hit a series of chops on his own. Miz sent Ali with an Irish Whip to the corner, sending Ali to the ground. The miz hit a knee strike to the back of Ali. Miz started hitting the It Kicks on Ali before tauting to the crowd. Ali hit a spinning kick on The Miz, followed by a running dropkick on The miz. Ali hti a rolling neck breaker on The Miz for a near fall. The Miz went for a suplex, but Ali escaped. The Miz hit a low DDT on Ali for a near fall. Miz went for a Figure Four on Ali, but Ali reversed it to a roll-up attempt for the pinfall victory. After the match, Ciampa attacked Ali from behind.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

- Rhea Ripley was interviewed backstage, saying that Ripley finally opened up her eyes. Ripley said that she is done being a Tag Team wrestler, but she was interrupted by Liv Morgan. Morgan and Ripley brawled, but they were separated by WWE Officials.

- Backstage, Kevin Owens was talking with Alpha Academy, before Gable told Seth "Freakin" Rollins to SHOOSH. Rollins stated that he called Owens a fat-ass because he was in the heat of the moment. Owens started to shout on Rollins, before being interrupted by The Usos that they better be in the same page or they will be in the bad side of Roman Reigns.

- MVP and Omos were interviewed by Kevin Egan, with MVP saying that it was about brains, not brawn. MVP stated that Omos officially challenged Lashley to a match at WrestleMania Backlash. Omos said that there will not be anything left of the All-Mighty.

Cody Rhodes, Ezequiel & RKBro (Randy Orton & Riddle) vs Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins & The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso).

The main event of the show was an 8-man tag team match. The match began with all wrestlers brawling in the ring, before the team of Cody, Ezekiel & RKBro standing tall before the commercial break.

Ezekiel had Jimmy Uso in a side headlock before hitting a shoulder tackle and a boot on Jimmy, followed by a backslide near fall. Ezekiel hit a spinning suplex on Jimmy for a near fall. Ezekiel got a wrist lock on Jimmy Uso before tagging in Riddle, who kicked Jimmy in the chest. Orton tagged in an RKBro hit an assisted Bro-Derek. Rhodes tagged in and both double-teamed Jimmy. Rhodes hit a suplex on Jimmy Uso, followed by the sitting slap on Jimmy. Jey Uso tagged in and hit a opo-up Samoan drop for a near fall. Jey Uso hit a slap on Rhodes. Jimmy Uso tagged back in and placed Rhodes in the ropes, which led to Owens hitting a knee strike on Rhodes. Rollins tagged in and went to hit a forearm strike on Rhodes, but Rhodes evaded the move. Rhodes tagged Ezekiel in, who hit a series of larias, jumping knee, and a Spine buster for a near fall. Ezekiel lifted Rollins, which led to Riddle tagging in. Riddle hit a Pele Kick, Saito Suplex, and went for a senton, but Rollins lifted his legs up. Rollins hit an Inverted Superplex on Riddle before the commercial break.

After the commercial break, Riddle hit a top-rope Floating Bro on Rollins. Jimmy Uso tagged in. The Usos targeted the leg of Riddle before Jey tagged in and hit a back breaker on Riddle. Riddle tossed Rollins out of thering and hit a Rainmaker knee strike on Jimmy Uso. Jey Uso hit the Hip-Attack on Riddle, followed by Owens hitting a Frog Splash for near fall. Jey hit an inseguri kick on Riddle, who fell on Orton, which led to Orton tagging in. Orton hit a series of clothes lines, a powerslam, a back-suplex on Jey Uso onto the announcer's table. Orton hit back suplexes on Owens and Rollins onto the announcer's table, followed by an Elevated DDT on Jey Uso. Rollins attacked Orton from behind, but Rhodes & Orton hit a Disaster kick-RKO combination on Rollins. Ezekiel and Orton hit punch-RKO combination. RKBro hit a 3D on Jimmy Uso. Jey Uso went for a Frog Splash, but was caught with a flying RKO from Orton for the pinfall win. The team of RKBro, Rhodes, and Ezekiel stood tall to end the show

Winners: Cody Rhodes, Ezequiel & RKBro (Randy Orton & Riddle).

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