Tommy Dreamer: WWE Offered Me A Lot Of Money To Close House Of Hardcore

Tommy Dreamer is in rare territory. He's the only man to work for ROH, Lucha Underground, Impact Wrestling, WWE and NXT, and has done it without a contract.

It's unique to find someone who has worked for all of those companies, much less within the three year period that he did. When speaking to recently, Dreamer revealed why he's held off signing a contract with any promotion.

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"I learned a lot of lessons in my life. People talk about the greatness of ECW, and it was, but none of us ever knew that Paul Heyman was in bed with WWE the entire time. I still have those effects and had to live with those effects for a long time. WWE asked me to sign a contract when I went back with the Wyatts. They offered me a lot of money to close House of Hardcore, and I refused," Dreamer told us.

As far as Impact Wrestling goes, Dreamer said that he maintains a positive relationship with the people in charge, and when he didn't previously, he had the ability to simply walk away.

Impact, I worked there under different regimes. When politics or BS got involved, I just left. I've been friends with Scott D'Amore for a long time, I've been friends with Don Callis for a long time. I have no issues whatsoever. I wanted people to deal with me how I deal with them. I'm cool with how I balance that, because I'm a man of my word," said Dreamer.

Being a man of his word extends past working relationships. Dreamer says that even within storyline, if he's obligated to something, he'll live up to that, too.

"It's funny, in a business that's predetermined, I stick to my stipulations. When I was in WWE and I said 'Zack Ryder, if I lose this match I'm leaving ECW,' I would never go back to ECW again. At TNA Hardcore Justice, the selling point was me vs. Raven, I will never wrestle him again. I've been offered to wrestle him on indies, I won't do it. I also said I won't do something ECW reunion anymore, I didn't. I feel it's important to be a man of your word," said Dreamer.

You can hear Dreamer's full comments above. 

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