Enzo Amore Feels That His 205 Live Run Was The Highlight Of His WWE Career

Enzo Amore reflects on a particular period of time from his run in WWE.

Enzo Amore and Big Cass debuted on WWE's main roster the night after WrestleMania 32 in Dallas to a thunderous ovation. The two were viewed as one of the hottest tag teams in WWE upon their arrival and one year after their debut, they were split up and began feuding with another. After Big Cass went down with a torn ACL in the Summer of 2017, Enzo Amore found a new home on 205 Live where he went on to become a two-time Cruiserweight Champion.

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Enzo was released from WWE in January of 2018 following reports surfacing about a sexual altercation he had with a woman that Enzo was later cleared of. Enzo recently joined the 'Keepin It 100 With Konnan' podcast and reflected on some of his fondest memories in WWE and Enzo shared that his 205 Live run was the highlight of his career and began speaking about that when Konnan asked if he would've changed anything during his run in the company.

“Honestly no. Not at all. I don’t live with any regret. I opened up every single NXT show for two-and-a-half years. We were held on to in NXT at a time where -- longer than any one of our peers. We watched every single one of our peers get called up that were on that show that we debuted in from NXT. Every one of them left and we were in locker rooms where we were watching the core group of people dwindle down, that started NXT on the road." He said. "Then they held onto us for as long as they did. When we debuted, timing was everything. We couldn't have timed it out any better. So, to debut that way, then to be in the ring against two guys I idolized as children because I always wanted to be a pro wrestler in essence, but I had no idea about the ins-and-outs of the business. I didn’t know about the backstage politics and heat and putting guys over and how it all worked. That was the learning curve. That was the hardest learning curve. It wasn't learning how to bump, it wasn’t learning how to work, it was the psychology of it and I understand in essence that I could get on TV if I could talk, way faster than I could if I wrestled or understood the psychology of a wrestling match. So I put my eggs in that basket per se and was afforded many opportunities [with] great guys in the ring over the time that I was there to learn from and in the end, I felt like I was in a groove and it was the highlight of my career -- was that 205 Live run.” Enzo shared.

Enzo continued speaking about his 205 Live run and said he enjoyed his time on the brand because it was a new locker room and some of the talents in that locker room were in the NXT locker rooms with him.

“I think because it was a brand new locker room. You have to understand that when I came into the business, I never worked anywhere else. So to go from FCW-NXT, all those guys I was in that locker room with, they were in RAW-SmackDown locker rooms with me by the time I was in 205 Live. This was the only group of guys in the WWE that I had not worked with yet.” He said.

Enzo's former 205 Live brand-mate PAC has gone on to capture Dragon Gate's Open The Dream Gate Championship and he recently was in action at RevPro's 'Live At The Cockpit 42' event.

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