Tyson Dux Details Planned AEW Appearance Prior To COVID-19 Pandemic

Tyson Dux, a veteran of the independent wrestling scene, was scheduled for an appearance on AEW television before the global pandemic made travel difficult.

Aside from providing an alternative to WWE, one of the benefits of AEW’s formation was the global platform it allowed long-time independent wrestlers to be able to ply their trade. In some cases, names like Eddie Kingston have finally become household names after grinding away on the indies for decades.

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AEW was going to afford an opportunity to another veteran performer, Tyson Dux, but unfortunately, those plans had to be put on hold when the global pandemic hit, making travel from Canada very difficult.

Speaking with Spencer Love, Dux revealed that he was supposed to be one of the trial tag team partners for Shawn Spears, back when he was looking for a tag team partner to be managed by Tully Blanchard, who has since moved on to managing FTR.

Credit to Spencer for sending in the following quotes.

“I've always wanted to wrestle out west, and I finally had the chance to just as this COVID went down. I was supposed to be in Europe, come home from Europe, go to AEW, from AEW go over to Vancouver, from Vancouver, go to Newfoundland, and it was just bouncing back and forth. But, you know, we're just gonna have to wait and see.”

Dux continued, “It was supposed to be a thing with Spears when Spears was having people come out and doing tags with him. It's of course switched since then, but they wanted me to come down and tag with him, be his partner, and run that kind of angle. That's all gone now but we'll see what happens. We'll see him down the line."

Regarding the work ethic of Spears, Tyson put over his fellow Canadian and his prowess inside the squared circle.

“With Spears, it's one thing, and this is the hardest thing in professional wrestling to learn. It's only when you start in this business that you really get a sense of it, but it's timing. Shawn is a good big guy, attractive, athletic, all this stuff, but what sets him apart (more) than anybody else is his sense of timing is perfect. He knows when to sell when to fire up when to go back to the sell, when to change gears, all this stuff where I don't have to tell him. I don't have to plan anything, we can just go out there and do it. He's just got a real natural gift for timing. A lot of guys, I have to pull along. Like I either (say) like 'slow down,' or I was like 'pick it up,' you know what I mean? I never, I have never had to give him one of those calls ever. Like none of those cues. Whereas like guys on - usual guys that think they know what they're doing in this business, you know how it is, they go a long time, but all it is is they just know how to do wrestling moves. They don't know when to put the wrestling moves and why they're putting the wrestling moves. Shawn knows how.”

Currently, Shawn Spears is away from television, leaving AEW TV after saying, in character, that he feels he has received the same treatment from them that he did in WWE.

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