New Knockouts Champion Crowned At IMPACT Wrestling Slammiversary 2020

Free at last, Deonna Purrazzo is the new IMPACT Wrestling Knockouts Champion!

In a very hard-hitting battle, Deonna Purrazzo was able to submit Jordynne Grace to capture her first championship in IMPACT Wrestling.

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Knockouts Championship Match

Jordynne Grace (c) vs Deonna Purrazzo

They lock up and Grace sends Purrazzo into the corner for a clean break before Purrazzo rolls out of the ring when Grace tries to re-engage. Deonna gets back into the ring and Jordynne wrings her arm before Deonna gets slung off of Jordynne and out of the ring when she goes behind Jordynne. Deonna gets bak inside and gets dropped with a shoulder block and clotheslined before Jordynne sends her back out of the ring and hits a suicide dive into a flurry of strikes in mount. Jordynne rolls Deonna back into the ring and hits a twisting elbow drop for two before Deonna stomps her arm when Jordynne goes for a muscle buster. Deonna kicks the arm of Jordynne and stomps her down in the corner before choking her and clotheslining her for barely a one count.

Deonna locks in a straight armbar before Jordynne gets to the ropes and Deonna goes for the Fujiwara armbar, but Jordynne rolls through before Deonna locks in a traditional armbar. Jordynne scrambles to the ropes for the break before Deonna wrings the arm of Jordynne and snaps her down onto the mat by it before Jordynne comes back with shoulder blocks and a running senton for two. Deonna rolls Jordynne up for a near fall before Jordynne locks in a rear naked choke and nearly chokes Deonna out before Deonna counters into a pin attempt for two. Jordynne hits a running clothesline in the corner and bends Deonna around the post before Deonna snaps her arm in the ropes and they exchange strikes until Jordynne hits the Grace Driver for a near fall. Deonna goes for another armbar, but Jordynne slams her to the mat before they exchange again until Deonna gets a near fall off of a suplex.

Jordynne sends Deonna face first into the middle turnbuckle and hits running knees in the corner into a sliding back elbow and a Vader bomb for a near fall before Deonna counters the Grace Driver. Deonna then gets two out of a jack knife cover before countering a powerbomb into a double Fujiwara armbar and Jordynne verbally taps out.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo defeats Jordynne Grace via verbal submission to become the new Knockouts Champion.

90 days ago, Deonna Purrazzo was let go by WWE and now she runs the Knockouts Division as its champion.

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