WWE Royal Rumble Winners

Royal Rumble winners, dating back to 1988. Click each link for our retro tweets on the Rumble match!

1988: Hacksaw Jim Duggan – 20-man Rumble

1989: Big John Studd (via eliminating Ted DiBiase), first 30-man Rumble

1990: Hulk Hogan (via eliminating Mr. Perfect), only WWF Champion to win the Rumble.

1991: Hulk Hogan (via eliminating Earthquake)

1992: Ric Flair (via eliminating Sid Justice) to win the WWF title

1993: Yokozuna (via eliminating Randy Savage) - first for a guaranteed title shot.

1994: Bret Hart/Lex Luger (eliminated at the same time)

1995: Shawn Michaels (via eliminating British Bulldog)

1996: Shawn Michaels (via eliminating Diesel)

1997: Stone Cold Steve Austin (via eliminating Bret Hart)

1998: Stone Cold Steve Austin (via eliminating The Rock)

1999: Vince McMahon (via eliminating Steve Austin)

2000: The Rock (via eliminating Big Show)

2001: Stone Cold Steve Austin (via eliminating Kane)

2002: Triple H (via eliminating Kurt Angle)

2003: Brock Lesnar (via eliminating The Undertaker)

2004: Chris Benoit (via eliminating Big Show)

2005: Batista (via eliminating John Cena)

2006: Rey Mysterio (via eliminating Randy Orton)

2007: The Undertaker (via eliminating Shawn Michaels)

2008: John Cena (via eliminating Triple H)

2009: Randy Orton (via eliminating Triple H)

2010: Edge (via eliminating John Cena)

2011: Alberto Del Rio (via eliminating Santino Marella) in a 40-man Royal Rumble

2012: Sheamus (via eliminating Chris Jericho)

2013: John Cena (via eliminating Ryback)

2014: Batista (via eliminating Roman Reigns)

2015: Roman Reigns (via eliminating Rusev)

2016: Triple H (via eliminating Dean Ambrose) to win the WWE Title

2017: Randy Orton (via eliminating Roman Reigns)


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