Tye Dillinger Says Training For WWE Is Harder Than Training For Hockey

Tye Dillinger is now a part of the main roster and is trying his best to keep his body constantly in shape and healthy.

"The Perfect 10" was recently interviewed by Muscle and Fitness magazine and shared his experiences training and working out for wrestling and hockey. Dillinger said pro wrestling takes a bigger toll on the body and is harder to do than hockey.

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"There are not a lot of days off. For both, there's a wide variety of workouts—from heavy all the way to recovery-style workouts," Dillinger said. "There's also a focus on body health and your overall health with both types of training. WWE and hockey have very intensive schedules. There's not a lot of days off in either because you are playing every other day, just like in wrestling where you are in the ring most nights. My own personal comparison between WWE and hockey...wrestling is by far the more difficult on my body overall—although that may be due to the fact that I didn't play at an elite level in hockey like I do here in WWE. You would have to pretty much come skating out of the womb to stand a chance of playing hockey at an elite level in Canada (laughs). I played for a very long time. From my perspective WWE is harder at this point."

Dillinger, in his second stint in WWE, noted how much better the company has become with fitness, hiring strength and conditioning coaches.

"This is my second time signing with WWE and I have been around for six and half years in total," Dillinger said. "The second time around is much different. We have strength and conditioning coaches and on-site medical staff. WWE has gone to great expense to bring the best fitness experts in, all to ensure the talent's safety, progress, and growth. Right now we have a great strength and conditioning coach in Sean Hayes. He's accessible any time. I have messaged him questions about health and nutrition at 2 a.m. and he has responded three minutes later."

Dillinger can be seen as part of the SmackDown Live show, broadcasted on the USA Network every Tuesday at 8 p.m. ET.

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